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The following file has been found to contain a large number of inaccuracies in relation to the currently modeled historical progression. Through collaboration with the Temporal Anomalies Department this has been confirmed to be a product of the retrocausal anomalies described herein. The progression of events described below can be confirmed to have happened in one or more previous historical progressions with 98.6% certainty.

Item#: 5715
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: As there exists no means by which to prevent an SCP-5715 Event, containment efforts are instead to focus on documenting all alterations caused by SCP-5715-2. To this end, Temporal Site-02 is to house a data center capable of storing multiple Foundation database backups. These backups are to be continually updated to ensure minimal loss of information between SCP-5715 Events.

Temporal Site-02 has been outfitted with the Tachyon-Flux Monitoring System (TFMS). The TFMS measures tachyon concentrations within our baseline dimension to determine if an SCP-5715 Event has occurred. Following the detection of an SCP-5715 Event the TFMS will automatically initiate Protocol Veritas.

SCP-5715-1 is to be housed at Site-17 within a standard humanoid containment cell outfitted with a Mk I XACTS device. SCP-5715-1 is required to see an on-site psychologist weekly to ensure their continued psychological well-being.

To prevent retrocausal tampering this file is to be solely stored within Temporal Site-02's private database, and may only be accessed through select terminals.

Description: SCP-5715 is a recurring phenomenon in which universal tachyon flux will cease, effectively freezing time for an indeterminate duration. The intervals between these events have proven to be entirely random. Additionally, a lack of any preemptive signs means SCP-5715 Events can only be confirmed after their occurrence. Thus far the only means of detection is verification from SCP-5715-1 or data analysis done by Protocol Veritas.

SCP-5715 was first discovered by former Foundation researcher Joseph Carter, now SCP-5715-1. Dr. Carter was assigned to Project Kairos, an initiative aimed at developing applications of targeted tachyon emissions. During the course of testing Dr. Carter was exposed directly to a malfunctioning tachyon emitter which, for unknown reasons, granted the ability to remain cognizant during SCP-5715 Events. Before the discovery of SCP-5715-2, Dr. Carter was classified as SCP-5715 as it was initially believed that the anomaly applied solely to them.

SCP-5715-2 are entities that only manifest during SCP-5715 Events. Size and form vary greatly between instances, however all share a constantly shifting exterior resembling television static as well as a lack of depth cues1 resulting in a two-dimensional appearance from all angles. They do not carry out any biological functions and are non-physical in nature. Instances of SCP-5715-2 will spend the majority of an SCP-5715 Event wandering aimlessly, often phasing through solid matter in the process.2 The only physical evidence to SCP-5715-2's existence are the higher than average tachyon concentrations found in locations they have visited.

Instances of SCP-5715-2 are capable of adding or removing items, structures, and organisms (designated as targets) to/from existence. This will retroactively alter all prior interactions with the target, changing history, records, and associated memories to align with the target's new state of existence. This interaction is theorized to be accomplished through the highly complex manipulation of tachyons entangled to bradyons3 resulting in a new historical progression. Instances are believed to be sentient, however all meaningful attempts at two-way communication have thus far failed.

Addendum 5715-1: Initial Discovery

Addendum 5715-2: Discovery of SCP-5715-2

Addendum 5715-3: Containment Procedure Updates

In response to the threat posed by SCP-5715-2's reality-altering abilities a series of discussions ensued to determine effective methods of containment. Proposals ranged from the neutralization of all instances of SCP-5715-24 to the widespread implementation of XACTS Devices.5 On 09/24/2006 an outline for Temporal Site-02 was submitted to the RCT-Δt, which was promptly put into motion. Temporal Site-02 was deemed operational on 10/15/2006, through the use of temporal dilation and manipulation technologies.

Addendum 5715-4: Personal Logs of SCP-5715-1

Following the development of new containment procedures it was deemed vital that more information on SCP-5715-2 be gathered. To this end SCP-5715-1 was tasked with recording their experiences and memories of SCP-5715 Events in addition to participating in regular interviews. The following is a series of selections from SCP-5715-1's journal and interviews deemed relevant to the nature of SCP-5715-2 or SCP-5715-1's mental well-being.

Addendum 5715-5: Further Developments

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