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Item#: 5752
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures (as of 5 October 2025): Due to its distance from any dangerous anomalies, SCP-5752 is to remain at Site-17 in Basement Level 3 until further notice. SCP-5752 is to be kept in a padded humanoid containment chamber with cameras constantly monitoring her, as well as 2 guards stationed outside of her cell at all hours. Guards monitoring SCP-5752 are to have gone through mnestic training or have a natural resistance to L0-L3 antimemetic phenomenon. When handling SCP-5752, guards are to be preemptively stripped of weaponry and sharp objects.

If SCP-5752 breaches her cell, Basement Levels 1-5 are to be locked down and searched until SCP-5752 or her remains have been recovered. Termination of SCP-5752 is to be considered a last resort and is not to be attempted unless clearance is given by L4 personnel or higher. In the event that either no traces of SCP-5752 have been found, or her corpse has been recovered, all Foundation properties are to be alerted that SCP-5752 is uncontained. If SCP-5752 is uncontained, various personnel in sites worldwide are to be administered Class-W mnestics and placed into surveillance teams to manually scrub through Foundation security feeds in order to search for and identify SCP-5752. If personnel L3 or under are discovered interacting with SCP-5752, they are to be amnesticized under standard information breach protocol.

If SCP-5752's remains are recovered, they are to be submitted to the ███████████ Department for extensive analysis.

Because of the likelihood of SCP-5752 causing mass containment breaches (along with the high likelihood of causing cascading breach events), the study, transcription, and containment efforts of SCP-5752 is to be overviewed by O5-4.

Description: SCP-5752 is an as-of-yet unidentified female human in her mid-20s that is able to manifest in or nearby various locations. These locations must meet a certain criteria in order to be eligible for a potential manifestation event, with the criteria being but not limited to;

  • having a history of anomalous occurrences.
  • being the potential location where an anomalous occurrence will swiftly occur.
  • containing, storing, and/or within the vicinity of anomalous items, lifeforms, locations, or events.
  • containing, storing, and/or within the vicinity of dangerous, malicious, and/or deadly anomalies.
  • having a deep history regarding the Foundation and its involvement in the anomalous world.

When SCP-5752 manifests in one of these locations (which are most commonly Foundation sites), she will usually be dressed in clothes similar to those worn by Foundation staff, although she will not bear any official documentation such as ID badges, employee records, or other various staff paraphernalia.

SCP-5752 has a series of secondary anomalies regarding her perception by both humans and public record. SCP-5752's identifying traits are unable to be plugged into Foundation security programs, meaning that despite SCP-5752's many manifestations, identification via avenues such as facial recognition software, DNA testing, retinal scans, and fingerprint analysis are all rendered useless. SCP-5752's manifestations also fail to trigger Foundation security protocol regarding unauthorized persons, as well as failing to trigger local Kant counters. SCP-5752 also lacks identity, with the scant information gained about her failing to match up with public records of any kind.

SCP-5752 exhudes a passive antimemetic effect that causes humans to almost wholly disregard her, though this effect can be shattered through socially condemnable or publicly disruptive acts, such as being caught stealing or viewed panicking in a calm setting. This passive effect can also be avoided through Class-W mnestics and/or keeping a constant focus on SCP-5752. Despite these weak points, SCP-5752 has been able to surreptitiously navigate through facilities, mostly being identified in the aftermath of key incidents.

SCP-5752 has varied knowledge of the Foundation as well as vague information regarding various anomalies in containment, login information to the SCiPNET database, and a vague understanding of Foundation operations and functions as a whole. How SCP-5752 is privy to this information is currently unknown under investigation under study for potential Foundation usage.

Whenever SCP-5752 manifests, she will immediately attempt to find a specific anomaly and will use it to either severely influence, maim, or kill herself. If SCP-5752 interacts with a non-lethal anomaly, she will demanifest after an unspecified amount of time interacting with it1. If SCP-5752 is killed by an anomaly, her corpse and/or remains will not demanifest, instead losing their antimemetic properties and decaying at an average rate (unless the remains are consumed and/or assimilated by the anomaly in question).

Through behavioral studies, it appears that SCP-5752 has a sense of continuous detachment from reality (See Addendums 5752.2 and 5752.3).

