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Item#: 5701
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A photo of SCP-5701 after recovery.

Item #: SCP-5701

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5701 is stored in a standard containment locker at Storage Site 23. All (authorized) SCP-5701-# instances are held in the neighboring filing cabinet. PoI-5701-3's confiscated anartist tools are held in Research Site 174.

After Ethics Committee Ruling ECR-9502-5701, all remaining SCP-5701-# instances containing Foundation staff members as subjects have been incinerated and testing with SCP-5701 has been suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-5701 is superficially similar to a Polaroid™ Sun 600 LMS instant camera built by Matthew Tebbe (PoI-5701-3). SCP-5701 functions in the exact same manner as other identical models, except for the fact that it prints SCP-5701-# instances instead of normal photos.

SCP-5701-# are photographs created by SCP-5701. If a human subject is photographed by SCP-5701, the next time the subject performs an action they regret or consider to be a mistake, or shows regret about a previous action of the same nature, the SCP-5701-# instance in which they were photographed will be altered to depict the subject performing that action. Additional details of this phenomenon can be seen below:

Notes: "It's clear that, after test logs D and E, testing needs to be ceased immediately and permanently. Due to the risk of Site Directors using SCP-5701 for excessive surveillance, or worse yet, blackmail, as well as the emotional damage that subjects consistently receive after being confronted by information from their respective SCP-5701-# instance, we, the Ethics Committee as a whole, unanimously vote to indefinitely suspend testing with SCP-5701, as well as incinerate any SCP-5701-# instances involving Foundation staff members. I also, as a personal request, ask that any staff member not confront any of these individuals with any of the information in any of the testing logs. We may have allowed worse things, but no more testing is needed, and it clearly causes a level of emotional damage to the subjects, so we are willing to suspend it.
We do what we can because we must." - Gina Reagan, Speaker for the Ethics Committee, 4-2-2005

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