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Title screen of Sparkling Magical Girl ♥ Darling Pink!! (2002-2007)

Item #: SCP-5726

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5726 is to be kept cryogenically frozen in a high-security chamber within Site-19. In the event that SCP-5726 regains consciousness, MTF-Rho-36 (“Breacher’s Pets”) is to subdue the anomaly with minimal force.

SCP-5726-1 is to be kept in storage at Site-19 under video supervision. Additionally, a GPS tracking device has been attached to SCP-5726-1.

Description: SCP-5726 is a sapient humanoid anomaly of unknown origins that strongly resembles and claims to be the fictional character Ichigo Nakamura from the "Sparkling Magical Girl ♥ Darling Pink!!" franchise. The character appears in both a 500 chapter Japanese graphic novel series targeted at children between the ages of 7 and 12, as well as an animated series comprised of 200 episodes that aired from March 7, 2002 to February 8, 2007. A summary of media compiled by Researcher Ito follows.

“Sparkling Magical Girl ♥ Darling Pink!!" follows a fourteen-year-old middle school student named Ichigo Nakamura who leads a double life as Darling Pink, a magical heroine who has been tasked with ridding the world of the evil forces of Darkness. Nakamura encounters various antagonists who have been possessed by Darkness, including bullies at school, unfair teachers, and local gang members. After defeating them in combat, Nakamura is able to free them from possession and befriend them on her quest to save the world through the power of love.

SCP-5726 initially attracted Foundation scrutiny after a series of anomalous killings in Hida-Takayama came to the attention of undercover operatives affiliated with MTF Iota-10 (“Damn Feds”) within the Gifu Prefectural Police Department. The anomaly was subsequently apprehended by MTF Pi-1 (“City Slickers”) on 2018.08.09, shortly after the murder of three adolescent males; force was not required. One eyewitness, 12-year-old Japanese male, was administered Class-A amnestics following the incident.

Despite its external physical resemblance to a human adolescent female, SCP-5726’s biological makeup is only superficially analogous to that of a human. The subject lacks internal organs, blood, muscle tissue, and a central nervous system. Surgical analysis has indicated that SCP-5726’s body is made up of multiple layers of a skin-colored, flesh-like substance that rapidly heals upon incision. Despite this, SCP-5726 still requires food and water,1 expresses pain, and is aware of basic human organs such as the stomach, brain, and heart2

SCP-5726 is able to generate pink explosive projectiles shaped like cartoon style hearts from SCP-5726-1, a scepter that it is able to summon to itself while conscious. These projectiles vary in size and produce an exaggerated pop sound when created, followed by a sparkling effect upon detonation. The explosions produced by these bubbles are able to liquefy human flesh and cause significant structural damage. 

Addendum 5726.1: Initial Containment

From 2018.08.09 to 2018.10.30, SCP-5726 was contained in a high-security humanoid containment cell with access to age-appropriate entertainment3. Its primary point of contact was Senior Researcher Kanako Nishigawa-Jones.

Subsequent to Incident 5726-01, an emergency joint meeting was subsequently held by the Ethics Committee and Containment Resources Committee in order to dictate the immediate future of SCP-5726's containment. Though SCP-5726's psychological welfare had improved significantly under the guidance of Senior Researcher Nishigawa-Jones, it was determined that SCP-5726’s unpredictable reactions made its continued consciousness an untenable long-term solution.

Addendum 5726.2: Shift to Current Containment Procedures

On 2019.02.21, an attempt was made to permanently place SCP-5726 in cryogenic storage. Junior Researcher Benedict Kim was selected to replace Senior Researcher Kanako Nishigawa-Jones as SCP-5726's primary point of contact, and was instructed to persuade SCP-5726 to willingly enter the previously prepared cryostasis chamber. The following is an excerpt from Security Log 5726-302.

Participant: SCP-5726
Supervisor: Junior Researcher Benedict Kim
Forward: Due to his inability to speak Japanese, Researcher Kim was provided with an instant translation module in order to facilitate communications. SCP-5726 had previously been informed that the cryostasis chamber was a new scientific innovation that had been crafted to amplify its powers and improve its ability to purify darkness. The following excerpt is taken from 23 minutes 34 seconds after SCP-5726 has entered the cryostasis chamber.


[SCP-5726 is lying in the cryostasis chamber. It is cold enough inside that its breaths are visible. Frost is beginning to form around its mouth and nose.]

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: How are you feeling?

SCP-5726: It's cold in here. And… small. It feels like the walls are closing in on me.

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: Are you afraid of small places?

SCP-5726: No, of course not! Heroines aren't afraid of anything.

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: That's good. I'm sure that they aren't. But if you were afraid, you could close your eyes. That way, you wouldn't be able to see the walls.

[After a moment's hesitation, SCP-5726 closes its eyes.]

SCP-5726: I'm not afraid. Just… resting my eyes for a little.

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: Of course. You had a difficult day yesterday. You should take a nap while the process finishes.

SCP-5726: You won't leave while I'm not looking, right? Don't go anywhere. Just… stay here.

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: I'll stay. For as long as you need. I will do what is necessary.

[SCP-5726 and Researcher Kim are silent for 30 seconds.]

SCP-5726: Researcher Kim… I think I know what death is now.

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: Oh?

SCP-5726: It's what I did to Researcher Kanako. She's not coming back, is she?

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: No.

SCP-5726: Death is something only the darkness would do.

[SCP-5726 begins visibly trembling.]

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: Maybe where you came from. Here, it's just part of life.

SCP-5726: The darkness here is strong… but I can't be defeated. When this is d-done, I'm going to beat the d-darkness and make sure no one d-dies again.

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: Didn't we say you were going to nap?

[SCP-5726 and Researcher Kim are silent for fifty seconds.]

SCP-5726: It's c-cold in here.

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: I know.

[SCP-5726 and Researcher Kim are silent for fifty-eight seconds.]

SCP-5726: R-researcher K-kim?

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: Yes?

[SCP-5726 is silent for fifteen seconds.]

SCP-5726: I'm s-sorry f-for k-…

[SCP-5726 becomes unresponsive.]

Junior Researcher Benedict Kim: Rest now, Ichigo. Everything will be okay.


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