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Collected Documentation on AI-2471GH2


Image 31: Part of the exterior of AI-2471GH2.

Anomalous Item: 2471GH2

Item Description: A large machine that appears designed to crush industrial waste into compact cubes. However, instead of being crushed any objects inserted into the input shaft are completely and irreversibly destroyed. Machine does not appear to require any external power supply to operate. A large plaque is affixed near the input shaft, on which is inscribed ‘MOLOCH’.

Date of Recovery: 24/07/1970

Location of Recovery: A large disused industrial waste processing center in Westview Industrial Park, United Kingdom. Investigation into the origins of AI-2471GH2 has thus far yielded no results.

Current Status: Undergoing Testing

Test Log
Input Result
200g iron weight Item not recovered, presumed destroyed.
200g iron weight attached to a rope After 30 seconds, the rope was retracted and found to have been severed. The tip of the rope was found to be slightly moist, and later chemical analysis revealed traces of amylase1.
1 live Mus musculus2 Item not recovered, presumed destroyed.
1 long range radio transmitter and radioactive isotope tracer. Radio signal continued for seven seconds after entry at which point the signal was lost. External scans indicate the radioactive isotope is no longer present within AI-2471GH2.
1 video recording device. Footage was broadcast as the device descended down the shaft and fell into a large compartment. None of the other items or any means of exit were visible. After several seconds the footage cuts out and the connection was unable to be re-established. Later enhancement of audio recording has revealed the sound of heavy breathing in the background before camera feed cuts out.

Investigation Log
Attempt Outcome
Open installed repair hatch All access points have been welded shut and are inaccessible.
Access via exit shaft Miniature remote control vehicle driven into exit shaft. Video recording showed that the shaft continued for 4.6 m before terminating in a blockage. When retrieved, the vehicle’s wheels were found to be coated in a dark substance, later revealed to be faecal matter.
Forcibly remove external panelling Discovered that large amount of external machinery appears to be superfluous to the anomaly’s functionality. Main shaft was identified and found to be connected to a 2 m by 1.5 m by 1.5 m inner compartment. Inner compartment does not appear to be connected to the exit shaft.
Analysis of interior components for evidence of functionality. The device appears to be constructed of parts from multiple non-anomalous industrial waste disposal devices. These parts are constructed in such a manner that they would be unable to correctly function and there is no connected power source. Wiring and pipework were found to be installed in runic patterns used by Daevite cultures to repel Tartarean entities.
Attempt to drill into interior compartment. Upon breaching interior compartment, the drill vanished along with attached power cord. The breach in the compartment rapidly resealed, but prior to this leaked a small amount of a viscous transparent fluid. This was found to be primarily composed of dilute hydrochloric acid.

AI-2471GH2 File Update 18/8/1970

The active components of AI-2471GH2 have been transported to Site-109 and are currently being held in Anomalous Item Storage. Reclassification as a full SCP object is pending.

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