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Item#: 5763
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: To ensure the comprehension of this document to Foundation personnel, only the current Department of Surrealistics Director is permitted to alter this file, and only after two (2) weeks of abstaining from SCP-5763. Additionally, no member of the Department of Surrealistics is allowed to access this file's description, as doing so could render the anomaly ineffective.1

Due to the requirement of SCP-5763 for the Department of Surrealistics to maintain functionality, SCP-5763 and all related anomalies are to be kept at Site-⌘ under the direct supervision of the Department of Surrealistics Director. Due to the highly addictive property of SCP-5763, it is strictly for use by the Department of Surrealistics only.

As of present, Marcel Sequitur is the Department of Surrealistics Director.

The file from here on out has experienced corruption.


A state of delirium self-inflicted. Can you handle the ramifications?

Agnostics, an anomalous chemical refined by the Foundation for use by the Site-⌘ Department of Surrealistics. SCP-5763 effects include the following:

  • Semantic disassociation
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • [DATA REDACTED] hallucinations
  • Partial lack of [DATA REDACTED] awareness
  • Complete lack of object permanence
  • Unknown grasp on reality
  • Flawless grasp on reality
  • What is reality?
  • Is it a dream, or is it when you awake?

Agnostics. A substance that is refined, but crude. There is a wonder to being able to let go of your inhibitions, don't you agree? And yet, in that final question, I wonder who I am.

The methods by which SCP-5763 operates is unclear. The ingredients used to create it have varied greatlyover the endless time they've seemed to exist, praying that the secret doesn't get out.

We don't want to be exposed.

SCP-5763 was created by Senior Researcher Jamie Robertson, shortly after a transfership to the now-titled Site-⌘. How fitting in his own creation would send him in spirals. Just like his spiral-bound notebook.

The ramblings of the architect can become clear. Do you wish to be enlightened?

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