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Item#: 5671
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5671 is currently contained at Site-300-14, at the 13th Biohazard Chamber. No individual is to be in contact with the object without written permission from the Site Director. All personnel within the vicinity of SCP-5671 must wear protective suits, which may not be removed under any circumstances. Any staff member suspected to be infected with SCP-5671-2 are to be quarantined, until infection can be confirmed, before being moved into proper containment.

SCP-5671-1 instances are currently kept under isolated containment, within biohazard cells. All cells must be checked periodically for any damage. Weekly interviews have been approved for assessment for the mental state of the subjects, however personnel are not allowed direct contact with the subjects under any circumstances.

SCP-5671-2 instances are contained in similar biohazard cells, however all observation windows are to be made from Ippo glass at least 7 inches thick. No glass is to be used in major areas of the cells. Deceased instances are stored at Sector 15 for study. No personnel are to be allowed any contact with the anomalies.

Containment Memorandum: File pending update following Incident Incident 26-12-22. Dr. Nomal A. Writer has replaced Dr. Gooday as research head. The locating and detainment of uncontained instances is a considered a high priority. Additional resources have been provided to Site-300.

Description: SCP-5671 is an object resembling a chrysalis, roughly 15 meters in height and 17 meters in width. SCP-5671 is extremely resilient, with incendiary and penetrating instruments being ineffective on it. The anomaly regularly releases large amounts of purple vapor into the surrounding area. DNA analysis of the anomaly has concluded it matches with that of Janik Waelts, a known agent of GOI-051 ("The Chaos Insurgency"). When the vapor is inhaled by a living human subject, henceforth referred to as SCP-5671-1, it will result in the formation of SCP-5671-2 instances within their body, typically inside their lungs or stomach. This does not appear to cause discomfort to the host.


An SCP-5671-2A instance.

SCP-5671-2 are insectoid organisms formed from an SCP-5671-1 subject's extracted cells. The organisms bear resemblance to the common cruiser butterfly (Vindula arsinoe), but are far more adaptive and stronger.1 These instances upon formation2 are divided into two groups. SCP-5671-2B instances are the ones that will remain inside SCP-5671-1, and exert further infection upon the host. SCP-5671-2A are the instances that exit the host's body, typically through their mouth or nostrils. While this causes mild discomfort, this does seem not harm or kill the host.

Upon exiting, SCP-5671-2A will seek out and attempt to enter and infect the body of the closest living human being. Entry is usually obtained by forcefully biting3 a hole into the skin or through the nostrils of the subject. The process of infection is similar in both -2A and -2B instances; they will partially fuse with the body of the subject, severely damaging large amounts of the subject's nerves.

The SCP-5671-2 instances will then proceed to release a large amount of a thick purple substance4 into the body of the host, usually targeted at the neural system. This severely alters the host's brain, with noted symptoms including increased aggression, increased detachment from reality, and increased health problems.

Forcibly separating SCP-5671-2 from an SCP-5671-1 subject has almost always resulted in termination from cranial trauma inflicted by SCP-5671-2A. SCP-5671-1 instances obtain information about the existence of SCP-5671 even if they have no physical interaction with the anomaly itself. Over a varying period of time the SCP-5671-1 instances will begin to possess an obsession with SCP-5671.

All known SCP-5671-1 have attempted to "serve" SCP-5671, by acts such as creating artworks depicting the anomaly, poems about the anomaly, sacrificing animals or humans in the name of the anomaly, among other things. Many of the SCP-5671-1 have also attempted to breach containment of SCP-5671. Currently there are 34 instances of SCP-5671-1 in isolated containment, along with 56 instances of SCP-5671-2. The number of uncontained instances are unknown.

Addendum 5671.01: Discovery

Addendum 5671.02: Interview 5671-1F.13

Addendum 5671.03: Thaumiel Proposal

Addendum 5671.04: Incident 23-12-22

Addendum 5671.05: Incident 26-12-22

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