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6/5711 LEVEL 6/5711
Item #: SCP-5711


SCP-5711-1 prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures:

Foundation webcrawlers and archivists are currently employed to locate and destroy as much information as possible regarding the constituent components required of SCP-5711. RCT-Δt Temporal Intelligence Community (TIC) assets are instructed to, wherever possible, infiltrate active Mekhanist and Sarkic cells across the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries of all known historical iterations to locate, confiscate, and destroy or alter all references to their historical ties to the Daevite civilization.

The area surrounding SCP-5711-1 is secured under the auspices of a decommissioned US Military missile silo with full cooperation of the US Government at a range of 2 km. Cover Story RAD-51 is in effect for all unauthorized persons attempting to access SCP-5711-1. No personnel outside of the Δ clearance group are permitted knowledge of SCP-5711, SCP-5711-1, or any Foundation temporal eigenweapon development project. Exploration of SCP-5711-1 may only be undertaken by RCT-Δt assets with >150 hrs mission time logged due to possible residual temporal anomalies on site.

As of 31/1/2010, the Applied Sciences Division of RCT-Δt has been commissioned to design and construct a device matching the description of SCP-5711-2 by whatever means necessary.

RCT-Δt internal clearance for this file is set to L5/Δ.


SCP-5711 is a thaumaturgic ritual capable of altering the course of historical events without direct intervention by traditional temporal displacement methodology. Recovered materials from SCP-5711-1 suggest that the ritual and the apparatus involved in its completion were developed by the Daevite Civilization as recently as 250 - 200 BCE. Due to the success of containment efforts, few details of the specifics of the ritual remain available. Known components of the ritual include the following:

  1. 57 kg beryllium bronze alloy, machined into mechanical device of indeterminate function.
  2. 0.5 L of blood, presumably from the lead officiant of the ritual
  3. At least 3 additional witnesses/participants
  4. An altar/temple complex2
  5. One prepubescent human child

Investigation into possible sources of SCP-5711 has uncovered many similarities between modern Mekhanist / Sarkic cults and religious practices of the ancient Daevite civilization. The current containment strategy assumes that the remaining details of SCP-5711 were derived from extant classical Mekhanist and Sarkic religious texts. Based on recovered material, the intended target of this ritual was a period either immediately prior to or during the Second Punic War3, and was ostensibly intended to alter the outcome of that conflict.

SCP-5711-1 designates a temple complex in northern Arizona constructed for the purpose of carrying out SCP-5711. The complex consists of several small residential dwellings, an open-air temple for religious worship, and a large, flat pyramid with a recessed top containing an altar, dimensions 300 x 300 x 200 m. The interior of the pyramid contains several damaged pieces of anomalous machinery, as well as some evidence that its interior dimensions were intended to be larger than its exterior dimensions, though this is no longer the case. Beneath the central pyramid structure is a network of tunnels connecting the residential area, the temple area, and five tunnels which suddenly terminate in open pits with depths greater than 100 m. Exploration of these areas is ongoing.

SCP-5711-1-PRIME designates an extranormal event which took place over the area of SCP-5711-1 on 29/12/2009 at 1232 hrs. According to Tactical Operations Command (TOC) assets and photographic evidence, a large black sphere expanded suddenly over the entirety of SCP-5711-1 and remained present for 2 hrs and 17 mins. Its appearance was accompanied by no other perceptible phenomena; however, XACTS monitoring devices in place at Site-██ over 200 km away recorded a 128 W tachyon flux4 during the same period. Calculations suggest the local power of this flux exceeded 20 MW, making it the single most powerful known temporal event in Foundation history.

SCP-5711-2 refers to a theoretical temporal eigenweapon5 capable of neutralizing and/or reversing the effects of retrocausal anomalies in the event that preventative measures could not be implemented. Based on observations, the weapon is capable of initiating a causal isolation of an area of approximately 34 km3 for a period of approximately 2 hrs. The method by which this is achieved is currently unknown.

HMCL Note: We had better pray to someone that we're the ones who come up with this technology first, or we're in some bad trouble. I'll have that request in to Overwatch by end of business yesterday.

- Dr. Thaddeus Xyank, HMCL Supervisor / Temporal Anomalies Dept. Chair


On 11/10/2009, Temporal Site-01 alerted native Site-17 of an incoming TK-Class Causal Restructuring event, citing 782 new documentation inconsistencies logged in a 45 second period. Native Tactical Operations Command (TOC) assets immediately triangulated the time and location of the disturbance, and deployed to investigate and neutralize prior to the completion of the restructuring event. Upon arrival, TOC Assets reported the sudden appearance and subsequent disappearance of SCP-5711-1-PRIME and announced their intent to continue with the intended infiltration of SCP-5711-1. Personnel may access TOC-5711-01 for the full report of the resulting incursion.

Recovered Materials:

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