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Item #: SCP-5722.That's a cool number. I like it (*^‿^*)

Object Class: Keter.What's that mean? It sounds like that musical instrument that's a keyboard and guitar. Ba dum dum dunaaaa ♪♪♪ヽ(ˇ∀ˇ )ゞ

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5722 is currently uncontained..Uh oh! I hope you catch it soon
All efforts are to focused on the deletion of any edits made by SCP-5722.

Description: SCP-5722 is a sapient entity that is able to anomalously add notes to any electronic text medium..What a cool power (♡°▽°♡) It will create footnotes on the affected file causing all important info to be muddled with extraneous data. An edit made by SCP-5722 is easily identified due to its consistent use of Japanese emoticon1 at the end of each of its notes..Kaomoji look a lot like me〣( ºΔº )〣 At an unknown point in time, SCP-5722 appeared inside the SCiPNET servers and tampered with a large number of documents.

Addendum 5722.1 Edit Log:
The following are excerpts of changes SCP-5722 made to documents before they were reverted.

Altered Document: SCP-2952
Excerpt of Affected Text: SCP-2952 is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi measuring over 30,000 kilometers in length.. Soooo long! And soooo cute V°ᴥ°V

Altered Document: SCP-6337
Excerpt of Affected Text: Cast SCP-6337 in cement to commemorate its existence..Don't do that! Do you not realize he's still alive (°ロ°) !

Altered Document: SCP-999
Excerpt of Affected Text: (grunts) Hmmm? (unintelligible) what is this… (low noise, similar to light chuckle) I feel… good….Aww! Even 682 can't escape SCP-999's love (♡˙︶˙♡)

Altered Document: SCP-4780
Excerpt of Affected Text: ray still pwrd poitn 2 desk flip lever 2 ushrik pressfireHURRY1.aww poor guy probably didn't make it (╥﹏╥)

Altered Document: SCP-5178
Excerpt of Affected Text: Do you know what your sun is actually like?! Do you know what your sun has actually done?! Do you know what your sun could actually do to you?! NO!.I bet he's talking about that people melting sun 001! Mind blown (O.O)

Altered Document: SCP-3128
Excerpt of Affected Text: Documentation of SCP-3128 updated to note several pieces are now missing; this includes one of its 'Get Out Of Jail Free' cards..She used the card to escape! So smart (⌐■_■)

According to the statistics of RAISA, there are 1046 illegal footnotes. At present, all of them have been deleted.

Addendum 5722.1 Interview log:
Due to SCP-5722's ability to add footnotes to anything written inside this document, an interview will be conducted within this file. I will write out a sentence in an interview format and you (SCP-5722) can add a footnote on that line to answer me, OK?.Wait, are you talking to me (⊙_⊙)

Date: ██/██/2021.Why do you need to cover that up? I can remember that it's May 15th (^ω~)
Interviewer: Anastasia Alva, Junior researcher.What a lovely name (✧▽✧)

<Begin Log>

Anastasia Alva: Test..I'm here (^0^)ノ

Anastasia Alva: Good. Now, SCP-5722, can you confirm what you are?.I'm Jeff (.❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Anastasia Alva: No, I mean what type of anomaly are you? Are you an AI, some sort of entity typing this down somewhere, or do you exist in the text itself?.I've never really thought about that… I guess I'm not any of those. I'm Jeff! I'm just interested in all the stuff you do here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anastasia Alva: Now, SCP-5722, why have you been tampering with our files?.Hey, I said my name was Jeff! Not those stupid numbers
ヽ( `д´*)ノ

Anastasia Alva: But you said you thought it was cool number at the start of this fi— eh, whatever. Jeff, why have you been tampering with our files?.I wouldn't call it 'tampering', more 'sightseeing' (๑˘︶˘๑)

Anastasia Alva: Okay… Jeff. Why have you been sightseeing in our classified documents?.I don't know. I guess I'm just bored ┐(シ)┌

Anastasia Alva: Can you elaborate?.I've just been stuck here in this digital landscape for so long. I finally came across you guys' whole network of information and have had tons of fun looking around! It's been really fun here. I really don't want to go back to that land of infinite code that doesn't do anything. Anything. It's just a vast plane of gibberish (/_\)

Anastasia Alva: Well we can't be having you be editing all these documents. It takes up a lot of time to go through them all and the researchers have a lot better things to do than be reading comments made by some scip..People have been reading what I've said? I'm so glad◝(⁰▿⁰)◜

Anastasia Alva: Is that why you're doing this? For the interaction? .I guess you're right. It gets really lonely wandering these files with no one seeming to listen to me (︶︹︺)

Anastasia Alva: I think I might have a solution… .Exciting! I'm sure whatever it is, it will be wonderful (◕‿◕)

<End Log>

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