Sacred Relic #5674

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by Rhys Tanner and A Fungus

SR #5674 conduit donated from the Metropolis Britannica

Relic Class: Secure — Caerimōnia ⬤

Sacrae Causā Prōcēdendae: SR #5674 may be manifested at will by any true believer. Conduits of SR #5674 found in the possession of the public are to be confiscated; if the offender is repentant, no further action will be necessary. The conduits are constituted of simple ordained matter and may be held at any reliquary or holding site within a locked box.

Ecumenical personnel are allowed to own, forge, and use conduits of SR #5674 at their own free will are permitted to use conduits of SR #5674 for the purpose of inquisition under the guidance of the cult of Saint Hubertus.

Description: SR #5674 is an aspect of Saint Hubertus1 which can be accessed through the ritual use of a conduit to his animus. An SR #5674 conduit is a sealable box forged from brass, of any dimensions, with a concave lens which allows a line of sight into its interior.

The conduit must be blessed in the name of Saint Hubertus—

Heavenly Father,
Infinite and indivisible,
Out of your heart emerges everything
From the vastness of the expanse
To the smallest grain of sand.

Mighty Father,
To see all that is unseen;
The motions of worlds
And the trajectories of light's rays;
Is to know the sum of your works.

Blessed Father,
In the name of Saint Hubertus;
Who holds the keys to burn away madness,
Who sees everything,
And who guards the forest of Gnosis;
May we see what he can see.

If the blessing is heeded, Saint Hubertus will consume the offering2 and answer in kind, such that the conduit will become a sink for His Providence and foresight. Upon sealing the relic3 of an individual inside the conduit, the lens will reveal moving tridimensional images which defy the limits of the conduit's interior space. These images depict a possible world and its consequences wherein the individual connected to the relic was never conceived, so that we may reflect on their impact.

Addendum #5674.I— Inquisitions
Date Relic Providence Granted Insight
01/07/1834 I; Skin from the Inquisitor Caius Griffiths An idyllic montane countryside. In the distance can be seen the city of Semper Viridis, Colorado Colony. The inquisitor confirmed the image depicts his property, but without his homestead built upon it.
10/04/1846 II; A crossbow quarrel forged by Saint Hubertus of the Ardennes Rabid dogs and corpses on streets. It is known that the Key of Saint Hubertus is called upon to brand dogs and save them from rabies.
19/02/1868 I; A lock of hair from the Princess Josepha Marian von Habsburg Maximus The Blessed Principal Magistrate Michael von Habsburg Maximus on his deathbed, his Last Will burning on a desk beside him. The Blessed Michael married Princess Josepha to preserve his legacy, and reared three sons.
20/11/1883 II; A scroll held by Saint Oliver the Protector The capital of the Diocese Hibernia under an odious blue sky. The people do not dress in Christian garb and Royalist banners are present. The Saint truly saved his Patronage from this fate.
24/10/1901 I; A vial of blood from the Damned #106520 Geneva Catilina alive and tending to her unborn children. The image of the cross radiates with a halo above each of their heads. The utmost proof of the Damned's guilt in her murder.
07/01/1916 II; A ring owned by the Inquisitor Georgius Ballia The inquisitor's brother succumbs in battle against heathens. The inquisitor volunteered for transfer to the frontier of Lydia.
20/04/1922 II; A chalice from the Last Supper held by Our Lord Jesus Christ [PURGED FROM THE ARCHIVES] Psalm 39:1– I said, “I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin; I will put a muzzle on my mouth as long as the wicked are in my presence.” The blasphemous inquisitor has been defrocked.
07/11/1941 III; A lead bullet destined to strike the heart of the King of Magog A most grand Basilica, draped in the icons of Our Ecumene, built in the Garden of the Agony in a liberated Ierusalem. It must be made true.

2 Corinthians 4:18

As we look not to the things that are seen,
But to the things that are unseen.
For the things that are seen are transient,
But the things that are unseen are eternal.
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