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Item#: 5755
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SCP-5755 in the Haron family household.

Item #: SCP-5755

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5755 is to be kept in a locked containment storage unit in Site-207 and guarded by at least two security personnel at all times. Only researchers of Level-3 Clearance and above are permitted to grant clearance requests.

Activation of SCP-5755 is prohibited outside of approved research. Any audible contact made by SCP-5755 while in its inactive state is to be reported to the head researcher.

Description: SCP-5755 is a 2m, 4k quality picture, unbranded television with a remote. The screen of SCP-5755 produces audio despite lacking integrated speakers. SCP-5755 automatically repairs any damage to its surface or housing within 24 hours of the damaging incident. The mechanism behind the repairs is unknown.

When activated, SCP-5755 will emit audio and visual static until a channel is selected. Only one channel is available for selection, labeled as “Damned,” which will present footage of the interior of a tidy suburban home. The footage lasts 22 hours, from 5:00 AM to 3:00 AM. The footage persists with a straight camera angle of the living area; the angle never moves or changes. After the footage reaches its conclusion, SCP-5755 will deactivate until it is activated again. Upon subsequent activation, the footage will repeat the same twenty-two hour period.

The footage showcases a family of four, designated SCP-5755-A through SCP-5755-D, making their daily commute throughout the house.

SCP-5755 was discovered on 09/08/2019 in a burnt down suburban house in Spring lakes, Seattle by recovery teams of the fire department. SCP-5755 was recovered in pristine condition. It was held by the county to be auctioned off as the residents had no surviving family members. The object came to the Foundation’s attention when reports of “banging” coming from within the screen and handprints appearing on the screen were made to authorities. Class B amnestics were administered to county employees that were aware of the anomaly, and SCP-5755 was taken into Foundation custody.

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