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A section of SCP-5662, with an inactive SCP-5662-1 instance in the background. Nonanomalous fauna can be seen in the foreground.

Item Number: 5662

Object Class/Clearance: Euclid/Two

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5662 is to be cordoned off from commercial and research vessel routes, and declared hazardous for travel. Refrigeration systems, along with visual and audio recording systems are set up around collected SCP-5662-1 material, and logs are to be reviewed nightly. In the event of a SCP-5662-1 activation, the plot of the event is to be recorded thoroughly.

Exploration of SCP-5662 is forbidden.

Description: SCP-5662 is a roughly circular section of the Arctic Ocean, approximately 20 km in diameter, located near northern Russia. SCP-5662 contains a number of free-floating icebergs and ice shelves, designated SCP-5662-1.

Instances of SCP-5662-1 randomly will display short, benign visual anomalies on specific sections of its structure that are roughly at a 90 degree angle. These anomalies create corresponding audio once viewed, and only while being viewed. The origin of SCP-5662-1 instances' projections are currently unknown, and it is unknown as to how an SCP-5662-1 instance can detect whether or not it is currently being viewed. As long as recording equipment or a viewer is looking at SCP-5662-1, sounds produced by the instance are audible, even if the listener is within diving gear or a vehicle. All report audio quality similar to modern earphones or speakers.

All visual anomalies produced by SCP-5662 are of video quality similar to a home video camera, shaky and poor. Content of these anomalies vary — though most are related to PoI-5662, marine biologist Pierre Currant, former host of Down Down Deep with Dr. Currant, a weekly half-hour documentary series focused on the flora and fauna present in the Mesophalagic zone1 and lower.

Related documentation is attached below.

Addendum 1 - SCP-5662-1 Analysis and Discovery



SCP-5662's effects were discovered following the delay of a shipping vessel carrying floating bath toys, cars, and furniture by approximately two days. The captain reported seeing "visions of life" on ice as the ship passed through SCP-5662's area of effect, and was severely reprimanded by the vessel's company for the delay. The reason for the delay as detailed in the report was brought to the attention of Foundation plants, and a temporary containment area was established.

Upon initial containment, SCP-5662-1 instances displayed no anomalous effects for approximately a week. During this time, analysis of SCP-5662-1 instances' composition was performed. Results are attached below.


Roughly 3 kg of material was collected from 12 different SCP-5662-1 instances. Chemical analysis revealed the majority of SCP-5662-1 instances to be composed of nonanomalous crystalline water formations. However, microscopic scans showed the presence of bioluminescent bacterium, similar in structure to S. aureus. These bacterium were shaped similar to satellite discs, and reacted to stimulation synchronously, as a hive-like entity.

Testing with microwaves and radio waves elicited no response. Smaller collected instances, however, continued to manifest the same anomalies as larger SCP-5662-1 instances. For this reason, testing is to be performed with collected SCP-5662-1 instances.

Initial SCP-5662-1 projections were of the opening sequence of the first episode of Down Down Deep. A transcript is attached below.


[After a brief countdown and moments of static, the title for the show appears, set against a dark blue background. Occasional specks of dust and minor errors in film show as the camera continues rolling. As the camera zooms out, the title fades, revealing that the previous background was the back of a humpback whale. The camera follows the whale as it breaks the surface of the water, then dives under, at which point it switches to a view of PoI-5662 on a sailboat. As PoI-5662 speaks, he walks around the boat, pulling at rigging and rope, not looking at the camera once.]

PoI-5662: Sometimes, people ask me why I find the ocean so astounding. The answer is simple, my dear friends. We all came from the ocean, and we will all return to it, just like a big loop. [Silence] Do you know of the rain cycle, my friend? How it falls down, only to evaporate back into the sky? Sometimes, I feel like rain. Maybe you do too. Very happy, and then we rain back down to the ground. But we will always go back up again. And the ocean, the ocean is only the biggest form of that. [Laughs] It is a beautiful thing, life.

[PoI-5662 sighs, before tapping his forehead.]

PoI-5662: For what I think, the ocean is a weightless place. Your worries and the like can all be lost. You need to rely on nothing to simply float. It is a carefree place — that of dreams.

[PoI-5662 gestures for the viewer to follow him, before slowly pointing at the ocean on the port side of the ship.]

PoI-5662: So come, come my dear friends. Relax your body, quiet your mind, and let the current whisk you away on a journey down, down deep.



