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Item#: 5745
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An artistic depiction of a pair of SCP-5745-2,1artwork produced by Researcher Willoghby.

Special Containment Procedures: Upon discovery of an SCP-5745-1 manifestation, depending on the location and severity, MTF Units Paleo-1 through Paleo-7 must be dispatched to contain any SCP-5745-2 instances. If possible, any captured instances are to be brought to Site-5745 and placed in the large environment for further research and study. Lethal force is authorised if an SCP-5745-2 instance becomes hostile.

Description: SCP-5745-1 is a reoccurring space-time anomalous event, during which a rift in time is manifested through unknown means. The rifts always connect our time with periods before humans are thought to exist (typically Cambrian to Pleistocene eras). The location of SCP-5745-1 manifestations is seemingly random, though they occasionally repeat in locations they have previously appeared in. SCP-5745-1 always manifests in locations with a similar climate and ecosystem to the era that the rift is connected.2 Presently, no link between SCP-5745 and SCP-1265 has been discovered.

SCP-5745-2 are creatures that appear from SCP-5745-1 (typically from the clade Dinosauria, Reptilia, or Mammalia). It is currently believed they are legitimate specimens from the eras they emerged, as DNA samples match. SCP-5745-2 are normally docile, appearing to avoid humans at all costs, but if cornered or startled will become aggressive. Carnivorous instances are extremely prone to these outbursts and often actively hunt humans as prey over other possible food sources. The reason for this is unknown. Some have been known to hunt for sport, potentially displaying a slight degree of sentience. SCP-5745-2 instances have shown an ability to survive in a modern environment for some while, despite atmospheric differences, and a herd of Parasaurolophus walkeri currently under study have been permitted to roam the Amazonian rainforest for some time. Some instances that have been observed in our time period have thrived in the new environment for months before discovery, as all SCP-5745-2 seem to immediately adapt to modern atmospheric composition and condition.

The following is a list of all repeat locations SCP-5745-1 has manifested as of 12/03/2021:3

Hell Creek, Montana, USA

Taynton Limestone, Oxfordshire, England

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

██████, Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Elliot Formation, South Africa

69°44'52"S 131°12'24"E · 2.51 km, Antarctica

Point Nemo, South Pacific Ocean

Notably, most of these locations are famous for fossilised fragments and/or full skeletons.

History: The first recorded instance of an SCP-5745-1 manifestation comes from the 11th Century, the event being documented in multiple historic paintings. It depicts St. George killing what is believed to be a Dimorphodon macronyx that emerged from SCP-5745-1. A cover story has been fabricated, dismissing the entity as a fictitious ‘dragon’. The section of paintings with SCP-5745-1 visible has been removed. Depictions of SCP-5745-2 are present throughout historical texts and artwork, for example, Asian depictions of dragons are theorised to resemble Titanoboa cerrejonensis or some other species of megafauna snake. If any new references to SCP-5745-2 instances are discovered, they must be dismissed as common folklore or exaggeration of an already existing species.

In 1964, it was discovered that manifestations could be detected an hour before their opening, as radiation levels in the area would spike. This knowledge has benefitted the Foundation in efforts to contain SCP-5745. This requires a Geiger counter4 to be present in the location, so rifts are not always detected if this is not present.

There seems to have been a period where SCP-5745-1 manifestations became non-existent or dormant, as there is no evidence supporting this anomaly from approximately 1450 to 1890. Throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries, SCP-5745-1 seems to manifest more prevalently than ever in modern day. It is theorised the opening of rifts has active and dormant periods, lasting approximately 200-300 years between each dormant event. Currently, we are living in a time where SCP-5745-1 is in an active state.

Due to the frequency of rift openings, 7 MTF Units have been created to specifically deal with SCP-5745-2 threats. These MTF teams have been designated the ‘Paleo Division’. A full list of Paleo Division squads and specs can be found here:

Note: Not all members of the Paleo Division are assigned strictly to SCP-5745, but may be assigned only in the event of an SCP-5745-1 manifestation in their given location.

Addendum 5745.1:
Species recovered and currently residing in Site-5745 in order of recovery (This list does not include the various species that have been terminated upon manifestation):

. 12 Triceratops horridus
. 6 Parasaurolophus walkeri
. 2 Apatosaurus marsh
. 13 Psittacosaurus mongoliensis
. 1 Tyrannosaurus rex
. 1 Sarcosuchus imperator5
. 1 Baryonyx walkeri
. 4 Dilophosaurus wetherilli
. 3 Balaur bondoc

Any and all eggs produced by SCP-5745-2 instances must immediately be destroyed to prevent overpopulation of the area.


Aerial view of Site-5745

Site-5745 has been created around Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand, to facilitate long-term containment of captured SCP-5745-2 instances. The area surrounding Mt. Taranaki is open to the public for tourism so as not to arouse suspicion, but permitted only on Foundation operated tours that follow a predetermined scouted route. Site-5745 is home to many natural species of modern day animals and plants that serve as food sources for the SCP-5745-2, however a herd of larger live creatures such as cattle are to be added to the area weekly for carnivorous instances to hunt. Large amounts of consumable greens are to be dropped into a small field in Site-5745 weekly, as herbivorous instances will completely consume the forest within a matter of years if left to fend for themselves. Though SCP-5745-2 often do not hunt each other, they will occasionally hunt and kill other instances, at which point, a new instance from the next rift event shall replace it.

The following is a log taken by Researcher Walker during his routinely inspection of the environment within Site-5745.

Incident Logs: Due to the fact that there have been 114 recorded cases of SCP-5745-1 manifesting since the Foundation’s existence, only manifestations since the year 2000 have been recorded here. They have been condensed into a single document for the purpose of organisation. (Last updated 05/04/2020)


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