SCP-570 - Rewrite
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Item #: SCP-570

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-570 is stored in an item locker in Site-12, secured with a five-digit combination. LoI1-1004 has been seized and cordoned off from the public under the pretense of criminal forensic investigations.

Description: SCP-570 is a white cotton fiber left-handed glove, commonly intended for usage in construction works. Its interior is stained with blood and infused with several patches of heavily decomposed mammalian skin.

When SCP-570 is worn, white fibers autonomously outstretch and intertwine with one another to form several millimeter-thick, serrated spines that penetrate the subject's epidermal layer, producing a continuous stinging sensation.

Once the spines reach the muscular system, they diverge into hundreds of thin fibers, where each fiber splits into smaller counterparts. These strands begin to weave themselves into the muscle joints situated in the subject's hand and expand to their other limbs. The fibers then travel upwards to the subject's brain, webbing their larynx, diaphragm, lungs, and esophagus. This periodically triggers their gag reflex, impeding the ability to vocalize coherently.

At random, strings of varying lengths are ejected from the tips of SCP-570 and autonomously attempt to attack anyone near it; the subject is not able to control this action and expresses extreme emotional distress, instinctively inducing them to approach any nearby persons for help. Analysis of these strings indicates the presence of DNA and composition identical to the subject's muscle tendons.

The exact origins of SCP-570 are unclear, but several noise complaints originating from LoI-1004, ████████, ██████ Province, Republic of Korea, prompted the mobilization of a two-man law enforcement patrol team. After 15 minutes of radio silence, a search commenced. The patrol vehicle assigned to the team was parked in front of the entrance to LoI-1004, vacant with its engine idling.

Official reports produced by the search team mentioned several unusual sightings within LoI-1004: 30-centimeter accumulations of human hair in each unit, loose tooth fragments scattered across the hallways and hundreds of hastily stacked VCR tapes in the security room whose titles were written in black marker, presumably by a child. Foundation agents immediately took note of these abnormalities and seized LoI-1004, followed by the implementation of standard red herring protocols, subsequently discovering SCP-570.

The VCR tapes were confiscated and played on a memetic filter to neutralize any potential risks associated with harmful memetic agents or cognitohazards. The most notable events are transcribed below.

Tape 1: 12/03/19██

Title: Home

Duration: 09:24 min

Event: The footage begins with the view of black tarmac for the first four seconds, before the camera begins to rock up and down wildly, rapidly shifting scenes between the tarmac and a dimly lit alleyway, lined with closed shops and dilapidated apartments. Soft pants, as well as grinding noises are heard behind the camera, as if luggage is being dragged for the next 36 seconds. Footage cuts.

Tape 39: 03/11/19██

Title: Untitled

Duration: 04:12 min

Event: Footage begins with the view of a tiled floor. The camera shakes and struggles to hover above the floor, as muffled conversations (identified as two men, one woman) are heard in the distance. The content of the conversation is unintelligible, although the female voice giggles at the 02:13 min mark, and escalates to laughter. The laughter continues until the end of the footage. Both the male and female voice repeatedly utter a word of thanks until the end of the footage. Footage cuts.

Tape 52: 01/21/19██

Title: Show #12

Duration: 08:12 min

Event: The camera is secured on a perch, facing the front of a makeshift classroom, comprised of a hanging whiteboard and toddler furniture. An eight-year-old female child enters in a costume similar to that worn by Cinderella. The camera zooms in to show only her upper half, followed by a male child in prince costume, who enters from the left side of the frame. Both faces are blurred, and their voices are heavily distorted, producing an unnatural, high-pitched tone.

Both children begin to act out a scene in the story where Cinderella had to return home before midnight, and the prince sets out after her, only to gain possession of Cinderella's glass shoe. However, the children's movements are erratic, often seen twitching and slurring scripted lines. After the conclusion of the show, both children simultaneously collapse, disappearing from the frame. The audience claps and whistles. Footage cuts.

Tape 61: 11/24/19██

Title: Lunch time!!

Duration: 09:48 min

Event: The entire footage consists of a black screen, seldomly and momentarily illuminated by several slits between what could be made out as fingers. Sounds of metallic utensils clinking and shuffling are heard during the entirety of the video. At the 09:34 min mark, all conversations quieten down, after which a male voice begins to chant a low-pitched, continuous "ah". Footage cuts.

Tape 84: ██/██/19██

Title: Show #23

Duration: 11:53 min

Event: The camera is positioned similarly to Tape 52. The audience claps, and two unidentified children, one female and one male, emerge from both frames. The male and female children are dressed as Peter Pan and Maimie Mannering respectively. From the eight-minute mark onwards, a noticeable deviation from the plot is observed: in the scene where Peter Pan was supposed to fly with the Darlings, a man, dressed in a dirtied white overall, emerges from the right. He then extends his left hand (with his right hidden from view) towards the boy, who accepts by holding his hand.

The boy then turns to the girl acting as Maimie Mannering, and reaches out with his free hand towards her. The girl accepts, and the three slowly stagger away from the frame while humming an unknown hymn. Claps and whistles are heard. Footage is cut.

Addendum 570-1 - Exploration Summary: In a preliminary search to ascertain the threat level, MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") was deployed to LoI-1004. During the exploration, Zeta-9 encountered two civilians whose faces were overwhelmed with hundreds of millimeters-wide burrows, emerging from a unit previously sealed off with tape and planks. The civilians invited members of Zeta-9 to their unit; Site command advised extreme caution, and instructed Zeta-9 to comply.

The civilians were cordial, providing servings of snacks and barley tea. However, they appeared to possess extensive knowledge and awareness of the existence of the Foundation, venerating Site-12 for their efforts in containment; they exhibited a profound inability to emotionally express themselves. They refused to respond to queries regarding the state of LoI-1004, merely stating they were members of the Shinjishik Sungdang ("Church of New Knowledge").

12 minutes into the interview, the civilians repeatedly requested Zeta-9 to leave the unit:

Z-1: Sir?

Man 1: Please leave now.

Man 2: Do not look.

Z-4: I do not think I understand.

(Man 2 immediately grabs hold of Z-4's wrist. The rest of Zeta-9 readies their sidearm.)

Man 2: I said: do not look down there.

(Man 2 slowly releases Z-4's wrist and slumps back onto the wall. Both men convulse and are declared deceased.)

Z-4: Zeta-9, possible memetic hazard — advise to not look down. Confirm.

Z-1: I'm not picking up anything memetic.

Z-3: Confirmed.

Z-2: That is confirmed.

Z-1: Hm. Alright. Command, possible memetic influence — my sensor might just be getting a little wonky here.

(Silence for eight seconds. Z-1 nods.)

Z-1: Let's move. Bag and tag those bodies. We might need 'em for later —

(Z-1 lets out a yelp and struggles to breathe. The civilians begin to twitch, before they are dragged across the floor by a fleshy appendage attached to their ankle. The rest of Zeta-9 collapses simultaneously. Footage is cut.2)

Subsequent search teams discovered an emergency stairway leading to the basement of LoI-1004, whose entrance was sealed by solder and its doorknob dismantled. Blood and muscle tissue seeped from under the door, obscuring the inner contents. Received audio transcripts indicated moans, utterances and muffled laughter. Much of the utterances were unintelligible, although the following sentence could be heard multiple times:

"All of you love me. Don't you? All of you love me."

Capture of members affiliated with the "Shinjishik Sungdang" is now a Level III priority. MTF Zeta-9 has been deemed uncontactable. Containment procedures for SCP-570 are to remain in place indefinitely.

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