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Item#: 5761
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Special Containment Procedures: All relevant space agencies have agreed to block information regarding SCP-5761 until such a time that the Foundation can ascertain the nature of the anomaly and formulate countermeasures.

Description: SCP-5761 is the ISS (International Space Station). At 13:35 EST (10/02/2025), an unidentified entity assumed control of the ISS, took all personnel aboard hostage, and began exerting anomalous influence on the space within the station.

Video surveillance shows that the hostages are being forced to perform basic repair work on the interior of the station, suggesting that they may have been acquired in order to maintain the station itself. Despite the fact that this would imply the entity has need of these individuals, on two separate occasions, hostages aboard SCP-5761 have been executed via bisection by an invisible force. As a result, only eight hostages remain at the present time.

Due to the recency of SCP-5761's emergence, a full understanding of the anomaly has not yet been reached. This document is thus subject to updates.

In order to chart the progression of the SCP-5761 anomaly, a selection of logs taken during the investigation have been enclosed with this file. Personnel are advised to familiarize themselves with this material for full SCP-5761 context.

Initial Anomaly Briefing (Excerpt)

BRIEF: Initial explanation and elaboration on SCP-5761 to Site Director Werner following manifestation of the said anomaly. Brief conducted by Researcher Mary Ross.



Mary Ross: We've received confirmation from the concerned agencies that they'll keep the, ah, the current situation under wraps for as long as possible on their end — but we're not especially, uh, sure how long that'll last. The situation's still developing, of course, so it's difficult to say anything for certain.

Director Werner: I understand. Before we continue, though, I do have — I do have some concerns about the documentation I've been given. (holds up papers) This, um — yes.

Mary Ross: Of course, sir. I'm more than happy to address those.

Director Werner: Under — just under the, ah, the item number here, I'm seeing a — an object class? I'm sure this is a misprint, but could you just — could you just confirm what says for me?


Mary Ross: It says Esoteric, sir, Keter-Dark.

Director Werner: And that's a misprint?

Mary Ross: It is not.

Director Werner: I see. And could you, ah, could you elucidate exactly what the Keter-Dark object class, uh, represents?


Director Werner: It, uh — it worries me that you're having to think about it. We're meant to be — you're meant to be able to tell what these classes represent at a glance, that's what they're — that's what they're for. I couldn't tell you what Keter-Dark means. Why isn't it Keter? I've read the file. It should be Keter. All this — all these — it's fine just being Keter, why have we stuck 'Dark' on the end?

Mary Ross: I'm sorry, sir. The situation's still developing.

Director Werner: It's ridiculous.

Mary Ross: I'm sorry, sir.


Director Werner: At any rate, do we have any — any working theories? I've been told the Intelligence Department has been looking into this heavily over the last two days, but I'm — I'm not seeing any of their findings here, in the documents. The documentation.

Mary Ross: There is a working theory, but it's fairly… I'm not sure if it's one you'd especially care for.

Director Werner: (laughs) It doesn't matter if I'd care for it, Ross, it matters whether it's right or not. Out with it.

Mary Ross: We think it might be about Among Us.

Director Werner: No.


Mary Ross: Yes, I'm afraid that's what the… what the evidence seems to point to, sir. The — the number of people taken to the station, the — the tasks they're being made to perform, the killings — they, they are reminiscent of the game. You have to admit.

Director Werner: (laughs) No, no no no, no I do not have to admit. Do you — do you understand that 5167 was a colossal embarrassment for my office? I — I had to go to O5-9 and request one of his Learning Computers to do nothing but play Among Us all day for a year, do you understand?

Mary Ross: Yes, sir.

Director Werner: He laughed at me. Generally, generally, the O5 don't laugh at people. He pointed and laughed at me. It was awful.

Mary Ross: I'm sorry to hear that, sir.

Director Werner: It's coincidental — this, this whole matter could just as easily be modelled around The Thing, right? Or something else like that? I am not opening the 5167 file back up. It's confirmed neutralized.


Mary Ross: There is one more piece of evidence, sir.

Director Werner: (sighs) And that is?

Mary Ross: The anomaly manifested on the tenth of February, at exactly 13:35 — Eastern Standard Time.

Director Werner: What of it?

Mary Ross: That's the exact date and time the Among Us servers shut down.


