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Item#: 5713
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Special Containment Procedures: All copies (currently 12) of SCP-5713 are kept in storage locker 8 in the Site-63 safe anomaly wing. Foundation web crawlers have been deployed to monitor for any online sales of SCP-5713 or civilians who may have had contact with a copy of SCP-5713. Personnel are not permitted to read copies of SCP-5713 outside of testing or investigations into the person of interest known as "dado."

Description: SCP-5713 is a 567-page hardcover book titled "holey bibal" with the words "by moose" written on the spine. The object lacks any standard identification in the form of an ISBN, bar code, or copyright page.

The primary anomalous effect occurs when a human subject reads between two and five pages of the object. Regardless of whether or not the subject continues to read beyond this point, they will begin to feel an urge to share SCP-5713 with other humans, often attempting to purchase multiple copies of SCP-5713. Subjects will also frequently send random amounts of money to a multitude of accounts with various banks. None of the accounts have any records associated other than one payment (made by a subject exposed to SCP-5713) and one transfer to an untraceable account. To date, no account used to transfer money this way has been used twice. It is unknown how subjects are aware of the information needed to transfer to these accounts.

If a subject exposed to SCP-5713 fails to send any money to these accounts for over thirty days, the secondary effect will occur. The subject will rapidly increase in body temperature, and upon reaching a skin temperature of 49 degrees Celsius be transported to an unknown location.1

Addendum 5713: Notable page transcriptions.

The following is a transcript of the second page of SCP-5713:

reservations have been made for all the rights. this book is not allowed for copypasting, creepypastaing, or other types of informative word stealing without permission from dado. oh yes dado is almost forget, the foundation people are not allowed 2 transcribe


Any attempts to directly copy text from SCP-5713 beyond this point have invariably failed. As such, all remaining excerpts from SCP-5713 have been created by photographs of SCP-5713, which do not activate any anomalous effects.

The remaining contents of SCP-5713 follow a consistent structure, outlined in the example page below:


It has been determined that all but one of the names listed in SCP-5713 belong to or have belonged to the same individual as the phone number in the passage. No link between any of these individuals and PoI "dado" has been found.

The only passage in SCP-5713 that does not include a name is shown below


When Doctor Jordan attempted to call the number using a Foundation issued device, it was determined that the number is not registered to any company. The following day, Doctor Jordan's personal device received a text message from an unidentified number claiming to be PoI "dado" and the creator of SCP-5713. A transcript of the exchange has been recorded below.

hello is this doctor jar den?

Who is this?

this is dado u try to call yesterday but phone wasnt working

wait no dado is big magic person in sky that make world. this is not dado. this is profit that work for dado.

I was trying to ask you some questions about the book you published.

not-dado is write good book yes? you think about joining dado church?

Before I join anything, can you tell me what your church believes in?

is written right there in the book. dado make planets and light bush on fire 2 tell not-dado about cleaning humans behavior. not-dado tells humans all about how good dado is to make them do good.

when the velocirapture comes to eat all the humans dado will be the judge and bring the good people to the sky like in that movie.

Do you have any evidence to support your claims?

evidence is all around u. do u really think that all the things were made by randomness accidentally? the odds of that are 1 out of billion.

You've convinced me, I'll join. Where can I go to find this church?

oh no dado does not need fancy building to make happy. dado is all around u so u only have to follow rules of book. be nice to people and don't get turn into salt or other rocks.

What are you going to do with all the money? It looks like your religion doesn't do anything other than collect taxes.

sorry not-dado is out of time for questioning. remember to give dado lots of praying and money bye bye

Following this exchange, Doctor Jordan's phone began a factory reset. All further attempts to contact the number have failed.

Update 10/23/2020:

On 9/23/2020, D-8276 was exposed to SCP-5713 and fitted with a tracking device. D-8276 was isolated in a cell without access to any device capable of making online payments. After thirty days, D-8276 disappeared, and the tracking device was activated.

D-8276 was found on the side of the I-10 highway, near the town of Hell, California, which had been demolished in 1964.

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