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Item #: SCP-5692

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5692 is currently held in a modified humanoid containment chamber at Site-29. The cell has altered temperature/atmospheric conditions to accommodate the subject’s physiology, the specifications of which are outlined in Document-5692-11. SCP-5692 is to be fed a concentrated mixture of amino acids, simple sugars, and ionic phosphates every 12-15 hours. The specifications for the preparation of this mixture are outlined in Document-5692-13.

Class-A amnestics are authorized to be used on all parties associated with the containment of SCP-5692-A instances. Specific methods for the containment of instances of SCP-5629-A are to be determined on a case-by-case basis by participating operatives. Contained instances of SCP-5692-A are to be held in Site-29 with containment conditions appropriate to their physiological needs. These conditions may be determined through research of the subject or by using information provided by the subject. Further information regarding each contained instance of SCP-5692-A can be found on Documents-5692-(37-109).

Research into the biology, behavior, and prior activities of SCP-5692 as well as instances of SCP-5692-A are currently being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Verner, head of the Extraterrestrial Anomaly Division of Site-29. Any concerns or inquires regarding the research or containment of SCP-5692 or instances of SCP-5692-A are to be directed to Dr. Verner.

Description: SCP-5692 is a slug-like sapient organism of extraterrestrial origin measuring 2.3 m in length and folded backwards at the midpoint of its body to allow its anterior half to be aligned perpendicular to the ground. SCP-5692 possesses a head with a pair of large red eyes, an elongated, tube-shaped mouthpart, and two clusters of small pores on either side designed to facilitate respiration. SCP-5692 possesses a pair of stalk-like organs on either side of its torso, each ending in a round, sensitive organ capable of sprouting a number of flexible mycelium-like protrusions at will. The protrusions have been confirmed by SCP-5692 to be a means of reproduction and environmental manipulation. SCP-5692 is a dull orange in colour with dark and light countershading similar to many marine animals.

SCP-5692 was recovered on October ██, 2014 from a small cabin in a forest near ███████, Oregon after several reports of UFO activity in the region were investigated by Foundation operatives. The incident was contained without incident and upon being confronted by operatives, SCP-5692 surrendered willingly into Foundation custody. SCP-5692 has been cooperative with Foundation staff since its containment and appears to answer most inquiries with sincerity.

SCP-5692 is able to communicate using of a small electronic device embedded directly in its nervous system at the point where the structures analogous to a brain and ocular nerves meet. According to SCP-5692, the device is a translator capable of processing various methods of visual communication, including written words and the movement of lips, and directly implanting the abstract concepts they represent into the brain of SCP-5692.

This device is also capable of converting the thoughts of SCP-5692 into audible words and/or holographic projections of written language using a speaker/holographic emitter located directly below the skin between its eyes. Using this device, SCP-5692 can understand the top 250 most common spoken and written languages on Earth as well as several hundred forms of extraterrestrial communication. SCP-5692 claims that due to its placement, removal of this device would instantly result in its death. Removal of this device for further study is not authorized.

SCP-5692 is responsible for the integration of fifty to fifty-five extraterrestrial lifeforms, designated instances of SCP-5692-A, into Earth's societies and ecosystems between the years of 2001 and 2014, forty-two of which been have been successfully contained. The appearances and reasons for appearing on Earth vary drastically among instances of SCP-5692-A. All instances of SCP-5692-A are sapient and have previously engaged in business transactions with SCP-5692. The whereabouts and activity of all contained instances of SCP-5692-A were provided to Foundation personnel by SCP-5692 shortly after its initial containment.


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