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Item #: SCP-5747

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The forest area surrounding SCP-5747 has been purchased by the Foundation, and been made to appear as a wildlife sanctuary zone. Two armed Foundation guards are to be monitoring the level-ground entrance of SCP-5747. Model B-10A1 micro security drones are to survey the inside of SCP-5747 to detect intruders/unexpected anomalies. Foundation researchers requesting entrance to SCP-5747 require a level 3 clearance, a heat endurance suit, and briefing from MTF Epsilon-09. Instances of SCP-5747-2 are to be stored in standard anomalous storage lockers when discovered.

Description: SCP-5747 is a vast underground cave in Greece. SCP-5747 is a spatial anomaly, taking up more space than it might seem from the outside. Temperatures taken thus far have been shown to exceed 150 degrees Celcius. The interior of SCP-5747 is covered with thin layers of SCP-5747-1.


SCP-5747 after Foundation acquisition. (Underground entrance.)

SCP-5747-1 is a metal alloy by the name of Hephaesium.2 It is not currently known how SCP-5747-1 was created at this quantity and spread on SCP-5747's interior.

SCP-5747-2 are massive build-ups of SCP-5747-1, and are found to be suitable quantities to integrate into structures and other various items.


MTF Epsilon-9 preparing to venture into SCP-5747.

Addendum 5747.1: Exploration and Discovery

SCP-5747 was discovered after minor tremors were traced back to it, affecting the surrounding environment. While pursuing the anomaly with heat signature technology, it was quickly learned that regularly entering would not be possible. MTF Epsilon-93 was shortly contacted to continue exploration of SCP-5747.

MTF Epsilon-9 had suits fabricated from anomalous heat endurant material that could withstand such temperatures. This gear also included auxiliary cooling devices if the suits were ever compromised. As the entrance to SCP-5747 is deep inside a forest, MTF Epsilon-9 members were required to prepare before entry, and walk the rest of the distance, as the forest was too dense.


Preface: Three members of MTF Epsilon-9, (MTF Epsilon-9-01, -02, and -03) were dispatched to Greece to assess the anomaly.


Epsilon-9-01: Alright- today is the 15th of September, 2021, and we have been walking to the anomaly for 'bout….

MTF Epsilon-9-01 pauses.

Epsilon-9-01: Half hour now.

The footage shown is from Epsilon-9-01's front gear camera. A thick forest with many thin trees can be seen as the team moves on.


Footage from Epsilon-9-01’s body camera.

Epsilon-9-01: Hey um- Two, Three you have your mics synced?

Epsilon-9-02: Yup.

Epsilon-9-03: Yuh-huh.

Epsilon-9-01: Good, good.

Epsilon-9-01 lowers a heat signature device to the body camera for a moment so that the screen is visible.

Epsilon-9-01: We should be arriving now.

Epsilon-9-01 approaches and stops moving at an underground staircase, leading to the opening of SCP-5747.

Epsilon-9-03: Ready?

Epsilon-9-02: Just about. Let me start the cooling packs.

Epsilon-9-02 reaches behind themself and pulls out a touchscreen device. Epsilon-9-02 starts activating the auxiliary devices. Fans can be heard.

Epsilon-9-02: Alright team. Good to go.

The team starts to descend into SCP-5747 on a rough, stone staircase.

Epsilon-9-01: Christ, it's like a sauna in here.

The team then reaches the bottom of the staircase.

Epsilon-9-03: Holy……

Epsilon-9-02: It's… huge!

Epsilon-9-01's camera shows a vast dark cave, with water dripping down from the top of SCP-5747 and echoing.

Epsilon-9-03: Why are the walls…shining?4

Epsilon-9-02: I don't know, but it's kind of amazing.

Epsilon-9-01: Well, I think I'd enjoy it a bit more if we weren't on an assignment, and if it wasn't so hot in here. C'mon.

Epsilon-9-01 sighs.

Epsilon-9-01: We have work to do.

