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The primary locus of SCP-5717

Item №: SCP-5717
Anomaly Class: Keter
Site Responsible: GBRC Site-90
Director: Liam Pvalle
Research Head: Dr. Tobias Zapata
Assigned Task Force: MTF λ-7
Level 3/5717

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5717 cannot be physically contained. Reports of individual instances of SCP-5717-1 are to be investigated by MTF Lambda-7 ("Into the Woods"). Should conclusive evidence be found, MTF λ-7 will head to the location and attempt to capture the instance. Cooperative instances are to be brought back to Site-90 and kept in a communal enclosure fitted with flora commonly found in a temperate forest, alongside environmental controls to mimic the weather and climate of the biome. The enclosure should be stocked on a monthly basis with fruits, vegetables, grains and, occasionally, █████1.

Attempts to coerce uncooperative instances into containment are to be attempted by MTF λ-7 and, if successful, the instance is to be taken to the enclosure in Site-90. In the attempt to compel the creature to be contained, MTF λ-7 may use offers such as fruits, baked goods and, if necessary, █████. Meat products are prohibited. Should the instance not accept, it may be taken by force into a separate containment unit at Site-90 where they may be kept and fed once a week until their cooperation or eventual expiration. Emphasis is to be made on cooperating with SCP-5717-1 when possible, for reasons detailed in Addendum 2.

Feral instances of SCP-5717-1 are to be terminated on contact.

Description: SCP-5717 is a spatiotemporal distortion centred around a point in the New Forest, England, responsible for the creation of entities (SCP-5717-1) resembling evolutionary descendants of Homo sapiens. The apparition of SCP-5717-1 is sporadic and unpredictable, but appears to be limited to a radius of ~80km from the centre of SCP-5717, with a mean rate of 23 instances per annum. Rare cases of instances outside of this zone are known, but are believed to simply be the result of SCP-5717-1's migratory habits.

Instances of SCP-5717-1 physically deviate from baseline humans in numerous ways, including:

  • A jaw and digestive system adapted to a purely herbivorous diet.
  • Severely lower average percentages of both body-fat and muscle.
  • A posture more closely resembling that of modern-day apes, resulting in larger knuckles and a more prominently curved spine.
  • A smaller skull, with a cranial cavity dominated by thicker layers of bone and cerebrospinal fluid.
  • A highly elongated neck, and a widened lower body to accommodate the additional weight.
  • An overall reliance on easily-foraged nutrients, and a lack of natural defences against predators.

Additionally, no instance of SCP-5717-1 to-date has demonstrated language comprehension, a grasp of complex counting techniques, or any other marker of higher intelligence. Instances have demonstrated wariness of humanity, but no awareness of their evolutionary lineage, and are non-hostile in 95% of cases. In the remaining 5%, SCP-5717-1 display hostility to all humanoid creatures, and a violent aversion to certain elements of human society such as buildings and processed food2. Additional distinguishing features — primarily discolouration of the skin and eyes — is also common. Disease or psychological trauma are believed to be the root cause. See addendum.

The significance of SCP-5717's location is unknown currently unclear, pending further investigation.

Addendum - [CLASSIFIED]:

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