Item#: 5766
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5766-1 is to be guarded by at least two individuals at all times, who are both to remain on the first level unless prompted to do otherwise by containment specialists. No individuals not within the SCP Foundation are allowed to come within SCP-5766-1 at any time. SCP-5766-1 is to be presented to the public as a rental house currently under the ownership of an individual who is "hard to contact." SCP Foundation personnel positioned at SCP-5766-1 are to maintain the guise of renters, and are to attempt to deter any attention from the general populace.

SCP-5766 is to be the site of at least one (1) "movie night" each week, preferably falling upon Friday night, but liable to change depending on the schedules of those assigned to SCP-5766. In the event of multiple scheduling conflicts, Senior Containment Specialist Gregg is to decide on a date, preferably falling upon the date where the most individuals are likely to attend. Each attendee is to bring no less than one (1) snack of some sort, and each snack must be aimed at being something the entire group would enjoy.

The seating accommodations as well as blankets and pillows within SCP-5766's room are to be left within the room at all times, and to be kept in good condition. Should problems arise in keeping these items in such position and condition, replacement items are to be brought in before the next event.

Each week, a "designated bystander" is to be assigned, with the position rotating week to week so that the position is distributed equally. If an individual is to miss the week they are assigned said position, they are to become the "designated bystander" the next time they attend, pausing the usual cycle.

The "designated bystander" is not permitted to enter SCP-5766 at any time during the event, but must stay during the duration. At the end of the event, the "designated bystander" must use the control pole1 provided to remove each participant from SCP-5766.

The movie being viewed is to be decided on by vote of those attending each week's event. Ties are to be decided by Senior Containment Specialist Gregg.

Guys, I know it's all struck but you know it's the rules. Come on.

In light of recent events, SCP-5766 is to be treated with more caution. No personnel assigned to SCP-5766 are to come within the bounds of SCP-5766, regardless of circumstances, including during testing. In the event anyone assigned to SCP-5766 does pass within its borders, they are to be administered amnestics and reassigned to a different position as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-5766 is an approximately 2 m x 2.5 m x 4 m space within a bedroom in a house (designated SCP-5766-1) in ██████, California. While the space appears normal at first, and does not display any anomalous properties to anything or anyone outside its bounds, it's effects quickly manifest once a living creature enters its area.

Any living thing within SCP-5766 quickly feels at ease, relaxed, and above all, comfortable. Individuals within SCP-5766 become immediately lethargic, able to respond to outside stimuli but inclined either not to or to exert little effort in doing so. Those affected will display a reduced heart rate, and calm brain function, regardless of prior ailments. SCP-5766 does not cure anything outside of mental, emotional, and sensory, but will make other issues seem insignificant to those affected.

Individuals within SCP-5766 will never leave its confines of their own volition. They can, however, be somewhat easily removed by outside forces, not struggling whatsoever, but also not lending any aid whatsoever in the process.

While SCP-5766 does not seem to have any lingering anomalous affects on those who have been within it, most individuals indicated that they have a strong desire to go back in. This is attributed to the memory of having been under the effects of SCP-5766, and seemingly nothing else. While it is maintained that the effects cannot yet be confirmed as anomalous, the effects on those who have entered SCP-5766 are more profound than was previously thought. Individuals who have entered SCP-5766 not only exhibit a strong desire to once again enter SCP-5766, but display a lack of reason when compelled to do so. Affected individuals will justify their actions to themselves and others as best as possible, but will take unreasonable actions in order to enter SCP-5766 once again, and will often set up a means or explanation for continuing to do so on a regular basis. These effects seem to linger anywhere between two weeks and six months.

SCP-5766 was brought to the attention of the Foundation when Field Agent Greene caught a strange conversation while monitoring police feeds in the area. Local law enforcement had been following up on reports that nobody had seen members of the Smith family for some time. Officers reported in that they found three bodies in a teen's bedroom, but soon after they ceased communication. Greene promptly investigated the scene, and found the bodies, as well as the officers, all lying within SCP-5766. Agents were dispatched to quarantine the area, and the officers were removed safely, with amnestics and cover stories provided.

Addendum: All personnel previously assigned to SCP-5766 have been reassigned after incident "Voidgazers." While their research and procedures are to be kept visible as an example of the true nature of SCP-5766, future staff will be watched more carefully, with regular inspections by outside personnel.

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