The team begins to traverse inside SCP-5747. Nothing worth noting over the past (10) minutes of exploration footage. Epsilon-9-03 starts to whistle, and sings.

Epsilon-9-03: Ohhh- Ninety-nine bottles of beers on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer, take one down pass it around-

Epsilon-9-02 chuckles.

Epsilon-9-02: Ninety-eight bottles of beers on the wall, ninety-eight bottles of beer, take one down pass it around-

Epsilon-9-02 and Epsilon-9-03: Ninety-seven bottles of beers on the wall, ninety-seven bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around-

Epsilon-9-01 clears his throat loudly.

Epsilon-9-01: You two can stop now. I’ve found something.

Epsilon-9-03: What?

Epsilon-9-01: There’s a pretty large heat signature around that corner. Let’s go.

Epsilon-9-02 and 03 proceed to walk in front of Epsilon-9-01 and turn a corner.

Epsilon-9-02: Hey One, you might want to come over here and see this.

Epsilon-9-01 moves towards where Epsilon-9-02 and 03 now are.

Epsilon-9-01: Holy shit.

Epsilon-9-01 has turned a corner, and entered a small section of SCP-5747. Epsilon-9-01's camera begins to shake, due to tremors located in this area of SCP-5747.

Epsilon-9-03: What….is it?


What Epsilon-9-03 was referring to. Item is surrounded by 4 slabs on stone on each side. (Epsilon-9-01's body camera)

Epsilon-9-01: I…don't know.

Epsilon-9-01: Well, let's get back up, and turn this footage in.



After the exploration, the Model B-10A drones mentioned at the beginning of this article were implemented into the containment procedures. A collective AIC has been installed into these drones, to allow for less time spent on supervising the progress of the drone units.

Incident 5747.1:

On 10/02/2021, an intruder breached the entrance of SCP-5747, wearing a suit similar to the ones that the members of MTF Epsilon-9 prepared.


Preface: A singular Model B-10A drone, stationed at the immediate entrance of SCP-5747 detected motion. It then split from regular protocol, recording the intruder.


Starting log. A person in a heat endurant suit descends from the above-ground entrance by the stairs into SCP-5747.

They remove a large, black cube from a holster on the side of their leg. The cube is the size of their palm.

They search around for an extended amount of time near the entrance, feeling the walls of SCP-5747. When they turned to face the wall, a singular letter, "a" can be seen printed on the back of their suit.


They are in a squatted position, stopped in the middle of their search, having one hand on the wall.

They hold the black cube up above their head with their other arm, and a spike shoots out of the top.

Removing their other hand, they plunge the spike into the cave wall where their hand once was, leaving the cube facing outwards.


The person stands up. Blue and green colors can be seen coming from LEDs on the cube.


A slight whirring sound can be heard from the cube.


The whirring sound stops.


The cube drops to the ground. The person picks up the cube, and places it back in their holster.

They travel back towards the staircase, and proceed to exit.

The camera shakes, and the Model B-10A drone flies toward the person, and attaches itself to their boot as they continue up the stairs. The drone then shuts off.


No signal or trace was seen from the Model B-10A drone for a week.

Incident 5747.2:

A week later, the Model B-10A drone resumed video feed. Presumably, it had known to preserve onboard power by staying powered off. When the coordinates of the location the drone had resumed its activities were being extracted, it was quickly discovered that they couldn't be discovered due to jamming.


Preface: When the Model B-10A drone resumed feed, it still remained on the person's boot.


The drone's camera powers on, and is facing the ground.

?: -hanks for getting those samples for me, John.

Evans: Uh, it's Evans-

Evans clears his throat.

Evans: Sir.

?: Forgetful me. Well, you did a good job, kiddo.

Evans: Thank you, sir.

?: Then- your work here is done. For now at least.

Evans: Alright.

?: Well, you can go on home now. Round tickets are on me.

Evans: Thank you very much, Mr. Bezos.

Mr. Bezos: It's no problem at all.

A patting sound can be heard.