Addendum 5752.1: Summarized List of Interactions2

Anomaly Involved Date of Interaction Description of Events State of Human Remains
SCP-1128 2.4.1998 SCP-5752 manifested within Site-34's secure locker facility. Subject appeared exhausted and slumped as she walked between the rows of storage units. After wandering the halls for various hours, subject seemed to understand the basic layout of the facility. SCP-5752 then made an effort navigating to the locker that held the only contained copy of SCP-1128's description. After attempting to input an a passcode and failing twice, SCP-5752 paused before attempting a final time. Her system override was successful and she attained the description. After quickly reading through it, SCP-5752 placed it back in the locker, closing the door. SCP-5752 can then be seen running through the facility until she discovered a bathroom unit. She entered and was not seen exiting. Trace samples
SCP-970 28.2.2002 SCP-5752 manifested in front of the entrance to SCP-970-22, an instance located in the west wing of the Dennen's Office Building in New Hampshire. SCP-5752 shook her head violently and pinched her arm a few times. Subject then entered the anomaly. As it was not guarded at the time, her manifestation was not accounted for until several hours had passed. Upon retrieval efforts, SCP-5752 was found deceased in the 376th iteration. Cause of death is unknown. Intact
SCP-2747 c. March 2006 There is a significant lack of information regarding this incident, with the main instigator being that on 4 March 2006, Researcher Dennis O'Hara was recorded accessing the database to view records for SCP-2747. Despite the login data, Mr. O'Hara was not in the Department of Analytics due to calling out sick. As there is no footage or proof of SCP-5752 manifesting in or nearby the local site, Foundation researchers have hypothesized that SCP-5752 created a stable anafabula after accessing SCP-2747's documentation, thus annihilating herself from this reality. This hypothesis has yet to be disproved. None
SCP-3183 august scp-5752 entered a hollow city made of itself. lost
SCP-513 22.3.2007 SCP-5752 manifested in Site-12 before making her way down to one of the office floors. SCP-5752 then accesses a terminal containing the file for SCP-513. Subject then entered a nearby breakroom and quietly stole Dr. Frank Peravai's L3 keycard as he was reading. Subject then accessed SCP-513's chamber and paused for a moment before pushing into the gelatin block to retrieve the object. A containment breach was then enacted due to SCP-5752's passive effect faltering, allowing her to be perceived by those monitoring surveillance. Before she could be seized, SCP-5752 retrieved and rang SCP-513, exposing 17 members of staff to its effects. Before she could be apprehended, SCP-5752 doubled over in pain, with various bruises appearing over portions of her arms and legs before demanifesting. None
SCP-5034 11.11.2010 SCP-5752 manifested within 20 feet of the nearest antique store currently holding SCP-5034. Subject loitered for approximately 30 minutes before entering the location. After reluctantly attempting to pick up a marble from the bowl,3 SCP-5752 attempted to retrieve multiple marbles at once. Approx. 5.2 litres of blood4
SCP-4807 14.10.2018 Despite not manifesting within Foundation jurisdiction, SCP-5752's corpse was spotted in an alleyway in Frascati, Italy. After being taken in by authorities, SCP-5752's death was ascribed to a mugging gone wrong, with her death occurring mere hours before discovery. Foundation mathematical models pointed to the murder as matching the criteria of an SCP-4807 event. Intact

Addendum 5752.2: Interview

On 2 September 2025, SCP-835 was seen entering an aggravated state, expelling massive amounts of waste into the surrounding waters. As Provisional Site-835 was undergoing breach protocol, SCP-5752 manifested amongst the chaos and was spotted attempting to hijack a submersible, with her intent likely being to make contact with SCP-835. As the subject was in the process of disengaging the submersible, she was apprehended by several members of MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") before being evacuated from Site-835 with the rest of the site staff. After quarantine and various medical tests, Dr. Maya Saunders was sent to interview SCP-5752, under the monitoring of O5-4.

After a psychological evaluation, SCP-5752 was placed under intensive care as well as suicide watch due to her volatile behavioral shifts and multiple attempts at self-termination.

Addendum 5752.3: Recovered Article

On 29 February 2028, SCP-5752 was found reading a newspaper in her cell. It was quickly confiscated by guards and was transferred to Site-17's research group. When reviewing security footage, SCP-5752 was viewed with her back to the wall, reaching her hand behind her and pulling out the newspaper. When questioned, SCP-5752 denied that this action was voluntary.

The newspaper was labelled "The Kennebec Journal," a January 2022 edition. It showed no abnormalities except for an article on page 17 in a column adjacent to the "Obituary" section. The article depicts a smiling photo of SCP-5752 and reads as follows:

by Garrison Blake

Neighbors in the town of Dawson, Maine, are still baffled at the circumstances regarding the hospitalization of Ms. Evelyn Creely, with the young woman's family still at a loss for words.

On November 22, 2021, Evelyn was found laying in her bedroom when her mother attempted to wake her up for work. Mrs. Diana Creely was concerned as her daughter was late for her shift at the local nursing home, and she was surprised at how Evelyn apparently slept through the entire morning and early afternoon. After Evelyn didn't respond to her mother's attempts to wake her, emergency services were called to the Creelys' home in order to transport their daughter to St. John's Hospital on the outer edges of Dawson.

When interviewing Mr. Jason Creely, he said that there was still no exact explanation as to why his daughter was unable to awaken.

"The doctors couldn't find a reason for any of it, they're all baffled," he stated. "All they could tell us is that her brain is still working just fine. For all we saw, she's just fast asleep. The nurses kept saying that there aren't any visible abnormalities that could've just sent her under like this."

Evelyn was known to be a quiet yet informative and well-read young woman, with her friends describing her as "driven by stories." Her favorite genres were mystery, horror, and science fiction, with her mother describing how she would spend hours on writing forums, attempting to spin her own tales.

A fundraiser and vigil will be held this upcoming Saturday on the corner of Sackett and Rhyne in order to raise awareness and money to help the Creelys cover their medical bills.

SCP-5752's containment protocol is to be debated in regards to the Swann Protocol during the upcoming Ethics Committee meeting on 15 March 2028.

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