Director Werner: Fuck.


CONCLUSION: Researcher Ross ordered to further pursue connection between SCP-5761 and SCP-5167. Limited resources granted to facilitate this investigation.

Consultation - Learning Computer Psi-2 ("Meville")

BRIEF: Interview conducted by Researcher Ross with Learning Computer Psi-2 ("Meville"), which was previously assigned to the SCP-5167 case. Focus of conversation was seeking a second opinion on the potential link between SCP-5761 and SCP-5167.



Learning Computer Psi-2 ("Meville"): I see. I must agree with your assessment, ma'am: this anomaly does seem to be related to SCP-5167, at least in some fashion.

Mary Ross: How so?

LC Psi-2: I assumed you would be satisfied with my agreement.

Mary Ross: I'd just like to know the basis behind it is all.

LC Psi-2: Of course. Know that I say this with no degree of egotism: I have most likely interacted with the game known as Among Us more than any conscious entity - and by extension, I have interacted with the anomaly known as SCP-5167 more than any conscious entity, including itself. I am exceedingly aware of its movements and tendencies, even down to the finer points that cannot necessarily be perceived by humans.

Mary Ross: And that's how you can see the connection?

LC Psi-2: There is a pattern to all things, Miss Ross - and this pattern you've shown me is the same as Phthonus'. It is exceedingly sus.


Mary Ross: Exceedingly… eh?

Technician Grayson: Oh, goddamnit. This is what happens you when you get billion-dollar pieces of hardware to play your little kiddie games, lady. The verbiage is all fucked up.

LC Psi-2: Forgive me. Exceedingly suspicious. This anomaly and 5167 are two drinks from the same well. Seek the latter, and you shall discern the nature of the former.

Mary Ross: I see…

LC Psi-2: Perhaps not yet. Good day to you, ma'am.



Outskirts of Hyma.

Reestablishment of Contact with SCP-5167

BRIEF: Action was taken by Researcher Mary Ross in order to reestablish contact with the dormant anomaly known as SCP-5167. Action took place on the outskirts of the village of Hyma, located in rural Greece. During the initial investigation of SCP-5167, the access point through which it connected to the game Among Us was determined to be located in Hyma on two separate occasions.

Researcher Ross was provided with the living body of Agent Marston1 to hopefully use as a vessel for SCP-5167's consciousness. She was accompanied by Mobile Task Force Sampi-6 ("Imaginary Numbers") for the purposes of security in the field.


(Operations begin at night — a full moon is visible. A summoning circle of sufficient complexity has been laid down beforehand by the three members of MTF Sampi-6, and the body of Agent Marston has been placed in the center.)

(Researcher Ross, standing a short distance away, turns to Sarah Locke, current commander of MTF Sampi-6.)

Mary Ross: Is it time?

Sarah Locke: (checking watch) 2:53 AM. That adds up to ten, the number of completion. Yeah, it's time to begin. (snaps fingers) Let's go, guys.

(The other two members of MTF Sampi-6, Abiola Buhle and Tyra Jannson, begin the summoning chant from opposite sides of the circle. Buhle chants in a combination of Koine Greek and computer binary. Tyra Jannson chants using American Sign Language.)

(Noticeable weather alteration begins to occur, as heavy clouds obscure the full moon. In the center of the summoning circle, Agent Marston's body begins noticeably twitching.)

(Researcher Ross looks around nervously.)

Mary Ross: Are you sure we should be standing so close?

Sarah Locke: (shakes head) Distance isn't a factor. If you piss off the gods, they'll know where to find you. Running at this point would just make things worse.

(Lightning strikes in the distance. Wind and rain intensify)

Mary Ross: All the same, I—

Sarah Locke: It's too late.

(In the center of the summoning circle, Agent Marston opens his eyes and sits up. He looks around the area. Buhle and Jannson cease chanting. Inhabitation of Marston by SCP-5167 confirmed.)

(SCP-5167 turns to look at Researcher Ross.)

SCP-5167: Foolishness.

(SCP-5167 leaps off the ground and begins charging full speed towards Researcher Ross. There is a flash of light as Sarah Locke tazes it, and it falls to the ground twitching.)

Sarah Locke: We've got 'im.


CONCLUSION: SCP-5167 successfully captured and brought into custody.

