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Item #: SCP-5757

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-5757-A containment monitoring operations.

Special Containment Procedures: A cartridge containing SCP-5757-A's data has been hardwired into an Atari Jaguar games console, in order to obtain a consistent video stream. Video output by SCP-5757-A is subject to algorithmic monitoring in order to ensure its accuracy.

Wildlife agents have secured the perimeter of the Everglades Agricultural Area C-139 Annex with unauthorized persons being refused access under the guise of ongoing restoration work.

Any attempt by SCP-5757-affected individuals enthralled by them to exit the C-139 Annex are to be repelled; lethal force is authorized for these efforts.

Attempts to recover those affected by SCP-5757 have been discontinued. Lethal force is authorized to enact these procedures, if that becomes necessary.

Description: SCP-5757-A is the data for an unreleased and unfinished piece of software. Entitled "Curse of the Everglade" it is written with the ICRDTA programming language and is only compatible with original Atari Jaguar hardware.

The game world of SCP-5757 appears to correlate directly to approximately 15,000 acres of land within an Everglades Agricultural Area, hereafter referred to as SCP-5757-B. Actions taken within SCP-5757's game space can and will change the physical landscape, topography, and population of SCP-5757.

Any sentient or sapient entities within SCP-5757-B, including humans, will be represented as spherical sprites by SCP-5757-A. Within the game space there is a persistent text bubble displayed above any human-representing sprites, giving information on their status, mood, and occasionally brief transcripts of their vocalizations.

However, to date, it has proven impossible to play SCP-5757-A directly through the console - instead, it is believed that the game is played remotely by the first individual to gain physical access to SCP-5757-B with knowledge of its connection to SCP-5757-A.

Addendum 5757-G: Supplemental Documentation

Excerpt from Curse of the Everglade game manual

Society is ending…
Darkness falling over our cities…
Everglade, mankind's last bastion, is the place for rebuilding civilization!
Gather resources, fight fearsome wildlife, and brave the ever-changing jungle!
The future is up for grabs… can you become the Jaguar King?
Well, what else are you doing?

Addendum 5757-U: On 02/2/2020, monthly monitoring of SCP-5757-A's video output as part of neutralization reclassification procedures showed a previously unseen screen. Any changes to SCP-5757's documentation is suspended until further notice.

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