Mr. Bezos: I'll be seeing you.

The drone unlatches from Evans's boot, and it launches forward, landing on the floor. The camera on the drone can view the pant legs of a heat endurance suit, with boots (Evans), and a pair of light dress pants with dress shoes (Mr. Bezos).

Mr. Bezos: Buh-bye.

Evans can be seen walking away, until out of view. A door can be heard, shutting.

Mr. Bezos: Alright guys-

Mr. Bezos turns left.

Mr. Bezos: Ready to begin?

??: With what? Jeff, Why'd you call us here?

The drone backs up while rising. It then attaches itself to the upper corner of the room, zooming in on Jeff Bezos. The room is dark, with painted wooden walls. A singular light can be seen lighting up the room.

Jeff Bezos walks to a leather chair on the nearest end of a triangular-shaped marble table. Two other men are sitting at the table.


Still frame from the Model B-10A drone's camera.

Jeff Bezos: Wanted to see if you boys were interested in an investment.

??: What kind?

Jeff Bezos: Well, Amazon has recently started up an "Anomalous Research Committee". Now what this does-

??: Jeff, we are well aware of "anomalies". It's what's keeping Mark over here going.

Mark: Hi.


Still frame from the Model B-10A drone's camera.

Jeff Bezos: Hi, Mark. But Elon- if you would just let me finish, I'm pretty fuckin' sure you'd be interested.

Elon sighs.


Still frame from the Model B-10A drone's camera.

Elon: Sure, Jeff. What do you have?

Jeff Bezos: Excellent. So, the committee scours the world for any trace of something "magical".

Elon: Yup.

Jeff Bezos: And-

Jeff bends down below the table, and comes back up with the black cube from Incident 5747.1, then sets it on the table.

Jeff Bezos: We found something. Alexa- show contents.


The black cube, "Alexa" releases its top, and steam comes rushing out from the top. The steam fills the room momentarily and then disperses. When the steam clears, the top is back on. Blue light suddenly shines from Alexa, and the front of it begins to split open, revealing glass, and a rapidly moving grey liquid.

Jeff Bezos: We found it in a cave in Greece. The cave was displaying some high heat signatures. Turns out, there was some metal alloy lining the walls of the entire cave.

Mark: Wow.

Jeff Bezos: Wow indeed, Mark.

Jeff Bezos: This metal alloy has an extremely high melting point, and is also extremely durable.

Elon: What are you getting at?

Jeff Bezos: Well, if we reverse engineer this shit, we can integrate it into whatever the fuck we want.

Elon: Do you have a plan for it?

Jeff Bezos: You know me Elon. 'Course I do.

Elon: Go on then.

Jeff Bezos: Humans arent perfect. Especially if they're workin' 24/7 without a piss break.

Elon: So?

Jeff Bezos: So, I've devised a plan. Within hours of ordering, people will get their packages. And this alloy will ensure the delivery drones' endurance against all kinds of conditions.

Mark: Woah.

Jeff Bezos: See? Mark gets it. What do ya say?

Elon: I can't say I don't want in.

Jeff Bezos: Yeah?

Elon: But, there's a huge change that….this will flop.

Jeff Bezos: Yes, But-

Elon: What if I used this in my cars? What if it fails, or kills someone? The game's all about publicity. You know that Jeff.

Elon stands up, and walks towards the door, behind Jeff. He stops as soon as hit touches the doorknob, then turns his head.

Elon: Just test it out. If it works, contact me, and we'll work something out. M'kay?

Elon opens the door, and walks out of the room.

Jeff Bezos sighs, and rubs his temples with his left thumb and middle finger.

Jeff Bezos: And what about you, Mark? What do you think?

Mark: Very cool metal.


From the context of the transcript, it has been concluded when stabilized at its melting point, Hephaesium can retain its anomalous properties until being forged into its next item. After the previous log, the Model B-10A drone flew to the heel of Jeff Bezos's foot and latched on, then powered down to preserve onboard battery life.


