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Item #: SCP-5746

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5746 is contained via the existence of the Foundation. Site-∞ should be built around SCP-5746. SCP-5746 and SCP-5746-1 are self-repairing and need no outside maintenance. Only MTF-777 "The Crystal Ballers" are permitted to operate SCP-5746-1. Visual logs recorded from tests on SCP-5746-1 should be saved on Foundation Deepwell servers. Utilizing SCP-5746-1 to observe the past is forbidden and will result in amnestic treatment or permanent reassignment1.

Description: SCP-5746 is a temporal eigenmachine2 disguised as an industrial factory in Cardiff, Wales. It has five sub-levels. Four body scanners are found on Sub-level 3; they are collectively designated SCP-5746-1.

Part of SCP-5746-1's anomalous abilities effect the human psyche and perception of time. When a subject is asleep and placed into a scanner, their psyche is sent through time. The brain presents this experience in metaphorical and surrealist imagery. This experience has been equated to astral projection3 into the astral plane4 by Foundation anthropologists and theologists.

Astral projection via dreams has allowed mystics of all backgrounds to receive, and recall, prophetic dreams. However, most of the information is lost in translation via human perception. Use of SCP-5746-1 has allowed for accurate data collection, including forecasts of future containment breaches.


Image of SCP-5746 during construction of Site-∞ circa 1990.

Operator Instructions

A sapient humanoid subject scoring 42 APA5 or higher should be used as an operator candidate. Operators should be unconscious when placed inside an instance of SCP-5746-1. Input should be in "YYYY/MM/DD 0000:00:00 UTC Location Coordinates" format per scanner. Both departure and return must be programmed. Operators should be well versed in a mystical tradition, and must spend at least one hour in intense study of said tradition before use of SCP-5746-1. Total baseline time spent on the astral plane is 0.3 m/s. IRC Logs.01

Forecast Data

Researcher's Note

Email Logs.01

Security Log.01

Computer Log.01

Visual Log.01

Four hours later, upon Researcher Davis' return, he was admitted into ICU for suspected neural damage. After recovery, Researcher Davis is to be reassigned as an operator and placed on MTF-777; no appeals for reassignment are permitted at this time.

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