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Item #: SCP-5732

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5732 was cremated on 29/4/2016. Dr. Miller was granted permission to keep the remains as they exhibited no anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-5732 was a female humanoid, aged 20 years. Any water that came into direct physical contact with it was instantly purged of any and all impurities. When SCP-5732 became submerged in any large bodies of water, roughly 1500 liters could be purified before the effect overtaxed the subject and rendered it unconscious.

SCP-5732’s anomalous ability seemed to be in direct conflict with its immune system and organs, with uses of the ability correlating to increased immunodeficiency and organ dysfunction. Distilled water was used to limit damage to SCP-5732’s body caused by its anomaly.

SCP-5732 was discovered on 14/3/2015 after it was hospitalized following an incident at a friend’s swimming pool, in which SCP-5732 jumped into the water and immediately lost consciousness. Dr. █████████ of the Foundation was working at the hospital, leading to a quick extraction of the anomaly and the cover story that it passed away during emergency surgery. Amnesticization of present family and friends was not required.

Interview with Dr. Miller
Date: 21 March 2015

[Begin Log]

Dr. Miller: Good morning, SCP-5732.

[SCP-5732 doesn’t respond]

Dr. Miller: I imagine you’re probably feeling a lot right now. But I need you to work with me and answer some questions. Can you do that?

SCP-5732: Yeah.

Dr. Miller: The incident that landed you in the hospital, it sounded intense. I’d like to know how you’re feeling, physically. We would like to make sure we aren’t missing anything about your condition.

SCP-5732: I feel fine. Sick when I drink water, though. And I got really lightheaded when they let me take a shower.

Dr. Miller: And this only happens when you come into contact with water?

SCP-5732: It hasn’t happened any other time.

Dr. Miller: Good. That means our researchers are on the right track with figuring out how to help you.

SCP-5732: You’ve got a weird way of helping.

[Neither speak for several seconds]

Dr. Miller: You miss your family.

SCP-5732: You couldn’t have given me a chance to say goodbye?

Dr. Miller: Think of it this way. They think you’re dead. If you actually died in that pool, would you have been able to say goodbye?

SCP-5732: …no.

Dr. Miller: Goodbyes are a luxury. Most people don’t get them.

SCP-5732: Have you?

Dr. Miller: Sorry?

SCP-5732: Have you ever- not gotten one… uh, have you ever lost somebody, I mean?

Dr. Miller: Yes.

SCP-5732: …sorry I asked.

Dr. Miller: It’s alright.

SCP-5732: So what do I do now? I can’t leave, I can’t see anyone, what do I do?

Dr. Miller: We’ll start testing your ability in the next few days. We need to see the limits of what you can do so we can mitigate your condition properly.

SCP-5732: But what about outside of testing? What do I do?

Dr. Miller: Humanoid anomalies like you get access to a rotating schedule of entertainment sources. We have items you can check out, books, video games, movies-

SCP-5732: Like the two copies of Spiderman 2 they left me? I just sit around and watch those by myself?

Dr. Miller: They only left you two copies of the same movie?

SCP-5732: No. I also have Oz: The Great And Powerful. But I would rather watch Spiderman 2 twice.

Dr. Miller: Come on. Franco isn’t that bad.

SCP-5732: Do you hear yourself?

Dr. Miller: I like you. You have a good attitude.

SCP-5732: Well yeah, I don’t have anything else, do I?

[SCP-5732 is silent for a moment, before beginning to cry]

[Dr. Miller removes a piece of paper from his pocket and sets it on the table]

Dr. Miller: I’m ending this interview, SCP-5732. For security purposes we can’t allow anomalies to talk with one another, but you can request means of socialization with a certified staff member from this list. We’ve found it helps with mental stability.

SCP-5732: Do you think I’m mentally unstable?

Dr. Miller: No. But you’re in a very difficult position and you might find yourself needing someone to talk to.

SCP-5732: You’re on this list.

Dr. Miller: I’m certified for the job.

[SCP-5732 doesn’t respond, but takes the paper]

[End Log]

Addendum: The following requests were made following the release of SCP-5732’s preliminary medical examination results.

Item Request Status
Low-severity pain medication1 Approved
One electric blanket, twin sized Approved
Cell phone modified for communication with certified staff members Approved
Relocation to above-ground dormitory with window Denied

Interview with Dr. Miller
Date: 27 March 2015

[Begin Log]

SCP-5732: (Using an approximation of a Brooklyn accent) Give it to me straight, doc. Am I dying for real this time?

[Dr. Miller laughs briefly, but quickly sobers]

Dr. Miller: Haha, uh… yeah.

SCP-5732: Oh. Shit, huh.

Dr. Miller: You don’t seem terribly surprised.

SCP-5732: I’m… not? I feel really bad all the time, Dr. Miller. It’s like getting the flu every time I drink something. Sorta just seems like the logical conclusion.

Dr. Miller: I’m sorry.

[Neither speak for a moment]

Dr. Miller: I’m going to speak with the medical staff about putting you on medication to manage your pain. Is there anything else I can do?

SCP-5732: I wanna meet James Franco.

Dr. Miller: You want to meet- no. I can’t do that.

[Dr. Miller pauses]

Dr. Miller: Franco? That’s the first person that came to your head?

SCP-5732: I was joking.

Dr. Miller: You know, you can switch out which movies you have.

SCP-5732: Oh, I know. I’m keeping the Spidermans.

Dr. Miller: You’re taking this remarkably well.

