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Item #: SCP-5712 Level 5/5712
Object Class: Thaumiel Keter Classified


SCP-5712-A in an active state.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5712 cannot be contained. As such, containment of SCP-5712 primarily involves impeding its development. STF σ-14 ("Wordsmiths") has been assigned to develop fictional lexemes1 for the purpose of impeding SCP-5712's development.

Any individuals associated with SCP-5712 that spontaneously lose either their name or concept of self without prior exposure to other known nomenclative hazards are to be immediately neutralized to prevent SCP-5712 from appending their retained information to itself.

SCP-5712-B is currently the subject of an active recovery and neutralization effort by MTF γ-1 ("Search and Destroy").


SCP-5712 is a metastatic meme complex4 currently occupying the linguistic aspect of the noosphere. SCP-5712 develops through the subsumption of English lexemes humanly associated with concepts already appended to its ideatic mass. The process by which SCP-5712 associates concepts can be controlled through interactions with SCP-5712-A in the form of word association games.

SCP-5712-A is the Foundation supercomputer Peirce, constructed in ████ for the purpose of analyzing ideatic and conceptual anomalies within the noosphere. SCP-5712-A's anomalous properties demanifested following the disappearance of SCP-5712-B (See Addendum V).

SCP-5712-B is an experimental thaumaturgical component infused with the Tartarean entity commonly referred to as Belial (TE-0068). SCP-5712-B formerly manifested within SCP-5712-A due to thaumaturgic processes conducted by Dr. Nadia Amari.

Addendum I:
Project Belial

The following is an excerpt of the project proposal for Project BELIAL, a collaborative effort by several independent Foundation departments to construct SCP-5712-B by infusing Tartarean entity TE-0068 into a thaumaturgical processor compatible with Foundation supercomputer Peirce.

Addendum II:
Incident 5712-001

Following the addition of SCP-5712-B and several updates and reconfigurations, Foundation supercomputer Peirce successfully permeated the infosphere; however, this resulted in the appension of Peirce into the greater SCP-5712.

Addendum III:
Transmission Log

Following Incident 5712-001, a complete diagnostic of the Peirce systems recovered no malfunctions, excluding the BELIAL component, which, while still emitting noticeable levels of Tartarean Resonance Energy, no longer contained TE-0068. Analysis of the ideatic composition of TE-0068 revealed that TE-0068 as a concept had been subsumed by SCP-5712.

Addendum IV:
Impact Analysis and Decommissioning Proposal

The following impact analysis report was compiled after Incident 5712-001 for redesignation purposes as per Classification Committee protocol.

Addendum V:
Decommissioning Log

Following approval of the decommissioning proposal for SCP-5712, Dr. Nadia Amari developed a procedure based on the Principles of Tartarean Infusion to dispel TE-0068 from Peirce and potentially sever SCP-5712's connection to the noosphere.

Following this, SCP-5712's designation has been officially upgraded to Keter. A contingent of Foundation semioticians and linguists have been organized and officially established as STF σ-14 ("Wordsmiths") to deter the development of SCP-5712 through the creation of superfluous lexemes for feeding purposes.

Although Foundation supercomputer Peirce no longer displays any anomalous properties, it is still referred to as SCP-5712-A in relevant documentation for archival purposes.

As of writing, neither SCP-5712-B nor Dr. Nadia Amari have been recovered.

We were fishing in dangerous waters. Should've known we might end up baiting a shark, but Amari kept pulling, until she pulled it out of the water.

And for a brief moment, I saw the other side — the infosphere.

SCP-5712 is barely the tip of the iceberg. Belial called it a "bottom feeder", and they weren't lying. It might be a shark to us, but compared to the things on the other side, it's less than nothing. It just happened to be the first one we let in.

Now the real sharks know the way in. And they smell blood.

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