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Item#: 5724
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Instance of SCP-5724.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5724 instances are to be stored in a secure space; access to a desk is to be limited solely for testing purposes and under no circumstances should the projections be allowed access to the internet. SCP-5724-A is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell, with access to a desk and office supplies. Due to the nature of SCP-5724-A, common humanoid containment procedures are unnecessary.

Description: SCP-5724 is a collection of office chairs that exhibit anomalous behavior when placed in proximity of a desk. All instances of SCP-5724 possess markings that generate an instance of SCP-5724-1 when viewed. The effects of SCP-5724 cease when it is taken away from a desk, with the maximum recorded distance between an instance of SCP-5724-1 and a desk being 1 meter.

SCP-5724-1 is a projection that manifests by viewing the markings on an instance of SCP-5724. The markings on the chair alter the perception of all affected individuals to perceive a human being sitting on it. This projection of a human being is able to identify itself and give basic information about itself, primarily information that would be asked of it to complete paperwork. No instance of SCP-5724-1 has been able to give out data that matches their physical appearance, which matches no known individual. SCP-5724-1 is able to become tangible when interacting with other objects in its vicinity.

All instances of SCP-5724-1 have displayed basic knowledge of the organization they are employed in, although interviews with these projections have been hindered by the inability of SCP-5724-1 to discuss anything unrelated to office work. These projections have been able to accrue promotions within their own organizations, displaying an ability to follow orders and complete paperwork while being unambitious. The public nature of their positions hindered retrieval in some instances.

SCP-5724-A is a leather recliner bearing similar markings to instances of SCP-5724, and it is believed to be an attempt to upgrade the design and capabilities of SCP-5724. SCP-5724-A is capable of displaying an instance of SCP-5724-2.

SCP-5724-2 is a projection capable of independent thought that has claimed it was formerly a human. It has retained the appearance of its former body. The markings that would allow it to become tangible are incomplete, resulting in an inability to move objects. SCP-5724-2 has identified itself as the creator of all known instances of SCP-5724, albeit the method through which they gathered the necessary knowledge to create the objects or transfer their consciousness into another body is as of yet unknown.

Recovery: During a routine inspection of several Foundation fronts in the ███████ area, an instance of SCP-5724 was flagged for memetic symbols and consequently retrieved by Foundation Agents. The address given by SCP-5724-1 when hired revealed SCP-5724-A under the same conditions. Subsequent instances of SCP-5724 were found by looking at other employees that had the same address listed in their employment record.

Addendum-5724-1: Positions held by instances of SCP-5724-1

███████ Investment Firm Chief Investment Officer
███████ Department of Transportation Accountant
███████ Pharmaceutical company Quality Control Manager
Safe Capital Projects LLC. Managing Director
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