SCP-5732: Taking it badly wouldn’t make me any less… dying.

Dr. Miller: Good point.

SCP-5732: …but I am gonna cry after this. Probably. I’m just going to wait until you’re not here like I always do.

Dr. Miller: I understand. It’s a lot to process.

SCP-5732: How long do I have?

Dr. Miller: The estimate is about fifteen months.

SCP-5732: Oh. That’s not so bad. Plenty of time.

Dr. Miller: Plenty of time. You’re certainly a brave one.

SCP-5732: Everybody’s dying. What else can I do in here but wait?

Dr. Miller: Well, let’s see if we can do something about the waiting.

[End Log]

Addendum 2: Accommodations requested by Dr. Miller.

Item Request Status
Sleep aid2 Approved
One Playstation 3 game console Approved
One digital projector Denied
Escorted excursion to local hiking path Approved Approval rescinded following containment breach of another anomaly

Interview with Dr. Miller
Date: 3 May 2015

[Begin Log]

Dr. Miller: I’m real sorry, kid.

SCP-5732: It’s fine. It was a longshot. Worth a try.

Dr. Miller: They did approve us, though. We just might have to wait longer.

SCP-5732: I don’t have longer to wait. And it’s okay! It wouldn’t have been the same with all those guards hovering around.

Dr. Miller: They’re not so bad.

SCP-5732: Every single one I’ve met has been a total hardass.

Dr. Miller: It’s just their job.

SCP-5732: Did you get the projector, though?

Dr. Miller: No.

SCP-5732: What? Why not?

Dr. Miller: They don’t deem it necessary.

[SCP-5732 pretends to cough]

SCP-5732: What if I look really sick? Really sick like this? Ohh, I’m dying and I need a projector to watch Spiderman 2 for the 800th time or my dead body will be SUPER anomalous…

Dr. Miller: Stop.

[A pause. Neither speaks for several seconds.]

SCP-5732: Are you going to miss me?

Dr. Miller: Of course.

SCP-5732: Really though. You must have a million weirdo messed up people exactly like me all over this place.

Dr. Miller: Not that many, really. I work with self-neutralizing anomalies. Plenty of anomalies are self-destructive, but usually inanimate objects. Very few are animals, even fewer are humanoid.

SCP-5732: Like me?

Dr. Miller: Like you.

SCP-5732: How many others have there been? Humanoids?

Dr. Miller: You’re the fifth.

SCP-5732: Do you miss them all?

Dr. Miller: I miss them all.

SCP-5732: You big sap.

Dr. Miller: Absolutely correct.

SCP-5732: Why do you keep doing it? Doesn’t it suck?

Dr. Miller: If you could have anything, if you could be guaranteed to have ANYTHING before you go, what would it be?

SCP-5732: …I don’t want to be alone.

Dr. Miller: That’s why.

[Dr. Miller sighs]

Dr. Miller: And besides, a little time is better than none at all, right? I got to be there to help make some good experiences before they went.

SCP-5732: But realistically, how much can you actually DO here? They don’t even let us go outside.

Dr. Miller: Eh, checking things off boxes isn’t always what makes the time worthwhile.

[End Log]

Addendum 3: Additional accommodation requests by Dr. Miller.

Item Request Status
Weak opioid, anticonvulsant for neuropathic pain3 Approved
One digital projector Denied
Escorted excursion to ██████ Camp Ground Denied
Temporary relocation to Site-███, Italy Denied
Two warm-tone light-activated night lights Approved
One electric wheelchair Pending

Addendum 4: Additional accommodation requests by Dr. Miller following revision of SCP-5732’s medication regimen.

Item Request Status
Anticonvulsant alteration4 Approved
Appetite stimulant5 Approved
Additional pain medication6 Approved
One electric wheelchair Approved
Use of a Foundation staff member’s personal Virtual Reality console Pending

Audio recording of social visit with Dr. Miller
Date: 27 April 2016

[Begin Log]

Dr. Miller: How are you feeling?

SCP-5732: Oh. You know.

Dr. Miller: Yeah. I know. Guess what I brought you?

SCP-5732: No way, is that an Oculus?

Dr. Miller: I… don’t know. I bought the one that looked good.

SCP-5732: You bought it?

Dr. Miller: Yeah, why not? They don’t cost that much these days. Have you ever used one?

SCP-5732: No.

Dr. Miller: It’s pretty cool. There’s an ocean simulator that I think you’ll really like. Want to get it set up tonight?

SCP-5732: Actually, I’m not really feeling up to it tonight. Tomorrow though!

Dr. Miller: Sounds like a plan. We can get some more of that bucket list stuff crossed off.

SCP-5732: Wanna see those animals.

Dr. Miller: We can see as many as you want.

SCP-5732: Wanna see the Franco in 4k.

Dr. Miller: THAT I’m not sure about.

SCP-5732: Thank you, though. Really. I’m so excited to make you watch me watch some CGI animals.

Dr. Miller: I’m glad I get to be included.

[End Log]

Just got some insider information.
It’s classified, top secret
tell me or else
French toast sticks tomorrow morning.
f yeah
vr and movies and french toast sticks
see u tomorrow
Goodnight Rory.
hey can i tell u something
its not like urgent or anything i just really want to tell you
ur asleep arent u
w/e ill tell u tomorrow gnight
Thurs 11:13 PM SMS

Note: SCP-5732 died in its sleep on 28/4/2016. Dr. Miller was permitted to keep the remains after cremation, as well as two DVDs from the Foundation’s entertainment library.

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