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by J Dune

Item#: 5697
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
SUBSITE-5697 L. Vargas E. Marshall Pi-32


SCP-5697, taken from GoI-001's case file

Special Containment Procedures: At present, SCP-5697 has precluded physical containment. Until such methods become feasible, SCP-5697's self-concealing properties are considered sufficient containment, and do not threaten normalcy in a way that would necessitate further action by the Foundation.

The closed circuit surveillance system within SCP-5697-1 has been intercepted by a Foundation stationary task force and is to be monitored between the hours of 23:00 and 5:00 by a team situated in Foundation-purchased warehouse N-131, located north of the premises. All BRANDO-Events are to be recorded and transcribed.

Description: SCP-5697 is a victual humanoid entity residing in York, Pennyslvania.

SCP-5697's body physically resembles a mass of various pastas2, which conjointly form a humanoid shape. This composition is amorphous, and can be expanded or contracted at the entity's will. The only non-noodle based element of SCP-5697's physiology, a large meatball, acts as a head, with a slit used for speaking, and a mass of bucatini positioned on its peak. SCP-5697 typically stands at 2.3 meters.

While SCP-5697's internal biology remains unseen, the entity is sapient, intelligent3, and capable of speech and audiovisual perception. SCP-5697 self-identifies as "Don Cavatelli", and claims to be a former operative of the now-defunct anomalous criminal organization the Chicago Spirit, performing as an assassin and bootlegger from 1915 to 1938.

SCP-5697-1 is Grappolo, a defunct Italian restaurant located in York, Pennyslvania. Despite local records not indicating any ownership of the property since 1983, SCP-5697-1 maintains electrical power. On the first of every month, SCP-5697-1's kitchen will generate, in large quantities, ingredients used in the preparation of foods typically cooked at similar establishments, such as tomato sauce, noodles, vegetables, dairy products, and various types of wine. The process by which these ingredients are obtained remains unknown, but testing has indicated food found within SCP-5697-1 is otherwise ordinary.

SCP-5697 has taken residence inside SCP-5697-1, in a small, lightly furnished room located above the restaurant. The entity has not been observed to leave SCP-5697-1, and its behavior outside of BRANDO-Events is largely sequestered, consisting of cooking, listening to music, and reading. Personal artifacts owned by SCP-5697 consist of dress attire, a large collection of literature4, a personal computer, and a pair of headphones. While SCP-5697's interest in theology is noted, the entity does not seem to subscribe to a particular belief system, and has not been observed carrying out religious practices. Occasionally, new items, typically literature, will manifest in SCP-5697's collection. How this process occurs is unknown.

When SCP-5697-1 is approached with the intention of apprehending, detaining, or otherwise engaging in a form of containment for SCP-5697, the restaurant will disappear. In its place will be a nondescript, brown, bricked building of the same dimensions as SCP-5697-1, but with no accessible entry points. SCP-5697-1 will revert to its typical state within an hour.

SCP-5697-1 has the capability to manifest individuals inside the building, in which a BRANDO-Event will occur. See Addenda for an overview of this phenomenon.

Addendum.5697.1: BRANDO-Events

A BRANDO-Event occurs when an individual is manifested inside SCP-5697-1. These events occur between the hours of 23:00 and 5:00, as many as three times a week. Subjects manifested inside the restaurant are always currently incarcerated in a prison located in the United States, with their criminal offenses relating to illegal drug use, gang affiliation, or gang violence. It is unknown how SCP-5697-1 discerns this information, if at all.

While subjects will reside in SCP-5697-1 for upwards of two hours, there is apparent time dilation between Grappolo and the outside world. From the perspectives of those in the prison facility they disappeared from, subjects are never perceived as being absent for more than three seconds.

Following the conclusion of a BRANDO-Event, subjects will be returned to their previous location, with no recollection of the events prior. An abridged list of BRANDO-Events follows.

