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The logo on the front page of SCP-5702

Item #: SCP-5702

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5702's domain is to be blocked from all major internet service providers through Foundation agents in various world governments. Access to the website is to be granted to Level 2 and higher personnel for testing purposes. The Ethics Committee has approved a small fund of approximately 8,000 USD for testing with SCP-5702. Once this fund is depleted, it may only be refilled upon consultation with the Ethics Committee and the researcher in charge of SCP-5702, as all testing inherently funds GoI-1900.

Save for specially supervised tests with D-Class, all generated films must contain at least one real film industry entity.

Description: SCP-5702 is an anomalous streaming service located at 'www.wikiflick.███' and operated by GoI-1900 ("Red Deal Pictures Distribution"). SCP-5702 generates previously nonexistent films for screening, through unknown means, based on user-inputted data for a film they would like to see.

SCP-5702 is not subscription-based; instead, a user pays a fixed price of 14 USD for each individual film upon visiting the site. Once the user pays they are directed to a page containing the following:

  • A window containing an editable mockup of a Wikipedia page for a film. All data in the header and infobox are replaced with text input windows, including title, year of release, country of origin, genre(s), director(s), screenwriter(s), and up to nine primary actors. If a user chooses, they can also input producers, composers, editors, cinematographers, and production companies in the infobox. The text that normally reads "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" now reads "From Wikiflick, a bespoke streaming service from Red Deal Pictures." All further subsections of the article, including Plot, Cast, Production, and Reception, are blank but cannot be edited.
  • A red button that reads "Generate Names." This button is greyed out until a title, year of release, director, and genre(s) are inputted. Once these are created, a user can press this button to randomly generate cast and crew that would best fit this title, genre, and release date. This button always generates the names of real film industry entities from around the world, living or dead.
  • A blue button that reads "Generate Film." This button is greyed out until all fields are filled.

Once a user presses the blue button and the site loads, a screening window is generated containing the requested film. This film is almost always matching the user’s desired specifications. The film’s length can vary, ranging from 30 seconds to 240 hours, depending on genres inputted, as “short” will create a film under 45 minutes while “epic” will create a film over two hours. Participants in a film almost always match the ones visualized by the subject, even if names are common/match another person, are a non-actor or figure from the user’s life, or completely nonexistent. All films, regardless of inputted companies, are noted as being distributed by Red Deal Pictures Distribution, often in conjunction with another company.

Films are always original. Inputting data matching an existing film will generate a similar but distinct project. Likewise, SCP-5702 cannot precisely recreate lost films. For example, inputting data from Satyajit Ray’s unproduced film The Alien, which was intended to be produced in 1967 with Peter Sellers and Marlon Brando, produces a film in Ray’s style starring Sellers and Brando, but one that does not match his existing screenplay.

Following the film’s conclusion, it is available to watch for a period of time twice its running time before deleting itself. The user is then returned to the Wikipedia mockup, now with all sections filled in. All cast members are listed, an attempt is made to summarize the film’s plot no matter the content, some behind-the-scenes information is given, and a handful of reviews or academic articles are quoted. These do not always match real-world authors but always real-world publications, usually fitting the project: A big-budget comedy action film is reviewed in major newspapers, a Hungarian experimental short fashion film is discussed in media studies journals and internet publications. The user can choose to save this article to their computer before paying another 14 USD to watch another film.

If no persons inputted are film industry professionals, there is a high probability (60-76%) that the film generated will be anomalous in nature, displaying significant detrimental effects on the viewer or containing anomalous imagery. Films generated this way can include blocking and cinematography that does not follow baseline reality, cognitohazards and memetic threats, images and sounds taken from known and unknown alternate planes, or mild reality-warping capabilities. Despite this, users typically still report a high degree of satisfaction and pleasure with the film. The remaining 24-40% of films generated this way are nonanomalous and merely amateurish or of “indie quality.”

SCP-5702 was discovered after a thread on Reddit was created about a “website that creates realistic porn of anyone.” Fearing a containment breach of SCP-1004, the thread was investigated, taken down, and SCP-5702 was contained.

Addendum: Log of films generated during Testing Phase 2:

14 USD entered for each film, which was recorded with a separate camera. All generated Wikipedia-style articles are archived.

All data was inputted under the format "___________ is a ____ ______ ____________ film directed by ______________ and written by _________. It stars ______________, ________________, ________________, ______________, ________________, ________________, ______________, ________________, and ________________."

