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Item #: SCP-5666 Level 4/5666
Object Class: Safe Classified


SCP-5666 upon discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: A hangar structure constructed over SCP-5666 is to be maintained to prevent further degradation of SCP-5666. A runway leading out of the structure should be routinely cleared of snow and debris, allowing for proper take off of SCP-5666 within SCP-5666-A.

Civilians attempting access to SCP-5666 are to be deterred and relocated to Resolute, Nunavut. Investigations into where SCP-5666 originated from and the reason for its crashing are to continue until such information is found.

Description: SCP-5666 is the crashed wreck of a modified Fokker F27 aircraft located on Cornwallis Island, Nunavut. There is a placard engraved with a Foundation emblem and the words "Property of The Administrator" affixed to the left door of SCP-5666. Other modifications are minimal, such as the addition of more controls in SCP-5666's cockpit, but their purposes are unknown.

SCP-5666 is damaged to a point where movement or repair is impractical. Subjects inside SCP-5666 will perceive it as completely intact and functional. Attempts to properly operate SCP-5666 are similarly perceived as successful to persons inside. This effect persists in cameras and audio equipment placed inside. As SCP-5666 is perceived to be flown farther away from its real location, it becomes apparent that the perceived outside is not identical to actual reality. This perceived reality is designated SCP-5666-A.

SCP-5666-A is devoid of any animal and human life present in actual reality. The first few kilometers flown through SCP-5666-A will become recursive, and will repeat with minor deviations as the flight continues. Known deviations include slight changes in foliage appearance/placement, the appearance of man-made structures not present in actual reality, and the appearance of indiscernible humanoid figures. Along with this, SCP-5666-A possesses memory altering effects, the exact details of which are uncertain. For further information, see Addendum 5666-1.

Due to SCP-5666 possessing a normal fuel capacity of 5,140 L inside SCP-5666-A, no prolonged explorations could be made. Once SCP-5666 crashes in SCP-5666-A or is exited by the subject, the perception anomaly ceases. This subject will then be rendered insusceptible to SCP-5666's anomalous properties. Once this occurs, SCP-5666 will reset its location and structural integrity within SCP-5666-A for any following subjects.

Addendum 5666-1 — Exploration of SCP-5666-A:

Exploration Log 5666


EXPLORING PARTY: Researcher Samuel Vanhalm

OBSERVING PARTY: Head Researcher Marvin Kells, Researcher Charlotte Mehr, Local Guide Maddison Minstrata1

FOREWORD: Vanhalm is to locate deviations between SCP-5666-A and actual reality.


(Vanhalm enters SCP-5666.)

VANHALM: Alrighty, SCP-5666 appears intact from here, like y'all said. Where do I fly this bird?

KELLS: Ms. Minstrata, is there any areas of interest nearby we should fly to?

MINSTRATA: Oh… oh, we could go north, yes. North is interesting.

MEHR: We went north last time, you told us to.

MINSTRATA: I— I did, sorry.

MEHR: Try to make it to Iqaluit maybe? It's the capital here. Pretty far out southwest though.

VANHALM: I'll try for there.

(Vanhalm moves the steering wheel of SCP-5666, interior cameras show him moving SCP-5666 onto the constructed runway. SCP-5666 takes off in SCP-5666-A, flying southwest at a moderate speed uneventfully for 30 minutes. SCP-5666-A gains recursivity at this point. Vanhalm appears to realize this, and becomes physically distressed as he continues flying further for 60 more minutes.)

VANHALM: (Muttering.)

MEHR: Everything good?

VANHALM: I'm cruising straight here. I'm— I am. Right?

MEHR: Hmm?

VANHALM: Everything here is familiar, maybe it's just— well, it's all snow. Snow looks all the same?

MEHR: This is nor—

VANHALM: No, no, that ridge, it was— I think I'm going in circles. It's familiar. It's so… strangely familiar. That make sense?

MEHR: The world perceived in SCP-5666-A begins to repeat after a bit. If you feel anything, see anything odd just—

VANHALM: Yeah, you told me about this. Right?


VANHALM: I think so. It's— It don't feel like a repeating thing though. It feels new, new… but something's wrong. It's not new, no. I just saw all this… didn't I? You have cameras in here, have I been here before?

KELLS: Six times over, yes.

VANHALM: No, that can't be right, this is the first time I've seen that shoreline.

KELLS: Samuel, it's the same as it has been for the last hour or so.

VANHALM: It's all so vague… I'm picking at my head and— hold on now, last hour?

KELLS: Yes, last hour. You've been flying over the same looking area for an hour.

VANHALM: No, that can't be right, this is the first time I've…

MEHR: Sammy?


KELLS: He's, he's just sitting th—

VANHALM: That wasn't there before.

(A small log cabin can be seen over the horizon. Inside, the lights are on, and vague silhouettes periodically walk in front of the windows.)

VANHALM: I recognize that thing. Not from here. It ain't from here.

MEHR: Sammy, we're going to need you to elaborate.

VANHALM: Ain't quite sure. I've seeing it before. Not sure where though. Not sure why— not sure how either.

(Vanhalm flies over the cabin.)

MEHR: If the cabin pops up again, fly lower and get a better view of it.


(Pause. A small log cabin can be seen over the horizon. Inside, the lights are on, and vague silhouettes periodically walk in front of the windows.)

VANHALM: Oh. I recognize that thing.

MEHR: Get closer to the cabin.

(SCP-5666 descends for 5 minutes. It does not slow down as it approaches the cabin.)

MEHR: Sammy?

(No response.)

KELLS: Samuel, you're going too fast.

(No response.)

MEHR: Dammit, what's going on in there?

KELLS: Just sitting there. He's just sitting and looking forward.

(SCP-5666 continues descending, it is getting close to crashing into the cabin.)

MEHR: You need to pull up!


(Minstrata rushes towards the microphone.)

MINSTRATA: Sam. Sam's you, right? You need to— you just should. I don't know what you need to do. I know you need to do it. Just…


(Vanhalm crashes SCP-5666 into the cabin, upon which SCP-5666-A dissipates. Minstrata collapses to the floor, crying. Kells runs out of the observation room towards SCP-5666 to check on Vanhalm, while Mehr assists Minstrata in standing. Minstrata regains her composure.)


(Minstrata looks at Mehr and smiles.)

MINSTRATA: I remember now.


CLOSING STATEMENT: Vanhalm later made a mostly full recovery. He was not capable of remembering a majority of the exploration, instead speaking of a camping trip he took with his father at the age of five.

Addendum 5666-2 — Incident 5666.1: Between 2020/14/01 and 2020/16/01, SCP-5666 was declared uncontained.

On 2020/14/01, a blizzard across Cornwallis Island caused on-site personnel to retreat to the neighboring city of Resolute, Nunavut for proper shelter. All personnel besides Local Guide Maddison Minstrata were accounted for. The next day, after personnel returned to the site, SCP-5666 had disappeared.

Minstrata was determined to not be present in any civilian databases, making further information relating to her unknown. An investigation of her living quarters in Nunavut revealed no further information, although interrogation of civilians in the city revealed that she was not seen in the town until the initial discovery of SCP-5666. On-site personnel were later questioned and appropriately reprimanded for the major security breach, with Head Researcher Marvin Kells being demoted and reassigned to an alternative project.

On 2020/16/01, SCP-5666 reappeared at the crash site significantly more damaged, while still retaining its anomalous properties. Minstrata was not found.

Investigation into the whereabouts of Minstrata are deemed of high priority by the O5 Council.

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