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2/5738 LEVEL 2/5738



Item #: SCP-5738

Object Class: Safe


SCP-5738-E in containment after its retrieval.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5738-A through F are to be contained in separate standard secure item storage lockers at Storage Site-5738. SCP-5738-A through F can only be removed for testing purposes by personnel with a clearance level of 2 or higher.

Description: SCP-5738 refers to six individual pairs of iron prison shackles made to bind the subject's wrists, collectively designated SCP-5738-A to -F. Testing suggests that these shackles originate from the late 14th century of the Ottoman Empire. This is supported by the use of the shackles in a building formerly used for holding children taken to be raised as Janissaries1.

When a living being is restrained with these shackles for a period of five minutes or longer, the affected subject will become an instance of SCP-5738-1. SCP-5738-1 subjects will periodically experience breaks from the standard temporal flow of the universe for the remainder of their life. This phenomenon has often been described as "frozen" or "stopped" time.

These periods of temporal flow dissonance will occur at semi-regular intervals to SCP-5738-1 instances after their initial adjustment period. During these episodes, time will continue to flow only for the SCP-5738-1 instance and any matter within a radius of approximately 1 meter of any part of the instance2. The length of these episodes varies greatly between individuals. However, the duration of episodes for each individual subject appears to be consistent.

Discovery: SCP-5738 was initially discovered after Silivri Prison in Istanbul, Turkey reopened and reports of anomalous events began occurring, despite the new management of the prison, including cases of sudden suffocation, impossible disappearances, and random necrosis of tissue3. After it came to the Foundation's attention, Researcher Flemming and Agent Fargo were dispatched to investigate under the guise of a government inspection. Five days into their investigation, a dispute with the warden ensued4, resulting in a temporary imprisonment of both Foundation employees. At this time, both Researcher Flemming and Agent Fargo became SCP-5738-1 instances, discovering its properties.

Addendum-1: Upon returning, Researcher Flemming was appropriately disciplined for the incident causing him and Agent Fargo to become instances of SCP-5738-1. While Researcher Flemming was held as a temporary test subject, Agent Fargo was allowed to continue his work after 24 hours of observation, due to his clean record and demonstrated loyalty to the Foundation. During this time, he kept an audio diary of his episodes at the researchers' request. These logs are presented below.

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