Experiment #: 011
Inputted data: Drainage is a 2020 American horror drama film directed by Peter Farrelly and written by Brian Duffield. It stars Mahershala Ali, Paul Giamatti, and Alfre Woodard.
Names Generated: None.
Result: The generated movie stars Ali as a black police officer in a small Georgia town investigating a series of lynchings while attempting to repair his relationship with his wife, played by Woodard. The lynchings are connected to a white supremacist cult who sacrifice young black men to a river god. The film reunites Ali with director Farrelly, both worked on the 2019 film Green Book. Researchers described the film as a decent if unmemorable horror film. Quoted reviews from The A.V. Club and The Washington Post note that the tone of the film is a significant departure for Farrelly, but his treatment of race is similar to that of Green Book. The film is described as being based on a true story. Red Deal Pictures is listed as a distributor alongside Universal Pictures.

Experiment #: 012
Inputted data: Nightmare in the Heartland is a 1958 American crime film directed by Elia Kazan and written by Budd Schulberg and Daniel Fuchs. It stars Elizabeth Taylor, Jeff Chandler, Jack Palance, Arthur Kennedy, and Jason Robards.
Names Generated: Actors.
Result: The generated movie is a cross between Kazan's social realist dramas and film noir. Taylor plays a New York socialite trapped in a Nebraska town paralyzed by a labor strike. She is caught between a cowboy-esque labor organizer played by Chandler and a sinister gangster played by Palance. Researchers noted the powerful performance of a young Jason Robards in a supporting role. Quoted reviews include a list from Buzzfeed, ostensibly in memoriam of Taylor upon her 2011 death, that describes this performance as "one of Taylor's best and most underrated of roles." Red Deal Pictures is credited as presenting the film's rerelease.

Experiment #: 015
Inputted data: Danser avec mon bébé is a 1966 French comedy-drama film directed by Jean-Luc Godard and written by Godard. It stars Mireille Darc, Juliet Berto, Philippe Noiret, and Jennifer Lopez.
Notes: Lopez was chosen to test SCP-5702's capability to handle anachronism.
Names Generated: None.
Result: The generated movie stars Darc and Berto as a mother and daughter who, without knowing, live in the same attic crawlspace as they attempt to organize rival Socialist political movements. The film is a surrealist comedy surrounding the situation. Lopez portrays herself as an American movie star filming near Darc and Berto's house, with Liam Neeson portraying the film director. Godard frequently interrupts their scenes with title cards that read "TEMPS EST IRRÉLEVANT" or "Time Is Irrelevant." Lopez and Neeson appear identical to how they did in 1998 but are dubbed into French by unknown actors. The production section notes that Godard and Lopez did not get along. Researchers reported enjoying the film tremendously and quoted reviews describe it as an unknown pleasure of Godard's, featuring the "stunning discovery" of Lopez. Red Deal Pictures is credited as a co-producer.

Experiment #: 016
Inputted data: DaBaby - GIVE IT is a 2019 American short music video film directed by Colin Tilley. It stars DaBaby, Ty Dolla Sign, Megan Thee Stallion, and Jimmy Stewart.
Notes: Stewart was chosen to test SCP-5702's capability to handle anachronism in the other direction.
Names Generated: None.
Result: The generated music video has a loose plot concerning DaBaby falling over a railing at a lavish Hollywood Hills party. Stewart is depicted in a brief cameo being twerked on by a scantily dressed model, sputtering incoherently but smiling to himself. At another point in the video, Megan Thee Stallion stabs him in the gut with a stiletto heel and he collapses. Stewart appears identical to how he did in 1946. Researchers reported enjoying the music video immensely. Quoted reviews include a news report from Vulture Magazine calling the song a "hilarious bop" with a "time-bending music video." Red Deal Pictures is the production company.

Experiment #: 017
Inputted data: Bad Boy Soldiers is a 2017 satirical comedy war film directed by Eva Cszkiearas.
Notes: Personnel designed the fictitious filmmaker Cszkiearas as a feminist director of Polish and Finnish descent, known for making complex and brutal satires of Eastern European politics, but did not inform the researcher performing the test of this invented background.
Names Generated: Writer(s), actors, country of origin.
Result: The generated movie is a straightforward American comedy centering around two bumbling soldiers in the Iraq War, played by John Cho and Zach Galifianakis. Judd Apatow is credited as a producer. A large number of American and British comedians appear in supporting roles including Will Forte, Amy Poehler, Ellie Kemper, Rainn Wilson, Adam Scott, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Patton Oswalt, Steve Coogan, Lauren Lapkus, Jason Mantzoukas, and Nick Kroll. Researchers reported the film was enjoyable for what it was and they had a good time watching it. Quoted reviews were highly negative. Red Deal Pictures is credited as the primary production company.

