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Item #: SCP-5675

Object Class: Safe

Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation garbage truck, similar to those involved in SCP-5675 events.

Special Containment Procedures: Though SCP-5675 events have ceased following the arrest of PoI-5675, the neighborhood is to remain under surveillance as a precautionary measure against similar phenomena.

PoI-5675 is currently incarcerated at a federal facility under UIU surveillance. Anomalous or otherwise suspicious activities are to be reported to the Foundation immediately under the Foundation and UIU's intelligence-sharing protocol.

Description: SCP-5675 is a phenomenon affecting residents of Chicago’s Douglas neighborhood. SCP-5675 presents as a cognitohazardous anomaly, through which individuals display adverse psychological responses to garbage collection vehicles operated by the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation.

Symptoms of SCP-5675 include paranoia, anxiety attacks, and in several cases myoclonic seizures. In all occurrences of this phenomenon, the affected individual has reported an acrid smell not typically associated with refuse.

The first known incidence was on the morning of 2015/06/03, wherein approximately two hundred Douglas residents reported to local medical services and emergency rooms. SCP-5675 continued, with only the vehicles assigned to the weekly Douglas collection round triggering SCP-5675. Since Foundation observation began, an incident occurred once per week until 2015/11/08 (see Addendum-1). In all cases, an amnestic aerosol was dispersed over the neighborhood and its surrounding environs using an agricultural aircraft.

PoI-5675 is Robert Brigham Jr., a local resident with an interest in thaumaturgy and ritualistic practices. Brigham was first identified as a person of interest after triangulation of SCP-5675 events; the most severe symptoms had been seen in individuals near the apartment building where Brigham lived.

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