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Item#: SCP-5741
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

SCP-5741 instances in containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5741 instances are to be kept in a sealed container in Secure Containment Locker #142 within Biological Research and Containment Site-95. Access is restricted to Level 2 Personnel, with the Project Lead's authorization, and all personnel should observe Class 1 biohazard protocol. Biweekly, personnel in Class 1 Hazmat gear are to open the container and record the number of SCP-5741 instances. Should this number reach a threshold set by the Project Lead, the appropriate number of SCP-5741 instances are to be removed and placed within a biohazard bag for incineration.

Description: SCP-5741 are a collection of Peeps® brand marshmallow candies. While the outer layer of SCP-5741, consisting of sugar and gelatin, is identical to candies of the same brand, SCP-5741’s interior layer consists of flesh, muscle, and connective tissue. Anatomically, SCP-5741 is analogous to human anatomy, with all organ systems being present, and all organs are at a significantly smaller scale. However, SCP-5741 lacks any limbs, which causes instances to move in a ponderous and unpredictable manner.

SCP-5741 instances have not shown any hostile behavior during Containment, and have been observed to flee from Research Personnel attempting to interact with them. SCP-5741 is capable of asexual reproduction via producing new tissue on its mediolateral side. Over a period of 3 hours, the new instance will form, with the body forming prior to the head. Once the instance is fully formed, it will separate from the old instance. Lastly, the instance will appear to convulse for a period of 5 seconds. After the 5 second period, the new instance's heartbeat is audible. New instances are produced at a rate of 5 per day.


As a result of the interview log, testing with SCP-5741 is suspended. A new behavior has been observed in SCP-5741 instances after the incident, with instances appearing to congeal together in an attempt to form a larger instance. In addition, the rate of production of new instances is increasing exponentially. New containment procedures are being drafted to address this behavior. Until new Containment Procedures are in effect, staff are to prevent the creation of a larger instance by all reasonable means.

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