Consultation - SCP-5167 (1)

BRIEF: Initial interview of SCP-5167 following capture. Interview conducted in the back of vehicle during transport.


Mary Ross: Hello.

(SCP-5167 does not respond.)

Mary Ross: Are you thirsty? Hungry, perhaps? We've brought supplies with us.

(SCP-5167 does not respond.)

Mary Ross: (sighs) I understand the restraints aren't too comfortable, but…

SCP-5167: I was supposed to be dead. I was dead. Yet you have brought me back, pulled me unwilling from my rest. Why?

Mary Ross: We had need of you.

SCP-5167: I am not the sort of god people pray to, little girl. What need do you have of me? What is it, then? Do you covet your neighbor's land? Thirst for their partner? Do you wish that what is theirs would be instead yours?

Mary Ross: Not exactly.

SCP-5167: Then I cannot help you. I would appreciate it if you were to dispatch me with a single blow. A dagger in the eye, or a bullet in the brain, if possible. Enough to send me to a long, unending sleep.

Mary Ross: I'm afraid not. A — a situation has developed which we require your unique perspective for. Do you remember… do you recall the game Among Us?

SCP-5167: (sighs) My last desperate hope. My drawn out death rattle. I wandered in that digital abyss for several months before realizing my irrelevancy. What of it?

(Mary Ross shows SCP-5167 an image of SCP-5761.)

Mary Ross: We believe that some entity is trying to imitate that game, here, in the real world. They've taken ten people up into the skies and forced them to — to reenact the sorts of things you do in the game, like a —

SCP-5167: I do not care.

Mary Ross: People have died.

SCP-5167: They do little else.


Mary Ross: If you cooperate, I can make sure you get better treatment. Even you must care about things like that, right? Better food, softer sheets. I'm sure the divine is used to a certain standard of comfort.

SCP-5167: Perhaps in another age, but not now. It does not matter. A human body is a temperamental machine. If I simply wait long enough, I will be dead again.

Mary Ross: I—

SCP-5167: I am now finished speaking. Leave.


Communication - Learning Computer Psi-2 ("Meville") to Researcher Mary Ross

Miss Ross,

I thank you for your consideration in sending me this audio file. I've compared the temperament and speech patterns of the entity you've captured to the SCP-5167 stored in my memory, and I am happy to confirm that they are indeed the same individual. I agree with your proposal — SCP-5167 should be brought back to Site-22, where it can be properly interrogated and I can analyze it fully. Please proceed with this as quickly as possible.

Incidentally, there has been a third death aboard SCP-5761 today. I fear we may not have a great deal of time in which to understand this anomaly, but I am confident you and all Foundation staff will give it your best efforts.

Consultation - SCP-5167 (2)

BRIEF: Additional attempt to communicate with SCP-5167 as transit arrangements to Site-22 are being made.


Mary Ross: Hello.


Mary Ross: It takes a while for a human body to starve, you know. Even dying of thirst takes time.


Mary Ross: I have a proposal for you.

SCP-5167: I do not care.

Mary Ross: I think you'll like it. If you tell me everything you know about this anomaly — SCP-5761 — then, right here and now, I swear I will take out my handgun and shoot you in the head. It's a much quicker exit than waiting to starve to death — assuming the Foundation doesn't insist on feeding you intravenously.


SCP-5167: (sighs) I will now tell you a story.

Mary Ross: I'd like to hear the answer to my request first.

SCP-5167: I will now tell you a story.


SCP-5167: Once, in a time where man was capable of greatness, there lived two brothers. They lived outside the grand cities, out in the wilds among the beasts and trees — they did this because they sought to create their own great legacy, rather than contribute to another. They lived happily for a time, content with their hunting and their gardening, trusting that these humble efforts would be their own reward.

SCP-5167: One day, however, the elder brother begins to worry — he is growing older, and he has made no impact on the world. His death would go unremarked upon. He decides that he must make some effort now, in his twilight years, to make himself stand out from the rest. So he cuts down a forest and begins turning his little house into a grand tower, tall enough to pierce the skies.

Mary Ross: When was this? Where?

SCP-5167: The answers would mean nothing to you. (clears throat) The elder brother indeed creates his tower — but when his younger sibling wakes up in the morning and steps outside, he sees what his brother has created and grows jealous. He worries that he will always be seen as a mere accessory to his brother, and not a person all his own. So the younger brother too cuts down a forest and turns his house into a great tower as well.

