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Item#: 5691
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5691 is to be contained in its entirety in a standard containment locker at Site-81 requiring Level 2 security clearance. SCP-5691-α-24 and -25 are to be contained in separate containment lockers requiring Level 3 and 4 security clearances respectively to access.

Description: SCP-5691 is an old unmarked black briefcase of average size. It contains several pots of paint and a small sphere, hereafter referred to as SCP-5691-α and -β respectively.

SCP-5691 appears superficially similar to non-anomalous briefcases, however is able to contain SCP-5691-β entirely despite the internal dimensions of the briefcase being smaller than the diameter of the latter. SCP-5691 is also capable of manifesting a new instance of SCP-5691-β every 96 hours, replacing the existing sphere if it has not been removed from the briefcase.

SCP-5691-α collectively refers to 25 separate glass paint pots, which are measured to be 10 centimeters deep containing acrylic paint. Despite this, each paint pot can effectively produce an infinite amount of paint, as shown by the constant volume of paint in the pots despite the number of tests conducted.

The paint from SCP-5691-α does not exhibit any anomalous properties while wet, rather manifesting them when dry. When this occurs, the composition of the painted surface is converted to a mixture of varying amounts of sand, silt and clay consistent with differing types of non-anomalous soils. The extent of conversion depth typically reaches up to 0.5 meters below the surface of the object being painted, and as such, testing of SCP-5691-α is to be conducted on a designated outdoor concrete surface at Site-81.

Local temperature and humidity within a short distance from the affected area, relative to its surface area, will change to reflect typical conditions in their corresponding climate types. A small artificial gravitational field is also formed during this process and maintained by anomalous means, allowing for SCP-5691-α-created environments to ignore local gravity and remain "anchored" to the affected surfaces.

Shortly after conversion, unidentified minuscule flora and fauna begin to anomalously appear on affected surfaces, with clear adaptations for the type of climate visible. It should be noted that the area of the affected surface is proportional to the size of the organisms that materialize there. Further information on these organisms can be retrieved via the list of observed SCP-5691 entities, available upon request at the Site-81 archive center.

SCP-5691-α can be divided into 25 separate designations, with differing colours and effects.

SCP-5691-α instance designation Description
1-10 Varying shades of green. Application to a surface will result in the formation of a temperate environment. Manifested instances have included tropical rainforests, temperate forests, taigas and savannahs. Local humidity and temperature will vary accordingly. Flora that spawn here may not necessarily contain chlorophyll, despite the colour of the paint used in its creation. Given enough time, these environments tend to exhibit the most biodiversity.
11-20 Varying shades of yellow and brown. Application to a surface will result in the formation of arid environments, with local temperatures ranging from 70ºC to -115ºC. Research personnel are advised to prepare protective equipment when testing with SCP-5691-α-16 up to SCP-5691-α-20. Few flora and fauna have been recorded in these instances given the extremity of the environment.
21 Grey. Application to a surface will result in the formation of mountains and hills via spontaneous aggregation of minerals from an unknown source. The elevation of these landforms is mostly inconsistent, and appears to vary at random. Vegetation on these instances tend to be sparse, but show variation within close proximity to other instances.
22-23 Light and dark blue. Application to a surface will result in the formation of freshwater and saltwater bodies respectively with varying depths. It is noted that the proximity of SCP-5691-α-22 and -23 to other instances of SCP-5691-α and the depth of the body of water formed is typically proportional. Instances of the bodies of water being deeper than the expected conversion depth of 0.5 meters have been recorded.
24 Bright red. Application to a surface will result in the formation of a volcanically active region. Testing with SCP-5691-α-24 is restricted to personnel with Level 3 clearance and above. Personnel are required to equip fire-proximity suits during testing.
25 White. No effects observed. Heavily alters local Hume levels1.

SCP-5691-β has been confirmed to be composed of a silicon-iron composite, and varies in size and mass with each instance. When it is completely covered in paint from SCP-5691-α, it demanifests completely. Instances of SCP-5691-β that are not completely painted do not demanifest, and can be safely contained.

