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Instance of SCP-5744 in its dormant state.

Item #: SCP-5744

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Containment Force Xi-4 ("Baywatch") are to be stationed on Kapoposang Island in the Makassar Strait, and are to monitor a 20km radius area for instances of SCP-5744. All water traffic that attempts to enter the area should be intercepted and redirected using cover story G31. Every 2 weeks, at least 2 D-Class personnel should be sent into SCP-5744-1 to conduct Procedure-L91 (see Addendum-5744-3 for details).

Description: SCP-5744 is the designation given to an unknown species of polychaete worms of the Nereididae family located within the Makassar Strait, found in an approximately 15km radius area centred on SCP-5744-1. SCP-5744 instances initially appear in a dormant state where they are indistinguishable from non-anomalous worms, however, once a human comes within visual range of an SCP-5744 instance it will attempt to enter that person’s ear. They can become intangible at will and are capable of passing through all known forms of solid matter. Once inside, SCP-5744 instances will latch onto the victim's Tympanic membrane2, where it will begin to exhibit its behaviour altering properties (see Addendum-5744-1 for details).

SCP-5744-1 is a large artificial structure located on the ocean floor of the Makassar Strait, approximately 70km off the west coast of South Sulawesi (see Addendum-5744-2 for Exploration Log).

SCP-5744-2 is a twelve limbed aquatic entity resembling a member of the Cephalopoda class but is far larger, with greatly elongated tentacles. It is highly intelligent, and the full extent of its anomalous properties remain unknown. Procedure-L91 has so far proven to be sufficient in containing it within SCP-5744-1, however, research is underway to find a more sustainable long term solution.

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