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Item #: SCP-5696

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5696 is kept in anomalous item locker #5696 at Site-19.
No further procedures are considered necessary.

Description: SCP-5696 is a revolver resembling a Smith and Wesson M&P .38 in both function and design. The weapon bears two engravings: The first being a manufacturer engraving along the cylinder reading "S&W Model EO-11 C.S."1 and the second on one side of the barrel reading "Finish this job, Kill that cheating bastard."[sic]. When SCP-5696 is held in the right hand of a subject and the cylinder is opened using that hand, the subject (henceforth SCP-5696-1) will be displaced into SCP-5696-A.2


"Finish this job, Kill that cheating bastard."[sic]

SCP-5696-A refers to an alternate dimension consisting primarily of a nightclub named "The Dying Roses," a building that was once located at ███ Division St., Chicago, which closed in 1956. Displaced subjects will find themselves dressed in formal attire appropriate for the early 1930's regardless of what they were dressed in prior to displacement. This includes a striped suit and matching dress pants, a blue tie, white undershirt, and a striped fedora. All objects on their person will have demanifested until their return, where they will find themselves dressed in their original clothing with the same belongings. Alterations to the subject's physical body made while within SCP-5696-A will remain, however. Note that SCP-5696-1 will displace with $1, $5 and $10 bills in varying amounts, totaling up to $100, in their left inner coat pocket.3 No items can be brought out of or taken into SCP-5696-A with the exception of any object held in SCP-5696-1's left hand during their removal from our dimension. Displacement only occurs with subjects who meet a certain set of physical specifications (see document 5696-M5 for full list); these include particular height and BMI limitations, but do not include race or sex requirements.

When viewed upon immediate entry, the area surrounding "The Dying Roses" consists of empty space. SCP-5696-A will construct an environment dependent on the needs or requirements of SCP-5696-1. This usually begins with a cityscape of apartment buildings but has also included rival clubs, hospitals, fire stations, and police stations. SCP-5696-A also creates smaller objects as needed, including but not limited to telephone poles, call boxes, and motor vehicles.

During their shift into SCP-5696-A, the subject will experience a series of semi-predictable events. Events that occur can have varying outcomes or be prevented entirely based on the actions taken by SCP-5696-1 while in SCP-5696-A. In some cases, actions taken have led to notable and/or unusual events occurring (see Addendum 5696-2). None of the events are particularly anomalous, but rather reflect real actions that may have been taken by the involved entities and the consequences thereof.

The following details the most commonly-recorded series of events.

00:00 - 1:00: SCP-5696-1 will be ushered to a seat at the bar as they "wait for the rest of their party,"4 although subjects may do as they please. Subjects have been recorded as having ordered food and drinks5, purchasing cigars or cigarettes, interacting with waitstaff and other customers, speaking with and/or paying stage dancers, and in some cases, engaging in hand-to-hand combat.6

1:01 - 1:45: Five men (SCP-5696-2, -3, -4, -5, -6) will enter the establishment over the course of 45 minutes and mill about the area. They most commonly spend this time sitting next to each other at the bar and ordering various drinks. Each of them will eventually begin to smoke and talk among themselves.

1:46 - 1:59: SCP-5696-2 through -6 will enter a room at the far end of the establishment that is closed off by a pair of red curtains. SCP-5696-1 will be ushered into the room by a member of the waitstaff and will be introduced to the men as "Mark Kennedy of the C.P.D.7 He's here on behalf of Nitti's gang."8 They will stare at SCP-5696-1 in silence for roughly five seconds before laughing and shaking their hand. SCP-5696-5 will offer SCP-5696-1 a cigarette if they don't already have one, and the member of waitstaff will offer them a drink. SCP-5696-5 will show them to an open seat around a table covered in green felt.

2:00 - 6:00: SCP-5696-1 through -6 will begin to play Texas Hold 'em using direct monetary bets. From here, similarities become less common and the timeline of events begins to differ due to subject input. Play styles, game outcomes, conversation topics, and general actions influence what occurs.

Addendum 5696-1: Characteristics of SCP-5696-2 through -6.
Note: The following information has been gathered through a total of 129 tests and is still in development.

Name: Jack Walker
Age: 37-40
Relatives: Single, never married, no children
Profession: Trumpet Player, "The Jimmy Michaels Brass Band."
Play Style: Quiet, only makes safe bets.
Notes: Does not drink as he believes the hangover ruins his performing abilities. Often leaves the table for fresh air. Occasionally performs with "The Dying Roses Jazz Band" when he is having a particularly good night. Displays nervousness when involved in conversations regarding all law-related subjects. Has occasionally claimed to know SCP-5696-1 "from work."

Name: Casey Malkovitch
Age: 22-23 (Birthday occasionally occurs)
Relatives: Girlfriend, no children
Profession: Underground boxing champion
Play Style: Bluffs often, folds rarely.
Notes: Overdramatic personality. Has repeatedly made threats to "fight every person in this godforsaken hellhole if I lose this next hand." Attends the University of Chicago but refuses to state his major. Always has a large sum of money on his person.

