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Our team just got put on the 5678 project. Seems pretty big. But maybe it just seems big to me because of the way that number is represented in our counting system. Still, something about it seems significant. And of course it might be renumbered later, so who knows.

Specifically, we're working on chronicling the destruction of Site-27 on the 19th and all that entails. Yeah, that whole mess. Ramsey said she wants me to take point on the documentation this time. If I had to guess why, I bet she's got like five projects that she's been asked to put on the back burner to focus on this and you know her, she doesn't like to leave things unfinished. Ramsey always says "start with that which you know to be certain" and we're still in the dark about a lot of this, so I'm starting with the Chao interview. It just happened, I was there, and I know Al slightly better than most. From there I'll probably go through the other GOI statements, figure out how we as a Foundation define it, etc. etc. Shouldn't be too hard.

Daily Thoughts:
- How are SCPs numbered?
- What's so special about 5678? Is there anything special with 5678?

Addendum 5678.1: Interview with Al Chao

Interviewed: PoI-2149, "Al Chao"

Interviewer: Dr. Martina Ramsey

Foreword: Chao reached out to the Foundation following the events that occurred at Site-27 on 1/19/2038. Dr. Lupe De La Cruz was also present for this interview, having had prior experience with Chao.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Ramsey: Miss Alison Chao, thank you for-

PoI-2149: I'd prefer "Al," if you don't mind. And no mister, miss… bleh. None of that… whatever that is.

Dr. Ramsey: Very well then. Thank you for reaching out to us, Al. Your insight will no doubt prove valuable as we try to unravel the events of January 19th.

PoI-2149: Sure. Though I'm not sure just how valuable my testimony will actually be, I wasn't there for much of it. So what do you want to know?

Dr. Ramsey: Why don't you start with an account of what you witnessed, in your own words.

PoI-2149: So basically, I had just arrived on the scene, on that plateau overlooking your site. Site… twenty-nine?

Dr. Ramsey: Twenty-seven.

PoI-2149: Damn it, so close! In any case, from my vantage point I could see a bunch of people. You know, of course there were gocks, C-Is, some people who I can only assume were with the Hand. And of course, some of your guys were milling about outside. They were closest to the building.

Dr. Ramsey: Did you see how many?

PoI-2149: Of your people? I dunno, I didn't get a good headcount. Maybe about twenty? About ten researcher-looking-dudes and a few more of the scary agent guys. The, um, the task force guys. There were fewer of those guys though. Sorry, I'm not really sure.

Dr. Ramsey: That's alright. Please continue.

PoI-2149: Well, I had just gotten a quick look over everything and decided this was none of my business when it happened. The whole building just… [They make a motion with both hands, rising and then going out.] Pwoof! Exploded. Let me tell ya, seeing an explosion in real life? So much different than in a movie. Or on TV, like, Mythbusters or some shit. It stays with you. After that… I mean, I dunno, I panicked. I got the fuck out of there, as fast as I possibly could. Probably not the best look. But yeah, that's basically what happened.

Dr. Ramsey: Can you tell me when all of this happened?

PoI-2149: I arrived at the plateau a few minutes after 7:00, maybe 7:10. So the actual explosion must've been around 7:15 I guess? Maybe a few minutes after?

Dr. Ramsey: Now, mis- Al, we have intel that you have some connection to the group known to us only as "The Black Queen."

PoI-2149: Come on, you know I'm not going to talk about that.

Dr. Ramsey: We're just wondering if The Black Queen knew this would happen. Why were you there in the first place?

PoI-2149: Are you implying I had something to do with the explosion? [They turn to Dr. De La Cruz] Come on, Lupe, you know I wouldn't do anything like this.

Dr. Ramsey: Please, Al, we don't believe you had anything-

PoI-2149: I may not always agree with the Foundation, but I wouldn't do this!

Dr. Ramsey: Alright, Al, let me ask the question another way: what were you doing there? Why were you there right at the moment of destruction?

PoI-2149: [They look around the room, then sigh.] Look, even if The Black Queen exists, which I can't confirm or deny, I'm not a part of them. And even if I was, I wouldn't have gotten information about that day from them. A bunch of anomaly-related groups converging on one spot is bound to draw attention from anybody who knows what to look for. I was just there to ensure the safety of one person.

Dr. Ramsey: …And?

PoI-2149: He wasn't there. All good.