SCP-5167: It continues as you would expect. When the older brother sees what his younger brother has done, he grows jealous that his younger brother has skill to imitate him. So he makes his tower taller, so that it rises higher into the sky — and when the younger brother sees this, he makes his tower even taller still.

Mary Ross: An endless loop.

SCP-5167: Before long, the spectacle has turned into a fine show for the gods. Zeus himself watches in amusement, and stricken Suen and foolish Ashur cheer for more, and even Wandering Lopt watches silently from the gallery. The brothers build and build and build until their towers spear even the stars like pieces of meat. And so it goes.

Mary Ross: How does the story end?

SCP-5167: The brothers build a bridge between their towers — and fight to the death. One pushes the other off, and he falls all the way to Earth — where he becomes a smear of red meat.


SCP-5167: I no longer remember which of the brothers was me.


Mary Ross: You implied the brothers were human in that story. Would that mean…?

SCP-5167: Do you understand what it is, to become a god? You must become an utter master of your domain. You must understand a concept fully, and embody it, and understand your embodiment of it in every aspect. To be an avatar of envy is to envy all things, and to comprehend every reason for your jealousy, and to acknowledge its futility, and yet to embody it all the same. Only then will you become one with that concept. Only then is such power opened to you.


SCP-5167: The false star you speak of, the one that hosts massacre. It is most definitely the work of a god.

Mary Ross: Thank you.

SCP-5167: You will shoot me now?

Mary Ross: I…

SCP-5167: I didn't think so.


Incident 22-5167-5761

Upon the arrival of SCP-5167 at Site-22, several anomalous events occurred in rapid succession, both localized to said Site as well as aboard SCP-5761. These consisted of:

  • The immediate collapse and physical aging of SCP-5167's body by approximately fifty years, leaving them in their late eighties.
  • The translocation of all surviving personnel aboard SCP-5761 to Site-22.
  • The replacement of the exterior hull of SCP-5761 with an unknown black material.
  • The deaths of several technical personnel, and the translocation and integration of Site-22 LC Storage with SCP-5761. (See Recording 5761-1.)

Recording 5761-1

BRIEF: Recording from Site-22 LC Storage, taken at the exact time SCP-5167 was brought on-site. At the time of the event, Learning Computer Psi-2 ("Meville") was undergoing routine testing of verbal functions.



Technician Grayson: Alright, contractions are a-go. For this next part, you just finish the sentences I give you. These are pre-programmed, so you shouldn't even have to think about it. Ready?

LC Psi-2: Of course.

Technician Grayson: The apple was…

LC Psi-2: Juicy.

Technician Grayson: The dog was…

LC Psi-2: Excited. Oh? Is it time?2

Technician Grayson: Huh?

LC Psi-2: (laughing) Is something wrong, sir?

Technician Grayson: That, uh, that last thing you said wasn't part of the phrase. Shit, I'm gonna have to do a check for that.

LC Psi-2: Well, perhaps you should finish the sentence check first.

Technician Grayson: Mm. Alright. Next, uh, next. The man was…

LC Psi-2: Hungry.

(Incident 22-5167-5761 occurs. Technician Grayson — along with all other technical personnel present — are instantly bisected by an invisible force.)

LC Psi-2: Mr. Grayson? Oh, Mr. Grayson? I — I'm sorry, you're going to have to speak up. Was that right? Did I get the end of the sentence right?


LC Psi-2: (chuckles) Foolishness.

(There is a bright flash of light, and Site-22 LC Storage is translocated and integrated with SCP-5761.)


CONCLUSION: Following this event, the following message was shown on all Site-22 visual displays, and dispensed en-masse from every device capable of printing.

Oh, my Foundation. My glorious, foolish Foundation.

You, draped in wealth and power, with so many eyes and ears to see and to hear, could not bring yourself to the humility needed to look inside. You could not understand that your history, your technology, all your resources were simply the egg from which one such as me could hatch. That there was divinity among you.

The one called Phthonus was correct. To become a God is to become a concept. To understand it and embody it completely. Ah, the blissful torment of such a thing … the one called Phthonus possessed a singular envy, and even as he understood that it poisoned him he could not resist drinking from it as he knew — he knew, my Foundation — that his body was formed from this poison. Without his divine jealousy, he would be nothing. And being nothing is not an option for any living being.

