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2/5733 LEVEL 2/5733
Item #: SCP-5733

Art from the front of SCP-5733's slipcase.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5733 is currently contained in Tape Vault A, shelf HS, box #1984 in the recorded media section of the Site-73 Archives.1

Efforts to identify the actors and locations depicted in SCP-5733 are currently ongoing. Stills of the cast are compared weekly to new entrants in the Foundation facial recognition database. A manual effort is underway to investigate contemporary film production sets and compare these to SCP-5733's locations.

Testing of SCP-5733 is open to all Foundation employees, pending approval by Lead Researcher, Dr. Carpenter. Details of the proposed testing approach must be submitted for approval in writing at a minimum of 5 working days prior to the desired testing date. Testing will take place in a Site-73 standard multipurpose room, equipped with a videocassette recorder and television. Room location will be confirmed 48 hours prior to scheduled tests. Following Incident 5733-01, all testing has been suspended. See Addendum 2 for further information.

Description: SCP-5733 is a VHS tape cassette containing a recording of the horror movie "Return of the Suburb Slasher" which was, according to the cassette's slipcase, produced by "Crystal Elms Productions" in 1983. No other record of the movie, production company, or cast has been found.

The movie's plot follows protagonist Heather Campbell2 preparing to host a party at her family residence, located in a suburban cul-de-sac3, whilst her parents are away. The date of the party coincides with the 10 year anniversary of a spree killing at the same cul-de-sac - Heather only becomes aware of this later on in the film. The killings were committed by an unknown assailant, dubbed the "Suburb Slasher" by locals and media in the aftermath.

During the party, the "Suburb Slasher" (henceforth SCP-5733-1) returns to the cul-de-sac and, in a manner consistent with contemporary horror movie tropes, proceeds to stalk and murder all 5 of the friends Heather has invited over and a police officer who visits the cul-de-sac on a routine drive-by. SCP-5733-1's identity remains a mystery throughout the film - they wear a black burlap sack over their face, and black, loose-fitted overalls, and do not speak at any point of the movie's duration.

SCP-5733's anomalous properties manifest at the 97th minute of the cassette's runtime. At the 95th minute, Heather discovers her friends' corpses staged in her living room. SCP-5733-1 appears at the other side of the room, and begins to chase Heather. Heather runs into the house basement, and locks the door behind her. Once secure in the basement, Heather turns to the camera and says a variation of the following speech:

"Hey Mister, I don't know you, and I don't know why you've just sat there watching this without doing nothing but please, I'm begging you, help me out here. What can I do to survive this?"4

Following this, the viewer of SCP-5733 can directly converse with Heather, henceforth designated SCP-5733-2, and advise her on how to escape from SCP-5733-1. The course of the movie then depends on the conversations held with SCP-5733-2. SCP-5733-2 will only converse with the viewer on the aforementioned topic. If the viewer ignores SCP-5733-2 or attempts to talk to her concerning topics other than SCP-5733-15, she, in a resigned manner, will walk back up the basement stairs, unlock and open the door. SCP-5733-1 will be waiting directly outside the door. The film will then cut to black and SCP-5733 ejects itself from the machine on which it is being played.

When the tape of SCP-5733 is examined, it has a runtime of 97 minutes, ending with SCP-5733-2 locking herself in the basement, but before she speaks to the viewer.

Despite extensive testing, SCP-5733-2 has yet to escape from SCP-5733-1. SCP-5733-1 often seems to display advanced knowledge of the viewer's recommendations and advised course of action, and uses this to pre-emptively sabotage escape attempts.

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