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Item#: 5710
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Special Containment Procedures: The property containing SCP-5710-1 is owned by Foundation operatives. The Staff Positions of SCP-5710-1, including the Reverend, Choir Director, Organist, and Congregation President are to be occupied by Foundation personnel.

While not in use by the Foundation, SCP-5710-1 is to be run as a mundane congregation of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The staff of SCP-5710-1 is to ensure that no work from the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (Bach Works Catalogue) is performed on SCP-5710 without Foundation approval.

Description: SCP-5710 is a Schnitger pipe organ used by Johann Sebastian Bach before being transported by German immigrants from Pomerania to the United States. SCP-5710-1 is the church constructed by the immigrants in 18██, known as St. John's Lutheran Church in █████████, Wisconsin.

The anomalous properties of SCP-5710 manifest when a composition from the Bach Works Catalogue (BWV) is played to completion within SCP-5710-1. The first person to exit through the main door of the church following completion of the work will enter a temporal-spatial anomaly. They will be displaced in time and space, exiting the church attended by Bach on the Sunday following his final revision to the piece played on SCP-5710. The displaced person will exit the church just following J.S. Bach.

SCP-5710 has been deemed safe and reliable by the Foundation. Its use is necessary for continued interaction with Johann Sebastian Bach. The memetic musical compositions of J.S. Bach are of unusually high caliber. These compositions are stored by the Foundation in the Memetisch-Bach-Werk-Verzeichnis (Memetic Bach Works Catalogue) or MBWV.

Use of SCP-5710 requires either 10 pending composition requests from Level 4 personnel or the consensus of the O5 council. All finished works are to be placed in capsules and hidden in pre-determined locations specified prior to the agent's displacement.

Memetisch-Bach-Werk-Verzeichnis: The works of the MBWV provide the Foundation with a wide array of useful memetics. The effects of the works only manifest in those who hear the work while it is being played.

MBWV # Title Effects Comments by J.S. Bach
MBWV 31 Ziehet an den Harnisch Gottes The pain tolerance of those who hear this work is increased. Resistance to pain increases by a factor of 20. The Foundation asks me to give an advantage to their soldiers. I was inspired by the homily this past Sunday on Ephesians 6:11. Music makes words alive, and thus makes them reality.
MBWV 52 Stille! Stille! Völlige Stille! A counterprogramming piece to see through memetic censoring It is almost paradoxical to make music about silence, but memetic composing has taught me that music surpasses far beyond what I once thought. I could spend another five lifetimes sorting out its intricacies.
MBWV 66 Rückzug von hier, die Gefahr lauert Listeners are forced to retreat away from confidential information. Memetic Composing has its ups and downs. While it is a great achievement to bring together all that is needed to create such an incredible transfer of information, it also brings sadness that some such compositions, beauteous as they may be, simply force most who hear it to retreat away from it.
MBWV 74 Wischen Sie Den Leeren Schiefer Sauber 99.9% of memetic cognitohazards and their effects are safely removed from any affected personnel. Affected minds are reverted to their state prior to introduction of the cognitohazard. I can't help but express my disappointment with this work. I've dwelt on it for days and yet I can't quite figure out where its imperfections lie. I know there are some lurking where I cannot see. Yet Doctor Semmelman seems to assure me that the Foundation accepts it as it is. For men of science and the advancement of learning, they seem to be content with mediocrity at times.
MBWV 85 Der Käfig Ist Geschlossen, Die Tür Ist Geschlossen All affected persons are convinced that any door in front of them is closed, even if it is wide open. Several sites have implemented protocols for this work to be played in the event of a containment breach. Everyone knows that music can make people feel emotions, but few have discovered what I have, that if it can worm its way into the brain far enough, it can convince people what truth is, no matter what the other senses tell them.
MBWV 99 Die Swarm Absteigt Listeners perceive enemy forces to be ten times larger than they actually are. Music has the power to not only play on a man's senses, but also to bombard, attack, and batter them; so much so that the senses can not only be convinced, but forced.
MBWV 101 Friede Sei Mit Euch Causes increased cooperation among coworkers and the reduction in the rising of disagreements. Harmonization is most beautiful in music, and it is most beautiful to make music that can manifest its harmonization not only in its sound, but all around it.
MBWV 111 Toccata und Fuge in D-Moll (Wiedergutmachung) Causes intense paranoia and panic, even in potential predators and stalkers. An interesting request to reprise an old work, but with what I've learned, I believe it can be redressed for memetic use. Music can evoke every emotion on the spectrum. Dread and fear are not exempted.
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