Dr. Ramsey: Alright. Before we end this interview, is there anything else you can tell us about that day?

PoI-2149: Let me think… Actually, yeah, there was one thing. I just remembered, there was somebody there with like, a large old-timey camera set up facing the building. I thought they were with the Hand at first, but come to think of it they weren't with the other Hand people. I don't know if that means anything, but…

Dr. Ramsey: We'll look into that. Thank you for coming in today, your insight is invaluable. Please, let us know if there's anything else you remember.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Chao was released without incident. At this time, Chao has made no further attempts to reach out to the Foundation


Al has given me a good baseline to work with. I feel bad about Ramsey ambushing them about the Black Queen stuff. Al is the only connection we have to the Black Queen, but it doesn't seem like they even know anything about her. Them. That group. Whatever.

Moving on from that tangent, I've been given access to a GOC memo shared with the Foundation. Hopefully, this will begin to patch up the holes in Al's testimony. I'll add that to the article and be well on my way to finishing this thing.

Daily Thoughts:
- Which is more trustworthy, the eyewitness account of an individual who was there, or a memo from a large organization whose compiler was nowhere close to the incident?
- Which is more trustworthy, the testimony of a close friend who may wish to show themself in a certain light, or the account of an organization with a very specific agenda to push?

Addendum 5678.2: Global Occult Coalition Memo

Following the events of 1/19/38, the Foundation reached out to the Global Occult Coalition asking about their involvement in the event. The Coalition sent back a partially redacted memo documenting the series of events from their perspective:


23 January 2038


UTE-9372-████████ █████

Much has been made over our involvement with the events affecting former Foundation Site-27 on the 19th of January earlier this month. The following is intended to serve as a timeline of events as well as a description of what was witnessed by our own.










The anomaly that breached containment has not been captured, and was not known to have been in Foundation custody at the time of deployment. Despite certain claims to the contrary, the GOC did not have anything to do with the destruction of Foundation Site-27. It was simply a case of wrong place, wrong time. At this time we are assisting the Foundation in figuring out what exactly occurred on January 19th, 2038, and setting things right.


Awesome! We have a precise time now. Although it's a little weird that Al didn't mention the containment breach. In any case, thanks to the insight from the GOC, we have a more precise timeline. Still trying to get my hands on the camera. For now I'm gonna fill in details.

Scratch that, I've just received word from Ramsey that we've just gotten a message from the Serpent's Hand. She wants me to add it to the document immediately. Let's see what we've got here.

Daily Thoughts:
- Serpents don't have hands

Addendum 5678.3: Serpent's Hand Statement

On 1/27/38, the Foundation received a document from the Serpent's Hand Claiming responsibility for the SCP-5678. The document reads as follows:

Dust to Dustjackets: A Statement From The Serpent's Hand

The enlightened world has been in shock following the events of the Nineteenth of January in the year 2038. Information has leaked and dared to enlighten those who wished to open their eyes.

It is true that several of us were there, at Foundation Site-27 on that fateful day. We had planned to help release one of the Jailers' many prisoners, but by the time we arrived what we had been searching for was already liberated.

However, we were not to know that until after. We organized a jailbreak, causing a commotion amongst the Jailers, who came out to see what had happened. What happened next is something we truly regret.

We had hoped that the entire building had been cleared in the commotion, but it seems not all had been accounted for, and we had greatly underestimated the area of impact. We put the final part of our plan into motion, capturing a picture on That Which Will Show The Truth, and causing the subsequent implosion of the facility.

We regret our hasty execution of this plan, as well as the lives of the Jailers that were lost in the subsequent destruction. We watched as the building folded in on itself, and heard the screams of those who were certainly lost.

Rest assured that those of us responsible will be punished through the proper channels, and may very well be exiled from The Serpent's Hand.


Well that throws a wrench in things. Implosion? Both Al and the GOC said that it was an explosion. It sounds like they're taking credit for something they know nothing about. But both Al and the GOC were also under the impression that they were there, so… what gives?

We finally got our hand on the camera, and confirmation from two GOIs that one of the photos was taken at the exact time of destruction ("That Which Will Show The Truth"), so im- or ex-plosion, we should be able to figure this out soon enough.

Daily Thoughts:
- Cameras, for the most part, are pretty reliable sources.

Addendum 5678.4: Photos from 5678-1

The following photos were taken by SCP-5678-1 and are unedited.