Despite this, existing infrastructure in Site-81's C Wing do not allow for feasible mass-storage of SCP-5691-β instances, and as such, all tests involving SCP-5691-β are to ensure that it is completely painted and allowed to de-manifest. Requests to supply the Site-81 break rooms with samples of SCP-5691-α and SCP-5691-β2 for recreational purposes are under consideration.

SCP-5691 was purchased from an estate sale in Giverny, France by Senior Researcher Gachet, who only discovered the briefcase's anomalous property after prying it open. Prior to this, it is believed the item remained within the estate's storerooms for at least 80 years, and most likely has not been opened throughout this period.

Event-5691-K23: On 22/05/12, Junior Researcher Danan partially coated SCP-5691-β with a sample of SCP-5691-α-25 during the latter's initial test. As noted in security footage and on-site Hume readings, local Hume levels dropped sharply after 4 minutes, leading to the expiration of Junior Researcher Danan within one of the spontaneously formed pockets of non-linear time before proper containment procedures could be undertaken. The low-Hume area grew to encompass Site-81's C Wing before the on-site Scranton Reality Anchors were activated, restoring local reality to baseline levels and ending the anomalous event, designated Event 5691-K23. Testing on SCP-5691-α-25 was subsequently discontinued by order of Site Director Nadal. It is currently believed that the SCP-5691-β instance present during the test was submerged in one of the pools of SCP-5691-α-25 formed during the event, and subsequently demanifested.

Event 5691-CB09: On 17/03/32, the exoplanet Kepler-2███ anomalously disappeared. Closer observation of the exoplanet and its solar system revealed that [REDACTED]. Following this event, a similar exoplanet in a different star system has been designated Kepler-2███, with all publicly accessible information pertaining to the original exoplanet and star system updated by Foundation operatives in various prominent astronomical institutions to reflect this revision. The implications and exact nature of the Kepler-2███ event are currently under debate by Foundation and GOC astronomical institutions. The former Kepler-2███ star system remains under close observation for any secondary anomalous events.

Addendum 5691-W4: After extensive testing, it is believed instances of SCP-5691-β are anomalously linked to existing exoplanets within the Milky Way galaxy. During periodic surveys by Foundation satellites on nearby solar systems, a few exoplanets have been observed to spontaneously undergo transmutation in composition and atmospheric composition. Further observation has confirmed the topology of selected exoplanets to be consistent with tests conducted in previous years.

Addendum 5691-W6:
As of 08/05/33, testing on SCP-5691-β has been discontinued permanently, amidst concerns that any SCP-5691-β instance may affect Earth, as there is no practical method of determining which exoplanet any such instance may affect. The threat of a GK-class hostile-greenhouse scenario was judged to outweigh any grounds for continued SCP-5691-β testing by the O5 council. However, testing on SCP-5691-α instances -1 to -23 on non-anomalous surfaces have been permitted due to the potential pharmaceutical applications of the manifested entities.

Addendum 5691-F22: Following Event 5691-CB09, a letter manifested inside SCP-5691 alongside its anomalous contents, addressed to a Claude █████ (designated PoI-23653). Investigations have thus far been unable to locate or contact PoI-23653, with local records stating that the individual had passed away in 1926. A transcript of the letter, translated from French, can be found below.

Dear Claude,

That was a pretty long holiday, wasn't it? Have you finally lost your mind? Just what were you thinking? NEVER USE UNDILUTED ARGENT!.

We went over this SO MANY TIMES since the last incident, and now you douse the entire canvas in it. I was barely able to convince our buyers that it was one of David's (you know how they love him and his abstract "modernist" nonsense) so PLEASE LAY OFF THE [EXPLETIVE] ARGENT.

In addition, I am to inform you about the upcoming exhibition in the Pleiades on 30 March 2053. Please bring your best works, and preferably without a third deluge of argent.

Extremely irritated, Vincent

Investigations into the identities of Vincent (PoI-23654) and David (PoI-23655), as well as the "buyers" identified in the letter are currently ongoing. The Pleiades star cluster has since been designated as a Site of Interest by the Foundation Office of Celestial Anomalies, and remains under close observation for anomalous activity.
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