Item#: SCP-5751
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Special Containment Procedures: To contain SCP-5751, the Foundation would need to secure all instances of optical storage media worldwide and halt their further production. As such action would represent an enormous expenditure of funds and manpower, and attract considerable media attention, this approach is not presently under consideration.. Cernunnos-class objects can be contained by the Foundation, but the measures required to do so are impractical.

In the event that solid-state media entirely replaces optical storage media, SCP-5751 may require reclassification. Until that point, except in cases relating to Foundation interests, minimal effort to acquire SCP-5751 instances will be made. A modest budget line exists for the purchase of storage media collections when necessary; collections held as evidence by law enforcement agencies should be acquired via impersonation of higher-level authorities or inter-agency cooperation (where possible).

Instances of SCP-5751 are archived in High-Yield Data Storage Facility 4 at Site-43.

Description: SCP-5751 is the phenomenon of additional items appearing in collections of disc-based storage media after their owner's death. The first SCP-5751 instances were 8-inch 'floppy' disks. The anomaly has since spread to 5¼-inch and 3½-inch disks, fixed disks, Zip disks, compact discs (CD-ROM), digital versatile discs (DVD), MiniDiscs, MiniDVD, LaserDiscs and Blu-Ray discs.



Upon the death of an individual possessing a disc collection numbering twenty items or more, there is a high probability that an SCP-5751 instance will manifest within it. The instance will contain sensitive digital information pertaining to the collection's owner; this can include images, documents, videos, and application-specific files. These files are not created by the anomaly, but rather restored; they were deleted or destroyed by the collection's owner at some point during their lives..See database entries for SCP-5751-1 and SCP-5751-5958 below for the evidence behind this assertion. The discs themselves are created by the anomaly, though they closely mimic other items in the same collection — to the point of matching their physical condition, such that instances originating outside of the Foundation often feature crude 'repairs' attempted by their discoverers to make them machine-readable.

Every file on an instance of SCP-5751 carries negative moral or legal implications about its former owner. Pornography is common, particularly illegal varieties. Textual, photographic or video evidence of wrongdoing, internet browser histories suggesting antisocial proclivities or pursuits, and information stolen from other individuals are also common. In most cases the existence of SCP-5751 instances comes to Foundation attention when unusual revelations about the personal lives of celebrities or criminals occur immediately after their deaths.

Addendum 5751-1, Partial Inventory: A representative sample of SCP-5751 instances retrieved from the Site-43 Network Database (43NET) is reproduced below.

43NET: Catalogue of SCP-5751 Instances [SELECTED]
Item #: SCP-5751-1 Date: 05/14/1980

Description: Nineteen VISUS brand 5¼-inch floppy disks, each containing a single image file with lossy DCT compression. Each image depicts one of nineteen mutilated corpses.

Notes: In 1979 Albanian filmmaker B. Prifti released The Wounded, a graphic horror film suspected to contain 'snuff' elements. The low lighting and lack of cast information precluded his arrest until 1980, when he suffered a heart attack after a drug overdose and was dead for three minutes before resuscitation. Police secured a search warrant for his apartment, hoping to find drug paraphernalia; they instead discovered the floppy disks, which contained images of the murdered actors of sufficient resolution for their identification. This evidence led to Prifti's execution in 1982.

Inaugurating a log of these occurrences, accessible to all personnel at or above Level 2 clearance. This anomaly bears watching. [Scout, Dir. V.L.]
Item #: SCP-5751-905 Date: 02/19/1999

Description: One VISUS brand 3 1/4" floppy disk, in poor condition due to inferior late-model materials. The disk contains a small portion of a previously-unknown early build of Portico 1.0, the operating system coded by software pioneer Mark Post which made his company a household name.

Notes: After Post's death, the disk was discovered by his biographer who sold it to a reporter for the New York Times. Software analysis revealed that the code still contained comments from software engineers at Ananasoft Inc., indicating that it was actually plagiarized from the competing ANANASYS Cayenne operating system. Post was subsequently excised from his company's promotional material.

So, what makes these things appear? Because they don't always appear. I'd like to get as many Sections looking at this as possible. [Blank, Dr. H.]
Item #: SCP-5751-1853 Date: 11/17/2002

Description: One MCA DiscoVision LaserDisc containing an unremarkable record of the professional activities of deceased Senior Researcher Y. Serizawa at Site-77.

Apparently it thinks we're cold and cruel. [Monti, T.]
Been sitting on that one long, Timo? [Blank, Dr. H.]
Item #: SCP-5751-2929 Date: 09/08/2015

Description: One non-rewritable Sony brand compact disc in factory fresh condition, complete with jewel case and labelled insert. The disc contains 691MB of legal, fetish pornography in .mp4 and .wmv format, immaculately catalogued in an included .txt file.

Notes: Site-43 researcher Dr. Adrijan Zlatá was killed in Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D by SCP-5243 on 09/08/2015. Security and Containment Section personnel discovered SCP-5751-2929 in his office that same day.

Thanks to the time loop event that's killed Adrijan every year for half a decade, we've now got five copies of his deleted porn stash. I'm officially recommending we either dispose of his CD collection or open an adult video store. [Blank, Dr. H.]
There's a tactical use for this anomaly, I just need to wrap my head around it. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
The climate for that is bad right now, but climates change. If you think of something, let's talk. [Light, Dir. S.]
Item #: SCP-5751-5760 Date: 04/25/2018

Description: One badly scratched rewritable Memorex brand DVD-ROM in the collection of Dr. D. Coutts, containing a decade-long record of transgressions against Class-D personnel beyond the requirements of his duties, and an electronic diary detailing planned future transgressions.