Preface: Four days after the previous log, The Model B-10A drone resumed an active state.


Jeff Bezos: So, how are we doing over here?

The drone is facing downwards, to the floor once again. It quickly moves towards the southernmost wall of the room, maintaining height, and facing the back of Jeff Bezos.

The room, seems to be a small factory operation, with 3 total people, including Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is on a balcony, above the factory equipment and 2 workers. One notable piece of equipment in the room is a conveyor belt, with a metal frame on each side, being veiled by a black, rubber curtain. Above all the equipment, is a wide, half-circular window, overlooking a lake, with the sun setting in the distance.

Worker-1: Almost finished, Sir.

Jeff Bezos: How close to finished may that be?

Worker-1: Nearing testing.

Jeff Bezos: (Laughing) Neat!

Worker-2: (Shouting) Just uploading the AI now, sir!

Jeff Bezos: Good, good.

Worker-2 is holding a laptop with his left arm, and is working on the laptop with his other hand.

Worker-2: Just finished.

The conveyor belt in front of Worker-2 begins to move. A series of delivery-type drones are moved from the left of the belt, and into view. There are 9 in total when the belt ceases movement.

Jeff Bezos: Oh hoh- nicely done you two!

Jeff Bezos begins to move to a stairwell on his right. As he approaches the stairwell and traverses down it, the drone moves to where Jeff Bezos once stood.

Jeff Bezos: When this project takes off, your names will be up in lights.

Worker-2: That's very kind og you, sir.

Jeff Bezos reaches the lower floor where the workers are.

Jeff Bezos: So, what do we have here?

Worker-1: We took the alloy you gave us, and coated it around the drones, giving them a nice shell.

Jeff Bezos: Sounds great, Stacey! Should we see what we're workin' with?

Worker-1: I'm actually Danielle, but-

Danielle gestures to Worker-2.

Danielle: Start them up.

Worker-2: Gotcha.

Worker-2 taps his computer, and a whirring sound can be heard coming from the drones.

While this was happening, Foundation researchers were able to get access to the live communications feed between the delivery drones. See the log below.

The delivery drones fly upwards simultaneously.

Jeff Bezos: Woah!

They all turn, to face the window.

Jeff Bezos: I'm impressed! This-

The drones rapidly move up towards the window. Jeff Bezos ducks down, and the other two look in shock.

Jeff Bezos: Holy fucking shit!

The delivery drones crash through the window, and the Model B-10A drone quickly follows them outside.

The Model B-10A drone goes around the group of delivery drones, and faces them.


Still frame from the Model B-10A drone's camera.


















After the previous logs, the Model B-10A drone entered another deactivation state, and latching on to one of the delivery drones, who were ultimately focused on their course.


Preface: 5 days after its previous deactivation, the Model B-10A drone reactivated .


The Model B-10A drone has attached itself to the lower hull of one of the delivery drones, this time facing forwards.

Since the coordinates were not jammed, Foundation researchers were able to pull the location of the drones. They were back in Greece, above the forest where SCP-5747 was located.

The Model B-10A drone unlatches from the bottom of the delivery drone and rises above the group of drones.


The group of delivery drones dip down into the trees below, the Model B-10A drone ensues.

They all arrive at the above-ground entrance of SCP-5747, and continue inside.

When inside SCP-5747, the delivery drones launch into the cave walls. Breaking sounds can be heard when the drones make impact with the walls.

In certain spots where the drones landed, the alloy on the walls of SCP-5747 appears to reach its melting point, then turning visibly hot.

The delivery drones then sink partway into the walls. The cave begins to quake, and small bits of the ceiling begin to crumble and fall.

The Model B-10A drone turns around, and quickly exits the way it came into SCP-5747.

The Model B-10A drone reaches level ground.

The ground begins to crack and separate.


The Model B-10A drone's video feed begins to blur. Large tremors cause the drone's camera to shake.

A large figure appears to rise from the ground.


Still frame from the Model B-10A drone's camera.



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