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Item#: SCP-5756
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Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Occurrences of SCP-5756 are to be reported to the Chief of Security and Containment (presently, R. Pensak), and affected items confiscated thereby.

UPDATE 2017/09/10: Technician JM64 is hereby prohibited from using SCP-5756-A..What he doesn't know can't hurt him — Ibanez, Chief D.


SCP-5756-A (left).

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5756 is a phenomenon affecting Personal Storage Locker 4B of Site-43's Janitorial and Maintenance Section (hereafter SCP-5756-A). Annually, items stored within SCP-5756-A are corrupted by SCP-5756. This phenomenon is rare and poorly-understood.

DISCOVERY: After completing his shift on 2013/09/07, Technician JM64, Philip E. Deering returned his custodial uniform, work-boots, and ID Card to his designated Personal Storage Locker. JM64 then retired to his quarters for the evening and remained there the following day as per annual protocol. Prior to his next shift, JM64 accessed his storage locker to find that, from the waist-down, his required uniform had been converted into a red lab coat. He reported this occurrence to his supervisor, who observed that the converted material was typical of standard Applied Occultism vestments..Site-43's Applied Occultism Section studies the practical use of esoteric materials.

ADDENDUM 5756-1, Incident Logs: Further SCP-5756 occurrences are listed below.

DATE: 2014/09/09
OFFICER OF RECORD: D. Ibanez (Chief Without Portfolio).Chief Ibanez had recently resigned from her Security and Containment position; this was her last duty prior to reassignment.
SUMMARY: Two days prior to the incident, JM64 returned the same set of items to his locker as he had a year before; additionally, he left a slice of cake from a staff event, forgetting that he would not be allowed to retrieve it the next day. Upon his return, he discovered that the cake was missing, and one of his work-boots had been replaced with a worn leather shoe. JM64 reported a strange sense of familiarity, though this was soon replaced by disappointment at the lack of cake.
NOTE: Incident occurred exactly one year after the previous; relation to other containment activity unknown. Technician Deering is allowed to continue using SCP-5756-A so long as he reports any other occurrences.

DATE: 2015/09/09
OFFICER OF RECORD: R. Pensak (Chief of Security and Containment)
SUMMARY: As per the previous year, JM64 returned his typical items to his locker. As suggested by Chief Pensak, a digital camera was also placed within SCP-5756-A. JM64 returned to find his ID card snapped in two; however, the pieces instead displayed an image of his brother and former researcher in Applied Occultism, Dr. Dougall Deering. No other items were affected, and the camera was retrieved successfully. JM64 reported frustration as he had attempted to contact his brother several times in the past decade, to no avail.
NOTE: Analysis of the affected item demonstrates inconsistencies with standard ID cards; namely, the photo of Dr. D. Deering appears to have been taken several years after his last known photo. Retrieved footage is restricted to Level 4 Clearance or higher.

JM64 will be provided a new ID card, and will not be made aware of his brother's death in 2002.

DATE: 2017/09/09
OFFICER OF RECORD: R. Pensak (Chief of Security and Containment)
SUMMARY: This year, among his typical belongings, JM64 stored his watch in his locker. As suggested by Chief Pensak, a pen and stationery were also placed within SCP-5756-A. Upon his return, the face of JM64's watch had been shattered, and its other surfaces scratched or dulled such that it was non-reflective. The pen was missing, and the stationery read: "I know that's not you".
NOTE: Machine-analysis of the stationery detected a 92% match to Dr. D. Deering's handwriting.
UPDATE 2017/09/10: JM64 has been assigned a new Personal Storage Locker. SCP-5756-A is only to be used by cleared personnel from now on. — D. Ibanez, Chief of Pursuit and Suppression


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