A picture of a now empty room at Site-19, previously used for testing with SCP-████.
A picture of Researcher Woods with a neutral expression during initial testing.

A picture of Site-27, confirmed to have been taken at 7:14:07 on January 19th, 2038.


Great news, by which I mean terrible news: the camera is anomalous. Figured as much when I finally saw the damn photos yesterday. We're trying to get in touch with Serpent's Hand, see if they'll be willing to explain what it does, because our experiments have yielded no useful results. Sometimes it changes the photo, sometimes it doesn't, and we only have one instance of it removing something from a photo. It usually just adds.

Whatever, I need to focus on the CI statement we got. Ramsey's been a bit more serious about me finishing this one lately. I can't tell why. Maybe with this statement can finally get an explanation as to what happened.

Daily Thoughts:
- The Serpents Hand are liars and so is the camera

Addendum 5678.5: Chaos Insurgency Report

Several days after the events of SCP-5678, Foundation agents intercepted a report from the Chaos Insurgency regarding the events of January 19th.


DeCIRO Catalogue Number: POR-38/024-423
Document Type: Post-Operation Summary Report

Date Received: 1-22-2038

Author: Delta Command

Operation was a success. The Foundation Site was successfully disappeared by our operatives. The anomaly has been released, and the overseers are dead, just as planned. The Foundation is in shambles with no idea how to pick up the pieces.


YOU CAN'T BOTH TAKE CREDIT FOR THE SAME THING, ASSHOLES. I'm getting so goddamn tired. And what do they mean, they "disappeared" it??? Did it blow up or collapse inward?! Pick one and stick with it! Stop trying to confuse me.

And the whole thing about trying to get rid of the overseers? That makes no sense. The overseers stay as far away from all anomalies as they can, and GOC and SH have confirmed a containment breach occurred, so why would the Overseers be at Site-27?

Ramsey received an email about 5678 that I have to read now. She's getting pretty worked up over this; we're both working on this project day and night now.

Daily Thoughts:
- Start with what you know to be certain:
- Sometime around or after 7:14:07, Site-27 ceased to exist in some way, shape or form
- The following organizations were certainly involved: The Chaos Insurgency, the Global Occult Coalition, The Serpent's Hand, The SCP Foundation
- The camera was at Site-27 around the time of its… whatever, but did not give a clue as to what
- I rewatched Rashomon last night. No comment.

Addendum 5678.6: Global Occult Coalition Revision

From: Alistair Murdoch <agentMurdochA@goconline>
To: Researcher Martina Ramsey <sr.Ramsey.M@scipnet>
Subject: January 19th
Date: January 30th, 2038

Researcher Ramsey,

I heard you are the one to contact regarding the unfortunate events of January 19th. The GOC doesn't know I'm writing this email, but no doubt they will soon find out. I'm writing to correct some misconceptions that may have been spread to you by my organization.

In truth, we were not there to destroy the anomaly that breached containment, as previously stated by our organization; it was your Foundation that asked for our help in containing a highly volatile anomaly that had seemingly just breached containment. The entire affair was very secretive, we didn't even know what we were facing walking towards Site-27. We were told we would be briefed on site. Obviously, that never happened and… well, Site-27 is gone now. I wish I could tell you how, but I'm having trouble remembering it myself. Based on initial reports, we can confirm 13 Foundation casualties. I don't know why the GOC would keep this information from anyone. Or why, as I suspect, your Foundation would keep it from you.

I will say one more thing, however: we didn't see any indication of a containment breach until after Site-27 disappeared.

I hope this will prove useful to you in some way.

Alistair Murdoch



What? We called in the GOC?? I suppose stranger things have happened, but not many. There's another SH thing I need to read, a response to our questions about the camera. Ramsey looks worse each day. I'm worried for her. I'm worried for me.

Daily Thoughts:
- The Foundation will go to any lengths necessary to protect normalcy
- The Foundation will hide any information from its staff. Especially those that need it most.

Addendum 5678.whatever: Serpent's Hand Revision

Now the Serpent's Hand has more information to add. Great.

Thank you for reaching out. Although I was initially surprised the Foundation wanted to talk, it quickly made sense when I realized what it was about. It seems some misinformation has been spreading about the events of January 19th, 2038 as well as the Serpent's Hand's role in those events, and as such I've taken it upon myself to clear up those misconceptions.

