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Item #: SCP-5719

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5719 is contained in a modified item locker designed to hold it at Site-85. When transporting to a containment cell for testing, care should be taken not to interact with SCP-5719's surface. Testing is only to be done with personnel who have not previously interacted with it.



Description: SCP-5719 is a former illusory art piece that has since taken on the characteristics of a large speed bump protruding out of the sidewalk it was painted on. Installed in Zwolle, Netherlands during an exhibition hosted by the Preservation of Modern Freethinking1 in 2005, its anomalous properties manifested at an unknown point within the next year. The Foundation later confirmed its anomalous properties in 2007 after initial discovery, and subsequently moved it from its point of origin under the guise of renovation.

Physical objects traversing SCP-5719 have their speed altered depending on how fast they were moving at the time of entry. Objects moving faster than 4.1 m/s are slowed down, while objects moving slower are sped up. The magnitude of this change varies depending on the point of entry: objects entering from the north side experience the smallest change of 1.7%, while objects entering from the south experience the largest change of 56.1%. If more than one object traverses SCP-5719 at the same time, only the first object to enter will be affected.

SCP-5719-1 is a tunnel located inside SCP-5719, accessible through an opening hidden by a plaque on SCP-5719. It is able to be accessed by only one individual at a time. SCP-5719-1's design, as well as locked entrances at the end of SCP-5719-1, indicate a location inside an amphitheater of unknown origin. After attempting to open one of the locked entrances, SCP-5719-2, a disembodied voice different in tone and/or gender with each appearance, will speak to the subject in the language they are most fluent with. SCP-5719-2 will not speak to a subject who has previously entered SCP-5719-1. No identification to any known human being has been made.

If the subject did not traverse SCP-5719 or use an object across SCP-5719, SCP-5719-2 will only say "A warrior's true test lies out of reach. The 34 trials await you yet.". If the subject traversed SCP-5719's surface, the subject will be asked 17 questions, listed in order:

  • "Where is the soul that was kept inside of you?"
  • "What God do you fear?"
  • "Which road to your end will you follow?"
  • "To whom does your hope lie with?"
  • "Who is your guidance?"
  • "When will you be ready?"
  • "Why do you seek more than you need?"
  • "Does your strength lie in wit alone?"
  • "Where is your purpose?"
  • "What does your heart tell you?"
  • "Which man speaks truth to your being?"
  • "How long will you be willing to wait?"
  • "Who are you to speak for others?"
  • "When is your journey complete?"
  • "Why do you seek reason among disorder?"
  • "Is your belief sacred to your being?"
  • "Will you stay true to yourself?"

In nearly all cases2, regardless of answers given, SCP-5719-2 will turn the subject down, stating "It is not your time. Seek insight into all you know, and forge wisdom out of doubt.".

Addendum SCP-5719-E: During testing on 12/21/10, D-3684 traversed SCP-5719 with an entry speed of 3.3 m/s, with the point of entry being 289°. Subsequent interaction with SCP-5719-2 took considerably longer than normal, with SCP-5719-2 pausing for 7 seconds between answers before the next question.

Repeated tests with SCP-5719 under the same speed and point of entry have failed to duplicate similar results.

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