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Item#: 5705
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5705 is to be contained within an industry standard anti-static bag located in Site-19's anomalous item storage wing. SCP-5705 is to be connected to a modified multimeter capable of recording electrical output and messages originating from 'Discharge' events.

Equipment is to be checked bi-weekly for damage.



SCP-5705 in containment.

SCP-5705 is a standard sized PP3 or 'Nine-Volt' battery with a label attached reading 'Mighty Batteries!™ Powered by Thorium!™' written in black marker. Under normal circumstances, SCP-5705 is capable of an average output of 500 mA for an indefinite amount of time when connected to an electronic device. SCP-5705 has so far proven to be invulnerable to all forms of damage. However the label is easily removed. Tests reveal no trace of the radioactivity expected of thorium decay.

SCP-5705-1 is an entity currently trapped within SCP-5705. SCP-5705-1 is hostile and actively attempting to escape from the interior of SCP-5705. Occasionally, SCP-5705-1 will enter an agitated state, causing SCP-5705 to undergo what has been designated as a 'Discharge' event. During these events, the overall voltage of SCP-5705 will spike much higher than normal for a short period before returning to it's original output of 500 mA. If a device with a screen is attached to SCP-5705 during one of these events, text will appear on the screen in a language correlating to the settings of the device. These messages are often corrupted beyond the point of legibility, although a few partially coherent messages have been observed. These messages are believed to originate from SCP-5705-1 and are often hostile in nature, presumably directed at the individual designated as PoI-5705.

Addendum-5705-A: Partial List of Recorded Messages

Note: The following is a list of all currently recorded 'Discharge' events that have been accompanied by at least partially coherent messages. For a full list of these events, see document SCP-5705-DE.

Date Message Voltage Notes
03/04/2020 "I gr&@ow ti*@#&$(@ish game, trickster! Relea&*^@&!@*(#()$n my hon$#r that you will no@#&*^$(armed." 550 mA This was the first mostly coherent message recorded by the Foundation
12/04/2020 "You thi@#nk this pris@#*(&$old me? I will be fr$@*^&%^!@&alm and when I $&*#@^$*&@!(*&$%e same lesson lea$#rnt by the cou$*&^@*#est my might! Who w$#@#aughing the#$?!" 630 mA N/A
12/04/2020 "!(*&hould have left you ti$#&*@!)(@!retched roc%$%$@en I am fre$(!@)_#ll take mor#@*($&!@&*(just your eyesight! 610 mA N/A
14/04/2020 "Curse thi#$%(*@&#)($ed void! I sha$@#ll show you w#hy they call me might!@^&*#$l the real$$#$%educe this pla#$ce to dus$#!@!!" 770 mA N/A
21/04/2020 "$y the stren%#@gth of my being$#@#e will of m@#y hear$#@#$ight of all the realms and those bey*$ond. I am t#@ stor$%e sky, the force tha#$%#$ifted the great serp#$%$shaped the world as it is w#$ #@& t#$#%ith my $#ammer I summo$%#%@%$ll my power, all %@ % strength, and cast them d*(#own onto these wa#$%!$#%eel the wra#$th of the mig#$#%@f the go@$!" 830 mA A small spark was recorded originating from SCP-5705
22/04/2020 "#et! Me*! O@ut!" 670 mA This spike repeated 152 times.

Addendum-5705-B: Recovery

SCP-5705 was recovered from the home of Robert Bradson, an office worker living in New York City, after the Foundation became aware of social media posts in which he claimed to possess a 'magic battery' that never loses power. After an investigation into the claims, SCP-5705 was discovered in Bradson's home where it was being used to power a flashlight.

Bradson claims that he purchased SCP-5705 from a salesman selling his wares on a street corner. A crowd had gathered around to bid on the items being sold, most of which seem to be at least partially anomalous in nature. A number of the individuals had reportedly filmed the salesman, and after further investigation a video of the auction was discovered online.

Following review of the footage and the items involved, the individual selling the items has been designated as PoI-5705. Investigation into PoI-5705's whereabouts and identity are ongoing.

Auction Video Excerpt:


PoI-5705: … pleasure doing business with you and happy sailing! Just remember to not open it indoors. For our next item, we have something that no doubt many of you fine people would love to have yourself!

PoI-5705 holds up SCP-5705.

PoI-5705: This magnificent item is known as a 'Mighty Battery'! On the exterior it may seem to all the world as a simple battery, but with some handiwork by yours truly it has been made into a fountain of limitless energy! Of course there is a limit at how much it can give at one time; we wouldn't want those hippie lobbyists to catch wind of a limitless power supply, would we?

The gathered crowd laughs in response.

PoI-5705: This fine item will allow you to never worry about a pesky flashlight running out while trekking through the woods! Or an inconvenient halting of particularly… intimate items? No, this convenient item harnesses godlike power for your own benefit! Hell, I would sell my own brother for this beauty, if I had one that is.

PoI-5705 performs an exaggerated wink to the camera, then places SCP-5705 on the table in front of them and throws their hands into the air.

PoI-5705: So! Let's start the bidding at a measly $15! Any takers?

The crowd begins to bid on SCP-5705, eventually ending with Bradson outbidding the others and purchasing SCP-5705 for a total of $32.50 before returning home. The auction then continues for another hour before PoI-5705 announces his departure and the crowd disperses.


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