Experiment #: 018
Inputted data: Bad Boy Soldiers is a 2017 Polish satirical comedy war film directed by Eva Cszkiearas and written by Cszkiearas. It stars Karolina Gruszka, Dariusz Dyliński, Rafał Grzewczynski, and Marian Kuciak.
Notes: The researcher was informed of the background for Cszkiearas.
Names Generated: None
Result: The generated movie is a dark comedy centered around a Polish military base somewhere in Southern Europe. Dyliński plays Major Nadeem, an insecure gay general who has recently converted to Islam. As he prepares to come out as Muslim and gay, his homosexuality is revealed in a comedic fashion by an inferior officer and Nadeem embarks on a violent training regimen for his troops, beating their morale down through a series of disturbing blackly comedic assaults. All actors save Gruszka are fictitious and do not correspond to individuals in the film industry. Researchers reported enjoying the film as an art film, laughing occasionally, but felt mostly uncomfortable for the film's running time. The article describes the film as winning at the Karlovy Vary, Shanghai, and Three Portlands International Film Festivals. Reviewers praised the film's cinematography but criticized the perceived homophobia and Islamophobia and noted, that despite Cszkiearas' feminist intentions, a series of jokes centered around the sexual assault of Gruszka's character was unnecessary and in poor taste. Consequence of Sound critic Scout Tafoya describes the film as "absolutely vile and disgusting, but worthy of discussion." Red Deal Pictures distributes the film in the United States.

Experiment #: 019
Inputted data: Dudstock is a 1982 Australian independent drama film directed by Linda Hartle and written by Barry Golchuck. It stars Fiona Leamington, Andrew Saxton, and Grant Pane.
Notes: All names are fictitious, but were drawn from character names in a random book, titled Sudden Death.
Names Generated: Country of origin.
Result: The generated movie is a slow-paced family drama centered around the young boy of the title, who lives in an unidentified desolate small town in the Australian outback. He deals with his alcoholic father and overstressed mother by wandering through the desert, befriending an eccentric truck driver who passes through and an Aborigine woman tending to a local site of spiritual significance. The film displays anomalous qualities, with the camera seeming to pass through Dudstock's body or into the middle of a cliff. The film ends with a long unbroken take of Dudstock sitting on the sacred site and disemboweling himself with a small knife while reciting "The Charge of The Light Brigade," which had been a plot point earlier in the film. He appears to pull out more intestines that can fit in the human body and eventually begins to pull out apparent animal intestines, speckled with feathers or full of scaled meat. Lastly, he begins to pull out a chain of interconnected rocks. Before he dies, he delivers the line "The bowels of the earth draw me near, Mumma!" and the film cuts to black. Despite being disturbed by the film's anomalous qualities, researchers reported enjoying the film generally. Quoted reviews agree, with one from The Village Voice quoted as calling it "the best Australian film since Picnic at Hanging Rock." Red Deal Pictures distributes the film in the United States.

Experiment #: 020
Inputted data: Upside Down JAPANESE is a 1981 British-German-Mexican epic art-horror experimental film directed by Dean Hiroyuki and written by Hiroyuki and Jonathan Belzer-Mackenbridge. It stars Kenn Eddeford, Anna Potts, Stephen Schauser, Megumi Tanaka, and Rodrigo Aparicio.
Notes: All names are fictitious but invented by researchers. The filmmaker Hiroyuki is designed to be a white installation artist and painter who is obsessed with Japanese culture, making his film debut.
Names Generated: None.
Result: The generated movie is a four-hour single shot of a man in a dingy apartment (played by Eddeford) who is slowly, graphically morphing into a Japanese woman (played by Tanaka) as friends periodically visit. The film has severe anomalous effects. During the screening, at approximately the one hour mark, one of the guests appeared to be identical to Researcher Bryant and seemed to be aware they were in a film, turning to the camera and begging to be let out. The transforming man did not appear to notice this. Researchers could not converse with the character-Bryant as his appearance was pre-recorded. At the 2 hours and 40-minute mark, when the character-Bryant spoke the line "I know I'm not there, I can see me in here," the real Researcher Bryant's hand flew to his face only to discover a thick layer of dermis covering his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Researcher Bryant was panicked but able to communicate his safety and seemed to be able to breathe until the film ended, at which time he began to suffocate and went into immediate surgery to remove the excess skin. He is currently recovering. Researchers, including Researcher Bryant, praised the film's themes of identity and the transformative nature of the body. Quoted reviews agree, with Claudia Puig of USA Today claiming that "this film really helped me be in my body's own inner body, without the tyranny of oxygen." Red Deal Pictures produced the film.
Additional Notes: At several points in the film, the character of Researcher Bryant begins to describe a long hallway that exists in another room of the man's apartment. He appears to be increasingly panicked. Each time he tries this, he is cut off by a title card reading "RED DEAL PICTURES PRESENTS:" These segments are missing from the Wikipedia style article's synopsis. More research is ongoing.

Note: subsequent testing recorded in Experiment Log 5702.

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