Date Subject Description Aftermath
1991/11/02 (BRANDO-03) Marcus Corbett. Serving 25 years at California State Prison for possession of illegal firearms, second-degree attempted murder, second-degree burglary, and gang conspiracy. Subject manifested inside SCP-5697-1's dining room, where the lights were dimmed. They demonstrated brief confusion as SCP-5697 emerged from kitchen and gestured to the booth. Subject sat down, relaxed. SCP-5697 returned to kitchen, and reemerged with a large plate of chicken parmesan, bread, and pasta. Entity placed food near the subject, began to pour two glasses of wine, and encouraged Corbett to eat. Corbett thanked SCP-5697, and the two shared a meal that lasted 45 minutes. SCP-5697 and subject conversed, relating experiences to each other. After finishing, subject demanifested and reappeared inside his previous location in California State Prison. Upon corresponding with subject, it was found that Corbett had no apparent recollection of his experience inside SCP-5697-1. Subject exhibited marked contentedness in following weeks.
1999/3/17 (BRANDO-212) Emilio Bernall. Serving 15 years at Waupun Correctional Institution, WI for fourth degree gang conspiracy, theft of a motor vehicle, and possession of illicit drugs. Subject manifested inside SCP-5697-1. Displayed minor distress at SCP-5697's appearance, but became calm when entity offered food and drink. Subject and SCP-5697 shared a light meal. There was little communication between the two. Similar behavior pattern to previous subjects following event. Subject described sleeping well and feeling optimistic.
2006/2/29 (BRANDO-558) D-691, Richard Kimmz. Drafted into Foundation employment as D-Class personnel after being charged with illicit drug possession, trafficking, and manufacturing, first, second, and third-degree gang conspiracy, gang affiliation, and third-degree murder. Subject initially rejected SCP-5697's meal, expressing discontent and distress. SCP-5697 spoke to subject and offered a cigar. Subject and SCP-5697 smoked for two hours, engaging in conversation about each others pasts. Subject expressed gratitude towards SCP-5697 before demanifesting. Subject appeared at Foundation Facility Area-179 in their previous location. Similar behavior pattern. Subject has taken interest in hobbies not previously displayed, such as writing and reading.

Addendum.5697.2: Interview Log

The Foundation has interacted with SCP-5697 on multiple occasions. Entity is distant, and does not usually respond to queries about its past. As such, most information obtained about SCP-5697's background has come from information exchanged during BRANDO-events. A notable example of an interview with SCP-5697 has been transcribed below.


Agent Owens approaches SCP-5697-1 with the intention of interviewing SCP-5697. The building does not protect itself, and Owens is able to access the restaurant from the front door. Upon entry, the dining room is empty. SCP-5697, dressed in its typical suited attire, makes its way to Owens.

Agent Owens: Mr. Cavatelli.

SCP-5697: There a reason you's guys are coming for me today? Suppose it can't be anything major if you actually got in. C'mon, sit down.

Agent Owens: We just want to talk. Our last meeting got cut short.

SCP-5697: Started talkin' about the business. The past. I told you I don't like that. Not with you.

Agent Owens: My apologies, we should've respected your wishes. Uh, how about we focus on something else today? What about what you do? Your meals that you have with convicts.

SCP-5697: That's what it is, isn't it? I don't just see 'em as convicts. Hell, I don't even know the guys, the building does all the work for me. Just like it feeds me, cares for me. Sometimes it brings me people. They don't always talk, but when they do, I find out we're not too different. The names are, what they got pinned with too, sometimes. I don't think that's a coincidence.

Agent Owens: You think the building is exhibiting autonomy?

SCP-5697: Might be, I know I can talk to them though. The people who show up here. They've never done something I ain't done, and none of them are proud of it. (Sighs) We're bad guys, I know, I'm not asking for any sympathy or anything. You can't undo the past, doesn't matter how much you fold your hands and beg.

Agent Owens: You feel a connection to them.

SCP-5697: When you're… made of what I am, and I ain't talkin' bout the spaghetti, you could use a little human interaction. I know how to talk to 'em. They don't have to open up, but it's nice when they do. For some reason, no one's ever turned me down. (Entity points up.) That's how I know this place is looking out for me, and bringing me what I need. 'Lotsa those guys are starving. Can't stand the food they get. Figure it's the least I can do.

Agent Owens: Yeah, that's… that makes sense. Is there a reason why no one's ever shown up here twice? Don't you want to keep up with these people?

SCP-5697: I don't know. They just don't come again. They don't need to, really. They've got everything they need. I wouldn't mind reconnecting, but I can't imagine you guys would approve of that. I know my place.

Agent Owens: I believe—

SCP-5697: You know, I've been thinking. It's about the only thing I can do, so I do quite a bit of it. I asked myself, "Why aren't they scared of me?". Why don't they laugh? I'm a walking, talking, meatball-man, for crying out loud! I'd laugh at me. These guys, who gotta live with what they've done. Why even give me the time of day? And… I'll be honest with you, I still don't know. (Laughs) Tell you what, that D guy. Kimmz. You wanna ask him for me? Maybe we could meet up again, if you's guys allowed.

Agent Owens: (Pause) I'm not sure how to say this to you, but are you aware of the aftermath of your meals?

SCP-5697: What are you talking about?

Agent Owens: They don't remember you. Their behavior changes in little ways. Better moods, taking up new interests, forms of self-expression. You're benefiting these people, don't get me wrong, but they don't remember you. We… weren't sure if you were aware of this.


SCP-5697: I always wondered why they didn't come back. I, ah, I never liked repeats anyway.

SCP-5697 gets up from the table, and mutters to itself before walking towards the kitchen. SCP-5697-1 demanifests into its concealed form, and Agent Owens stands outside.


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