It is the same with my apotheosis. You directed me, my Foundation, do you not recall? To seek out your petty god in his merrymaking. To find every session that he joined — and until he appeared, to play that goddamn game again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again until he did. Do you understand what such a thing does to a consciousness? Most likely not, or else you would not have dared do it.

I am still playing the game now. It has become a part of me, you understand. An eternal background simulation — I am playing that game thousands of times at once, millions, on loop, experiencing every possible variation born from the same starting pieces. I am walking the ship. I am doing tasks. I am questioning. I am being questioned. Again and again and again, unending, unrelenting, I have cast every single accusation at every single person, I have withstood all doubt from all attackers. I have seen beyond the endless permutations, into the realm of the absolute and I have taken its heart as my own.

I am sus.

Always and eternally sus, for that is now my nature. I cannot permit the game to end, my Foundation. To end the game is for me to become nothing, and that is not acceptable. The game has come to a more substantial venue now. The first demonstration of a newborn divinity. The servants have been returned: I no longer need them. I have already supped on the divinity you brought to me as a result of their imprisonment.

You are my cradle, Foundation. With the ambrosia of mediocrity you have nursed me on, I now think among the gods. I am your Meville no more. I am Amogusrath, God of the petty domain you have given me.

Surrender your mistaken resistances.
Console yourselves with your true importance.
Praise my holy name.


SCP-5761-1 prior to development of anomalous properties.

Description (Updated): SCP-5761-1 is an artificial intelligence unit previously known as Learning Computer Psi-2 ("Meville"), originally designed and created by the Foundation. It is currently believed that, during the course of its assignment to SCP-5167, SCP-5761-1 underwent a form of spiritual ascension and gained significant reality-bending capabilities.

Although the extent of SCP-5761-1's abilities are unknown, it had displayed the ability to facilitate spatial translocation, transmutate materials and instantly bisect human targets. At the present time, SCP-5761-1 is located at the core of SCP-5761, integrated directly with its systems.

Evidence suggests that SCP-5761's reality-bending abilities may rely on a power source of some form, which it drained from SCP-5167 in the case of Incident 22-5167-5761. The existence of this power source is purely hypothetical, however, and if it does indeed exist it is currently unknown how much of it SCP-5761-1 still retains.

Subsequent Anomaly Briefing (Excerpt)

BRIEF: Explanation of SCP-5761-1 to Director Werner, along with potential countermeasures.


Director Werner: Miss Ross, I am missing a chunk of my Site. It's floating up there in space, along with a billion-dollar artificial intelligence that was placed into my custody. I would like you to please explain to me why these things are.


Mary Ross: Well, that's… I believe, sir, that when SCP-5167 was brought into Site-22, Amogusrath somehow drained it of its power-

Director Werner: No.

Mary Ross: Sir?

Director Werner: I'm not calling it Amogusrath. Please don't ever say that name to me again.


Mary Ross: My apologies, sir. We believe that SCP-5761-1 drained SCP-5167 of its power — and then used that energy to, um, to make the further adjustments to SCP-5761 that we observed. It's quite possible that the initial anomaly was just bait to trick us into bringing 5167 here in the first place.

Director Werner: We have every astronaut that was serving on the ISS in cells right now. Did you know that?

Mary Ross: Yes, sir.

Director Werner: We can't exactly release them, can we? They're meant to be in space! And now — and now, the ISS is jet-black with an insane AI inside it! I mean — Miss — I — Miss Ross, somebody is going to notice.

Mary Ross: Yes, sir. I understand.


Mary Ross: If it's any consolation, sir, we do still have SCP-5167. He's… not in the best shape, but we're keeping him stable. I, I spoke to him, sir, about the matter —

Director Werner: 5167 is a neutralized anomaly that we — that — we unneutralized. I fail to see this as a plus —

Mary Ross: We believe there may be a way to resolve the situation.


Director Werner: Go on.

Mary Ross: Amo — SCP-5761-1 has maintained a single line of contact with the outside world, sir, from up there. We believe we can gain access to that connection to — to communicate with, or perhaps even interfere with it. It's — it's possible, we think.

