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Footage taken from attempted invasive observation of SCP-5693.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to structural damage resulting from SCP-5693, Disposal Site-27 is to remain abandoned. As such, a second provisional site has been constructed a safe distance away to observe the colony. Research into the former purpose of Disposal Site-27 is currently considered a top priority. As to prevent unnecessary expansion of the colony, personnel assigned to SCP-5693 are to have little to no viewpoints on religion or religious matters.

Description: SCP-5693 refers to a colony of termites of indeterminate size, currently occupying the bottom level of Disposal Site-27.1 SCP-5693 matches no known species of termite, although its nest superficially resembles that of cathedral termites, with large mounds of the colony extending upwards through the ceiling tiles and ventilation shafts. These mounds superficially resemble bell towers, and are engraved with unknown symbols believed to be of theological significance. These symbols emit a blue glow whenever SCP-5693 undergo a consumption event.

During a consumption event, SCP-5693 are capable of consuming any material. SCP-5693 will target items that emit Akiva radiation, particularly those associated with religion.2 This radiation will then be channeled within enzymes produced by SCP-5693 to transmute affected objects into wood pulp. This material is mostly consumed by SCP-5693, although an estimated 15% of it is used to further expand the colony. SCP-5693 transmute an estimated 450 kg of material each day, with current predictions showing SCP-5693 will completely consume the site by 2038.

It is currently unknown how SCP-5693 achieved its current size as Disposal Site-27 was found abandoned upon discovery. However, various surviving artifacts were discovered through subsonic imaging either partially or completely untouched by SCP-5693 within the site's ruins, forming pockets of untouched earth around them. These objects include;

  • Hazardous waste bags (present in excess and emptied of contents).
  • Various scientific equipment and machinery.3
  • Several mason jars, filled with an unknown substance.
  • The Proper Disposal of Religious Artifacts by Yossi Leiner and Randall Bannock.
  • Chunks of concrete and plaster possessing the emblem of the Department of Tactical Theology. The Department claims to have no knowledge of the anomaly and has refused further comment.

Notably, severe chemical weathering associated with religious refuse and theological waste has been detected around the colony in SCP-5693's former containment chamber,4 although this appears to have stopped following its expansion into the rest of the facility

Further research into the significance of these objects is currently pending.

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