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by J Dune

Item#: 5673
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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SCP-5673 (right) and a shed belonging to PoI-6029

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Provisional Site-5673 (Acting Dir.) J. Rebecca Maxon D. Abigail Cathe Zeta-22 "Tree Huggers"



Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-5673 has been cordoned and classified as Provisional Site-5673. Two members of Stationary Task Force Zeta-22 ("Tree Huggers") are to be present on-site at all times for the purposes of escorting SCP-5673-A to their desired location. In the event that SCP-5673 or SCP-5673-A is observed by veiled civilians, Class-A amenstics are to be administered.

PoI-6029 is permitted to interact with SCP-5673 as desired.

Description: SCP-5673 is a common oak tree, located in a forest near Cadillac, Michigan.

SCP-5673-A refers to a short, humanoid, arborian entity that grows from the branches of SCP-5673. This process occurs daily and continuously, beginning with a thick stem attaching the entity to its branch, growing the rest of SCP-5673-A's body from the head down. At 17:00, SCP-5673-A will detach itself from SCP-5673, and fall to the ground. Fully grown, SCP-5673-A stands at 1.5 meters, and is composed entirely of a material resembling the bark of SCP-5673. These entities grow independently of one another, and the growth of another will not begin until the first entity is detached from its branch.

Once grown, SCP-5673-A will walk 3.4 kilometers to the summit of a nearby hill and situate itself into the ground using root-like tendrils that emerge from the entity's feet. Over the next two minutes, SCP-5673-A will wither, its body reduced into a hot ash. This continues until SCP-5673-A has been completely destroyed. Attempts to remove or disturb SCP-5673-A during this ritual have resulted in the entity immediately being reduced to this substance. A chemical analysis of the ash has revealed it to be similar in composition to tree sap.

SCP-5673 is located on the property of August Fidel, an artist and sculptor — designated PoI-6029.

Addendum.5673.1: Profile of PoI-6029

Addendum.5673.2: Interview Log

Addendum.5673.3: Interview Log

Addendum.5673.4: Interview Log

Addendum.5673.5: Incident Log

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