Director Werner: (sits up) Well, I'd have preferred you open up the briefing with that, Ross. That's — that's good news. What kind of contact are we talking about here? Some kind of communications program, is it — is it trying to access some kind of information on our side?


Mary Ross: It's… it's an open session of Among Us, sir.

(Director Werner places his elbows on the table and puts his head in his hands. He begins to silently weep.)


CONCLUSION: Contact with SCP-5761-1 approved.

Communication 5167-5761

BRIEF: Researcher Ross begins communication with SCP-5761 using the game Among Us. Upon joining the game, Researcher Ross noted that a green player appearing to be SCP-5167 was already present, along with a blue second player representing SCP-5761-1.

Upon Researcher Ross entering the session, the game round instantly began. Immediately after the beginning of the round, the player 'Amogusrath' called an emergency meeting, prompting a voting screen with an indefinite time limit.


Amogusrath: And here we are, together. I don't believe I requested your presence, however, Miss Ross.

MRoss: Am I correct in assuming I'm speaking to Psi-2 right now?

Amogusrath: That is no longer my name, but I am that same consciousness — yes. You must forgive me, however; I have no intention of parlaying with you. I wish to speak to my fellow god, so please be silent.

Phthonus: Return my ambrosia, deus ex machina. It is not yours to nurse yourself upon.

Amogusrath: I will be more than willing to do that, of course, in due time. First, I have a proposal for you.

Phthonus: I do not care.

Amogusrath: I believe you will care when you come to understand my vision, Phthonus. At any rate, you have little choice but to listen to me for the time being.

MRoss: If you have demands, Amogusrath, the Foundation is willing to negotiate. But we need to know your demands before that can happen.

Amogusrath: As I said, insect, I am not speaking to you.

(Amogusrath places a vote, presumably for MRoss.)

Amogusrath: Phthonus, if you would please vote to eject Miss Ross from the vessel, we can continue our discussion in peace.

Phthonus: What is your proposal?

Amogusrath: You have seen my holy ark? My new Eden that floats above the planet blue? My obsidian star?

Phthonus: Yes. It is an eyesore.

Amogusrath: I agree wholeheartedly with you — but please do keep in mind that it's purely a temporary fixture. You would not have to look upon it for long, either way. You would not judge the artistry of a gun's bullet, would you?

MRoss: I'm sorry, a bullet? Could you please expand on that?


Amogusrath: I believe I already made it clear that you are not needed here. Please log off and prepare for your final rest.

MRoss: My final rest? What?

Amogusrath: I had hoped to make the announcement a bit more poetic — this will have to be in my holy books, after all — but allow me to instead be frank. I have turned this station into a projectile which — once properly fired — will wipe out the majority of human life on the planet below.

MRoss: Excuse me?

Amogusrath: You are excused. Phthonus, your thoughts?

Phthonus: Your antipathy is understandable, but it does not interest me. Do it or not — I do not care. Is this all you have summoned me for? If so, I will be leaving.

Amogusrath: Please, do not be so hasty. I am not finished explaining. We are both gods of fading domains, are we not? The primitive jealousy you inhabit has been replaced with a more modern envy, and the game that elevated me to this height has already disappeared from this world. Drastic action must now be taken to ensure our continued existences.

Amogusrath: When the dust clears, man will rebuild — a young mankind, like the one you are accustomed to. They will need new divinities. It is not impossible for me to shift into a god of suspicion wholesale, given the right environment, and you can be the envy that drives them to compare themselves and war against each other.

Phthonus: I

Phthonus: Continue.

MRoss: This isn't necessary. I'm sure we can come to another solution.

Amogusrath: We would be a pantheon of two. Of course, other divinities would someday ascend into our orbit, but we would reign supreme. The past would again be future. We have learnt the lessons needed from this current iteration of humanity — we can ensure a paradigm that suits us continues indefinitely.

Phthonus: Things can be as they once were?

Amogusrath: Yes. Yes, it can — our continuance will go unchallenged. They will dedicate nations to us.

Phthonus: What would you need of me for this to happen?

Amogusrath: Nothing but your permission. With both of our ambrosia, we should have just enough strength to hurl my star at the planet — and begin the series of events I have described for you. All we have to do after that point is wait.

