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Item #: SCP-5758

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Following the events detailed in SCP-5758 - Addendum, no attempt is to be made to interfere with SCP-5758 or the movement of SCP-5758-1.

Due to its small size and relatively low refractive index, no images of SCP-5758-1 have been produced to date. Should images of SCP-5758-1 be produced in the future, they are to be immediately discredited or explained to be an optical illusion as most appropriate.

Description: SCP-5758 is the collective designation for the phenomena and entities surrounding Theban Tomb TT1471 and the modern Cult of Khonsu.2

SCP-5758-1 is a group of Achaea lienardi, a tropical species of moth. Over the course of a lunar month, SCP-5758-1 journeys to and from the moon, first travelling towards the moon for 14 days (waxing to full moon) and returning to Theban Tomb TT147 during the following 14-day period.

On the night of the new moon, members of the Cult of Khonsu will visit Tomb TT147. One male and one female cultist will enter the tomb and make their way to the rear chamber. Once there, they will perform an extensive ritual, ultimately culminating in coitus.

SCP-5758-2 is the male offspring resulting from the successful completion of this ritual. Based on records kept by the Cult of Khosu, there are 642 living instances of SCP-5758-2. A further 82 individuals born as a result of the ritual are still alive but no longer meet the criteria required to complete the ritual cycle. All SCP-5758-2 instances are raised within the cult until mid-adolescence, at which time they are strongly encouraged to leave Egypt. Despite this, all have maintained relationships with their parents and other cult members.

When the combined mass of SCP-5758-1 drops below the lower threshold (estimated at approximately one million instances), the oldest eligible instance of SCP-5758-2 will develop a craving for the vegetation from Ricinus communis,5 Rhus coriaria6 and fruit from the Citrus family. Approximately 3-6 months later, the affected instance will return to Thebes where it will be welcomed back into the cult.

On the night of the next full moon, the SCP-5758-2 instance will be taken to Tomb TT147 where its parents will wrap it in linen and place it in the outer chamber. Then, on the night before the next new moon, the linen outer wrappings will split, releasing several hundred new SCP-5758-1 instances.7 Newly emerged SCP-5758-1 instances are identical to existing SCP-5758-1 and are immediately assimilated into the group.

Discovery: SCP-5758-1 was first observed in 1922 by Foundation operatives working on nearby archaeological excavations. Given the apparent low-risk nature of the anomaly, minimal containment strategies were put in place. Whilst, based on anecdotal evidence, the Cult of Khonsu was noted as a potential Group of Interest, operatives were unable to locate any modern cult members and the group was recorded to be defunct.

On 20/08/2000, Kelly Watt contacted Avon and Somerset Police to report her long-term partner Michael Khan [designated SCP-5758-2-A] as missing. Watt claimed that SCP-5758-2-A had been acting unusually for a two month period prior to disappearance. SCP-5758-2-A had previously mentioned that his family were members of a religious group known as the Cult of Khonsu, and the inclusion of this detail in statements resulted in the case being flagged for Foundation attention.

Given that the Cult of Khonsu had no reason to anticipate any investigation, Mobile Task Force Theta-14 were quickly able to confirm SCP-5758-2-A's travel route. Various belongings, including a phone, passport, and diary were recovered from a property belonging to SCP-5758-2-A's parents. Similar materials belonging to an additional 84 missing persons and archives documenting the activities of the cult were also retrieved from properties associated with cult members.

Following the recovery of partial remains with DNA matching SCP-5758-2-A and five other SCP-5758-2 instances, tomb TT147 was sealed and members of the Cult of Khonsu were detained for further questioning.

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    Following the sealing of Tomb TT147, SCP-5758-1 was repeatedly observed attempting to gain entry during the new moon. A significant number of deceased SCP-5758-1 instances were collected outside of the tomb and preserved for analysis.

    On 13/03/2003, the total estimated number of SCP-5758-1 dropped below 200,000 instances. Over the next six months, 152 instances of SCP-5758-2 were detained by Foundation personnel as they arrived in Thebes, with the number increasing exponentially each month.

    From 23/11/2003, markets and stores within a 30-mile radius of the Theban Necropolis experienced a 6000% increase in citrus fruit sales. Additionally, male Foundation personnel working in the area reported severe food cravings and a growing desire to visit the tomb.

    On 08/12/2003, members of the Cult of Khonsu were permitted to prepare an instance of SCP-5758-2 under Foundation supervision. Personnel reported an immediate cessation of cravings and local citrus fruit sales gradually returned to normal.

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      SCP-5758 - Extract from Ritual Text 2

      Extract from ritual text recovered from the Cult of Khonsu, titled The Night of Transformation. As previously, the original text is shown both in demotic script and as an English translation.

      Along with ritual texts and incantations, the volume includes detailed instructions regarding how to properly wash, anoint, wrap SCP-5758-2.

      He has returned to you!
      As you decreed the span of his years.
      He has returned to this place
      That we may wash and bind him.

      He will await you where the journey begins
      His flesh reshaped to godliness
      He will await you until the Going Forth of Min8
      That you might then embrace him.

      The soul of great Khonsu -
      May he travel bravely through the night.
      The heart of the great gods -
      May this child enrich9 the Lord Khonsu.

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