Name: Roy Jacobsen
Age: 25-29
Relatives: Single, never married, no children
Profession: Unemployed
Play Style: Unfamiliar with the game, makes large bets apparently at random.
Notes: Claims to be the son of a millionaire Wall Street broker. Regularly offers to buy drinks for every person at the table, occasionally for the entire population of SCP-5696-A. Often becomes overly-inebriated and has been caught paying dancers and crying to them on more than 35 occasions. Dodges questions regarding personal matters of all forms.

Name: Jake Rose
Age: 32
Relatives: Married, one son.
Play Style: Exceptional bluffing. Rarely makes a net loss.
Notes: Served as a rifleman in the First World War. Often shares war stories, most commonly a story regarding a grenade shrapnel wound sustained in the upper right thigh. Became an expert at poker while in the trenches. Is business partners with SCP-5696-6 but claims he does not participate in illegal activity. Claims the nightclub is named after "the one time a bullet hit the very top of my helmet and nearly killed me."

Name: Clyde Jackson
Age: 33
Relatives: Married, one son, one daughter.
Play Style: Average, occasionally makes larger bets when on a losing streak.
Notes: Proprietor of "The Dying Roses." Is involved with the Chicago Outfit and regularly discusses the location's use as a front for cocaine production and sale, despite the Chicago Outfit's distaste for drug use. Served with SCP-5696-5 in the First World War. Usually jovial, even in dark times. Occasionally has his wife visit the establishment and spends considerable amounts of time talking about his family.

Addendum 5696-2: List of Notable Discrepancies

Test #: 03
Time: 1:20
Event: A female test subject was used. SCP-5696-1 was removed from the building for "impersonating Mr. Kennedy. She even wore his fucking clothes." SCP-5696-A was viewed forming a full cityscape. SCP-5696-1 spent the remainder of the time in the parking lot and wandering through the streets of SCP-5696-A.

Test #: 24
Time: 5:00
Event: SCP-5696-1 repeatedly bet all money on their person.9 SCP-5696-3 punched SCP-5696-1, knocking them unconscious.

Test #: 27
Time: 3:25
Event: Two thieves attempted to rob the nightclub at gunpoint. Every patron and member of the waitstaff drew a firearm on the thieves, including SCP-5696-1. They left peacefully.

Test #: 39
Time: 2:05
Event: SCP-5696-1 immediately shot SCP-5696-6 for losing a hand to him and was immediately fired upon by SCP-5696-5. SCP-5696-1's corpse was transported and dumped into the Chicago River. SCP-5696-1 returned dead with five bullet wounds in the chest and entirely soaked.

Test #: 52
Time: 4:45
Event: SCP-5696-1 requested a "taste test" from SCP-5696-6 during a conversation regarding drug sales. SCP-5696-6 obliged. During the last hour, SCP-5696-6 led SCP-5696-1 around a back room. SCP-5696-1's coat accidentally caught fire, causing him to panic. He ripped the jacket off and threw it into a puddle of spilled alcohol, setting the establishment ablaze. SCP-5696-1 returned with severe 3rd degree burns.

Test #: 66
Time: 4:30
Event: SCP-5696-1 had won each hand played that session. SCP-5696-6 bet the deed to the establishment. SCP-5696-1 played four aces.

Time: 5:00
Event: SCP-5696-1 had all patrons and all but two waitstaff members removed from the location, including SCP-5696-2 through -6. SCP-5696-1 spent the night becoming intoxicated among the female performers and engaging in sexual activity. Some patrons began to approach a police call box when they were denied re-entry and were stopped by other patrons.

Test #: 94
Time: 1:45
Event: SCP-5696-3 declared that it was his birthday. No playing occurred and SCP-5696-3 was baked and served a chocolate cake. A portion of the day was spent celebrating his birthday.

Test #: 105
Time: 3:35
Event: In an attempt to make conversation, SCP-5696-1 asked the other players what their favorite television shows were. SCP-5696-1 spent the next hour attempting to explain various products of modern technology to them before SCP-5696-3 called a hospital. SCP-5696-1 spent the remainder of the night in the back of a white Rolls-Royce bearing red crosses, where he was questioned about his sanity.

Test #: 127
Time: 5:00

Test #: 128
Time: 0:05
Event: The engraving on SCP-5696's barrel was not present. The interior of "The Dying Roses" was significantly darkened and contained only one person. A spotlight was aimed at a patron dressed in similar clothing and possessing a similar physique to SCP-5696-1, who was sitting at the bar. The figure possessed a CPD badge which he wore openly on his suit. He smiled weakly at SCP-5696-1 and offered them a shot glass filled with scotch. SCP-5696-1 noted that the area felt abnormally cold, but was warmer in the light. The subject and the figure held a toast, then sat in silence for 10-15 seconds. The figure stood, removed his badge and firearm and placed them on the counter, then turned to leave. He stopped at the door, turned to face SCP-5696-1, thanked them, then left the establishment. The subject spent the remainder of the time in the empty building.

Test #: 129
Time: 0:00
Event: SCP-5696 did not displace the subject. The engraving on the side of the barrel read "Mark Kennedy, 1901-2020."

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