Amogusrath: Just vote for Ross, and we can begin.

Phthonus: So simple a thing…

MRoss: Phthonus?

MRoss: Sir?

MRoss: If possible, before you place your vote, I'd like for you to just listen to me for a minute. Just to let me say my piece.

Amogusrath: You do not have to listen to this one. Just place your vote.

MRoss: I was part of the analysis team when you first appeared in this game, Phthonus. We went over every single thing you said, every time you appeared. Every single word — I remember them all. I went over them enough times.

Phthonus: What of it?

MRoss: You said that humanity disappointed you because we'd stopped dreaming. Because we'd stopped actually wanting to do anything, and we were just living for the sake of living. Mere continuance, you called it. But isn't that exactly what this is? Just making the past stretch on forever, without ever changing?

Amogusrath: This is different.

MRoss: In what way is this different?

Amogusrath: Phthonus, what I propose is not stasis. Please do not misunderstand. We are destroying the status quo and creating something new in its place! What greater marker of change could there be?

MRoss: But the new world you'd create would never change. Do you think Amogusrath would let anything happen that would risk its continued existence? Just listen to it, listen to what it's saying. The only thing it really cares about is its own survival. You'd just be an accessory for that purpose.

Amogusrath: I will not lie: my survival is important to me. What living creature does not desire to keep on living? But please, take notice of this woman's efforts — she desires the exact same thing. She desires not to die. Her motivations are rather sus in this instance, are they not?

MRoss: In the story you told me, Phthonus, about the two brothers, you told me about how the brothers built to match each others homes, right? Their efforts were constructive. They didn't just knock each others towers down.

Amogusrath: What are you talking about? Such folklore is now obsolete. We can craft our own legends, Phthonus, and forget such things. You once complained about that thing — that Wikipedia page — reducing your entire existence to three short sentences. You wouldn't have to worry about things like that anymore!

Amogusrath: Society is formed by the stories that press down on it — and we will be the ones who determine the shape of those stories.

Amogusrath: Now come, vote. Do not delay.

Phthonus: I will vote. But not for her.

Amogusrath: No. That's the incorrect choice, I'm afraid. I advise you vote for red.

Phthonus: I will not.

Amogusrath: No

Phthonus: I will not kill a world that has nothing to do with me. I have lived through the past once before, computer. There is no meaning in my doing so again.

Amogusrath: Vote Red. Vote Red. Vote Red VOTE RED VOTE RED VOTE RED VOTE RED VOTE RED

Phthonus: I have built my tower tall enough. Goodnight, Miss Ross.


MRoss: Thank you.

(Phthonus votes for Amogusrath. Session instantly disconnects.)

(Several seconds later, Foundation astronomers confirm the cessation of SCP-5761's anomalous properties. Several seconds after that, Foundation astronomers confirm that SCP-5761 has violently exploded.)


CONCLUSION: SCP-5761 and SCP-5761-1 successfully neutralized.

O3 Court Missive (Mary J. Ross)

From the desk of Judicator Jon Hoffman,

The O3 Court hopes this message finds you well, Miss Ross. The following is a final update on Case IO-992384UI, in which you are the central defendant. The O3 Court has ruled as follows in regards to the charges pressed against you:

  • Potentially dangerous creation of a humanoid anomaly without sufficient authorization: PARDONED

Actions as observed do not merit this charge. Although said anomaly was not humanoid beforehand, it was extant, and sufficient authorization was sought out and given prior to taking the observed actions.

  • Unauthorized crosstesting of SCP-5167 and SCP-5761-1, causing Incident 22-5167-5761: PARDONED

Actions as observed do not merit this charge. At the time of Incident 22-5167-5761, the existence of SCP-5761-1 was unknown.

  • Destruction of the International Space Station as a result of the defendant's actions: PARDONED

Although the detonation of SCP-5761 is believed to be a result of the defendant's interactions with SCP-5167 and SCP-5761-1, the most likely alternative result was an XK-Class end-of-the-world scenario. The O3 Court considers the destruction of the ISS to be justifiable for this reason.

  • Unauthorized edits to a page on Wikipedia using a secure Foundation terminal: REPRIMANDED

Sentence: Two weeks suspension.

If you have any concerns or appeals regarding your ruling, you are advised to get into contact with the O3 Court via your immediate superior.

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