It's true that there were several members of the Hand who were at the Foundation site with the purpose of freeing a recently captured anomaly. However, my research indicates that their plan didn't work, but they remain adamant that they had some sort of impact. I don't think they're lying or deluding themselves.

The camera you retrieved that you asked about is a mysterious artifact. All we here know for certain is that it reveals the truth, even when that truth seems incompatible with its surroundings. We also know that it cannot possibly redact things from images, as you claim; it can only add to what is there. I truly hope you figure out the mysteries of the camera.

Finally, there is one piece of information that I believe would interest you. After the destruction of your site, witnesses saw a familiar figure walk up to the edge of the plateau, as if just arriving, and stand there for a few minutes as those below descended into chaos.

I hope this information will be of some help.


Nothing makes any goddamn sense anymore! Everything everyone is saying conflicts with each other. It was one thing when GOIs were debating about what they saw, but now people within those gois are claiming different things? What the hell happened that day?

I need to talk to Al.

Daily Thoughts:
- In Rashoman, the woodcutter confesses to stealing the dagger from the dead man's body. But the short story it was based on, In a Grove, features no such scene. Why was this changed for the movie? What does that say about objective truth?
- There are thirteen confirmed researcher casualties
- There are thirteen overseers

At some point researcher Lupe De La Cruz contacted Al Chao again and it sucked for everyone. I'll put this in another addendum at some point.


We need to talk.


I dont think you were completely forthcoming when ramsey interviewed you


Where's this coming from?

We've received more information from different groups. Somebody claims you only arrived at the scene after Site-27




Well they're wrong

Or they're lying

I don't know whether to believe you.

Lupe, are you serious?

Look im not some paragon but i wouldnt fucking lie to you. not about something like this

But you would potentially lie about something else? like when you got there?

are you fucking kidding me

this is why nobody trusts the jailers, you find anyone who isnt you suspicious and you find any reason you can to be distrustful of them

let me know when my friend Lupe De La Cruz wants to talk to me and i'll be happy to go over the dumbest, minutest detail with you

because this isn't you. and i dont wanna talk to whoever this person is.

I definitely deserved that. I just need to finish this stupid document and be done. Ramsey and I are both looking haggard. We haven't even seen anyone in ages.

Daily Thoughts:
- Im a terrible friend
- I cant stop until I figure this out

Description: SCP-5678 refers to the destruction disappearance loss of Site-27 on January 19th, 2038. The Foundation suffered few many at least 13? an unknown number of casualties. Procuring and containing the information surrounding this event has proven difficult due to the anomalous nature of conflicting reports a misunderstanding inconsistencies in the event testimonies goddamned photo evidence understanding of the event.

SCP-5678-1 is a camera that produces anomalous photographs. SCP-5678-1 shows the truth. SCP-5678-1 only adds to images and does not take away, except for that time it redacted an image in the weirdest possible way. SCP-5678-1 was discovered after during in connection to the events comprising SCP-5678, and was recovered stolen? given to us by? retrieved from the Serpent's Hand.

SCP-5678-2 is an as of yet unidentified anomaly that escaped containment was jailbroken by the SH? never existed? breached Foundation custody before after around the time of the loss of Site-27

Site-27 is in ruins fine exploded imploded both at once? actually Site-01 gone for now.

Ramsey and I haven't heard from the higher-ups in weeks. Does that mean we're off the hook?

Daily Thoughts:
- If the overseer council is dead I can just go home and forget about all of this
- If the overseer council is dead who's been running the Foundation in the meantime?
- Are Ramsey and I the only ones left?

Special Containment Procedures: New information regarding SCP-5678 is to be forwarded to Researchers Martina Ramsey and Lupe De La Cruz as soon as possible. Previously gained information does not matter is contradictory is to be restricted to Level 4 clearance.

SCP-5678-1 is to be destroyed kept in a standard storage locker.

SCP-5678-2 is still at large uncontained seriously I can't find one scrap of evidence that this thing ever existed to be contained at earliest possible point.

Are we watching the dissolution of the Foundation?

Daily Thoughts:
- Perhaps the overseers are dead
- Perhaps they never existed
- I haven't seen Ramsey in days

Object Class: Neutralized?1

Object Class: Safe2

Object Class: Apollyon3

I don't understand any of it anymore.

Daily Thoughts:

- Start with that which you know to be certain.

Item #: SCP-5678

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