Notes: After failing to prove Dr. Coutts' offenses to the Ethics Committee, Dr. T. Monti shot him dead in his living quarters at Site-77 and submitted the resulting disc as evidence. Dr. Monti then destroyed his own personal disc collection and committed suicide before Dr. Coutts' body was discovered.

Wish I'd thought of this. Minus the suicide part. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
It's like how people wipe their friends' embarrassing files after they die, only… the opposite. [Blank, Dr. H.]
Bumping 5751 up to Clearance Level 4 to prevent similar incidents. [McInnis, Dir. A.]
Item #: SCP-5751-5958 Date: 06/18/2020

Description: One damaged, rewritable Blu-Ray disc in the collection of D-11424, containing [DATA EXPUNGED].

Notes: D-11424 expressed satisfaction at the return of his files, remarking "I thought I'd lost these forever!" The files were subsequently confiscated.

Eureka. Time to whip up a few proposals. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
I'll be waiting. [Light, Dir. S.]
I was hoping you'd both forgotten about this. [Blank, Dr. H.]
Item #: SCP-5751-6018 Date: 09/30/2020

Description: One non-rewritable Blu-Ray disc containing unreported incidents from Foundation agent C. McDevitt's pre-employment history.

Notes: Agent McDevitt and four other agents were working as moles within three separate cells of the Second Haptic Assembly group of interest. The appearance of a disc in her personal collection alerted her MTF commander to her death, and three of the four remaining agents were successfully extracted before their covers were also blown.

Using it as a death signal. Clever. What happened to the fourth agent? [Blank, Dr. H.]
They died first, and apparently gave up McDevitt under torture. Didn't generate a disc, so we didn't find out until it was too late. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
I take it back. This isn't clever, it's idiotic. [Blank, Dr. H.]
Item #: None Date: 10/07/2020

Description: N/A

Notes: Five members of the Church of the Broken God, who had been acting as informants for the Foundation, were uncovered as traitors in early October 2020. They were able to escape to a safehouse in St. Petersburg to await extraction. Highest Priest Robert Bumaro confronted the O5 Council and demanded proof that the Foundation was uninvolved. The agents were disavowed by the Council and killed via airstrike, to preserve the tenuous truce between the two organizations. Disc collections had been prepared in advance to cover this eventuality; no new discs appeared, however.

My call, yes, but not my fault. The odds were good; it'll work next time. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
Gambler's fallacy, but we've come too far to stop now. [Light, Dir. S.]
Sunk cost fallacy, but I'm not complaining. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
Item #: SCP-5751-6396 Date: 10/28/2020

Description: One non-rewritable Blu-Ray disc containing technical specifications and field notes on a Chaos Insurgency installation.

Notes: Embedded Foundation agent L. Royle performed a series of violent acts as part of his cover as a member of the Chaos Insurgency. He summarized these acts in a series of text files, including vital details about the staffing, armaments, and activities of the CI facility where he worked, deleted them, and subsequently committed suicide. The files were recovered from a Blu-Ray collection purchased in his name before the mission began.

How much awful shit did Royle have to do to get us that info? And how did you convince him to commit suicide when he was done? [Blank, Dr. H.]
1) You don't want to know, and 2) the stuff you don't want to know about convinced him. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
Item #: SCP-5751-6504 Date: 11/21/2020

Description: One hard disk drive containing 500GB of pornography images and video with metadata from thirty-four different personal computers, and one address book.

Notes: Leipzig police executed a search warrant in 2009 against computer technician O. Lewandowski, on suspicion that he was acting as a broker for child pornography. All hard disk drives in Lewandowski's home were found to have been wiped clean, via magnetization. A second search warrant was issued after his death in 2020, whereupon a drive was found containing the aforementioned files. Information from the metadata and address book was used to bring forty-seven of Lewandowski's suppliers and customers to trial.

Keep fighting the good fight, 5751. [Blank, Dr. H.]
Never occurred to me HDDs would be affected. Hindsight, 2020 edition. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
You're a tactical response specialist. You're supposed to have foresight. [Blank, Dr. H.]
Item #: SCP-5751-6827 Date: 12/19/2020

Description: Five non-rewritable Blu-Ray discs containing Foundation data files.

Notes: In late 2020 the Church of Maxwellism issued an ultimatum to the Foundation, demanding all information pertaining to SCP-5751. When this ultimatum was refused, Maxwellist operatives breached the security perimeter of Site-43 and successfully entered the underground facility. Dr. D. Sokolsky deleted all SCP-5751 data, which he had already condensed into five large files along with his detailed notes on the anomaly's practical applications. The demoralized Maxwellists were defeated, captured, and interrogated. They referred to SCP-5751 as "WAN's Leveller," a manifestation of their fragmented electronic god's sense of justice. Further investigation is pending the recovery of the files.

Update: Following a series of voluntary medical procedures conducted on Dr. Sokolsky in late December of 2020, the missing data was recovered.

Am I reading this wrong, Daniil, or did you let them kill and resuscitate you until all the data showed up in your Blu-Ray collection? [Blank, Dr. H.]
You're reading it wrong. I asked them to kill and resuscitate me until all the data showed up in my Blu-Ray collection. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
How many tries did that take? [Blank, Dr. H.]
More than five. [Sokolsky, Dr. D.]
You shouldn't be allowed to read SCP files anymore. [Blank, Dr. H.]



The SCP-5751 database file and all information pertaining thereto are now under the exclusive purview of this office. Please direct all enquiries or proposals for experimental applications to Dr. Daniil Sokolsky at Site-43.

— Dr. Daniel ███████, Director, ETTRA

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