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Item #: SCP-5731
Object Class: Safe



Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5731 is kept in Containment Locker 56 at Site-64 when not being tested. Request to gain access to the item is to be submitted to Dr. Green.

SCP-5731 is a square music box which is 6 cm in length, 5 cm in width, and 3 cm in height. Its top is made from clear plastic, allowing the interior to be viewed. When its anomaly is not in effect, it plays a rendition of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” when cranked. When in the vicinity of a non-sapient biological entity, its anomalous effect is triggered. If cranked nearby one of these entities, SCP-5731 will instead play English human speech. This is believed to be the broadcasting or “translation” of the non-sapient entity’s thoughts. The voice from the music box is always that of a young female, despite the sex of the effected entity. Tests discovered wildly varying personalities in the music box between test subjects used. It is not believed the female voice is its own consciousness, rather a projection of the ones surrounding it.

SCP-5731 was purchased by Researcher Pret’s wife from a yard sale at some point during the summer of 2013. Researcher Pret was not aware of SCP-5731’s effects until 8/17/2018 when his daughter wound it in proximity to the family cat, which triggered SCP-5731’s effects. Researcher Pret surrendered the object to the Foundation for testing.


Addendum 07/04/2020
On 6/21/2020, an unauthorized number contacted Dr. Pines. The person possessed knowledge of SCP-5731 that she was not cleared to have.

Why didn't they let her say goodbye? What is one person on the outside knowing about us? No no, amnestize everything away. She remembers nothing about her best friend. To her, he was nothing but a dog. Why? Because we're the Foundation, and we're cold.

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