The following logs are for personnel with Level 2 clearance and above. If you do not have appropriate clearance, do not attempt to view the following logs. You are being watched.

Addendum 2 - Exploration Logs

Foreword: Junior Researcher Lee Fen, due to experience with diving and aquatic anomalies, was assigned for further research into movements of SCP-5662-1 instances. While doing so, a particular SCP-5662-1 instance was found to extend further into the mesopelagic zone than expected. Equipped with an experimental reinforced submersible, Researcher Fen was approved to perform a series of recorded expeditions to collect further data on this instance. The following is a transcript of the first and final expedition.


[The camera atop the submersible Obra Dinn shows Fen talking with the captain of the ship from which the Dinn is being launched.]

Fen: Alright, heading off. See you.

Captain: Yep. See you. Stay frosty! Or, er, warm.


The view from the Obra Dinn.

[Fen shuts the hatch of the Dinn as he waves goodbye.]

Fen: Ha. Yeah, yeah, I'll be sure.

[The camera view then switches to inside the submersible. It is fairly spacious, roughly the size of a small walk-in closet. Fen holds the camera, speaking into it.]

Fen: This is Lee Fen. If you are asking, yes, I am indeed underwater. I am here to er, bootleg a TV show, I guess. Seemed like a fairly easy job, plus a decent distraction, so here I am. Got supplies, and I'll be down here for… a couple of days. Two? Two.

[Fen removes a small candy bar from his pocket, slowly taking small bites.]

Fen: This is likely the last bit of chocolate I'll taste for awhile. The last bit of uhm, decent tasting chocolate, I guess. I must savor it. Otherwise I'll have to lubricate the packs with my spit to rehydrate them to some semblance of this taste.

[On finishing, Fen wipes his hands on his pants. He adjusts the camera slightly, ensuring it can see both him and outside, where the SCP-5662-1 instance can be seen. Fen looks at it.]

Fen: Isn't it beautiful? Bit boring, predictable, and very very white, but otherwise, beautiful.

[Fen takes the wrapper of the chocolate bar out of his pocket, holding it up, before throwing it out .]

Fen: Ah, who am I kidding? I'm gonna be fucking, like, Tom Hanks by the end of this. Speaking to candy bar wrappers for company. [Mockingly] Oh, hey Hershey. How're the kids? Melted at all? Ah, ah yes, great. Absolutely fucking perfect.

[Fen sighs, looking outside for approximately five minutes, before speaking softly.]

Fen: It reminds me too much of up there.

<20 minutes of extraneous recording removed.>

Fen: Well, it looks like it's happening! Sweet. [The camera flips to a view outside of the submersible.]

[The video starts with PoI-5662 holding a small, closed tube filled with water while sitting on a lower level of a sailboat. Upon closer inspection, the video reveals that it contains krill, as PoI-5662 begins to speak. The video follows Fen as the Dinn continues to sink.]


PoI-5662, with a krill on his finger.

PoI-5662: Krill. So, so small. They look quite… scary at that view, don't they dear friend? [Laughs] Fear not. They won't harm you, even if you come upon them in the wild. Though, it would be difficult for you to notice them. They feed on plankton, the little ones of any ocean ecosystem.

[PoI-5662 swirls the tube, causing the krill inside to move.]

PoI-5662: It's astounding though, is it not? Every step of every level of our ocean, something is living. From the very, very small, to the very very big. Do you know that whale you saw at the beginning, dear friend? Did you know it actually eats these little ones? Isn't that amazing? Something so big swallowing and being filled by something so small. It makes you think.

[PoI-5662 sets down the tube, and removes a single krill from it, briefly. He then puts it back.]

PoI-5662: As some of you may know, I have fallen on hard times. I am banking on this show to help me survive, just like the whale, well the baleen type, banks that there will be these little ones to feed it. But all of these are something small. Just like the whale eats the krill, and lets them er, go, later, so too is that small. I trust that you, dear friend, are struggling with something. Perhaps you fear for a job, or perhaps your school, or maybe even worry for your loved one, be it relative or someone special. The krill flow around mainly by ocean currents — the problems cannot control where they go. But instead, the whale simply swallows them, and— [Static]]

[The video fades out as the event ends. The inner camera view returns, showing Fen reading a book.]

Fen: Thank god. It was fucking loud. I don't need to be preached at by… some fucking ice. You know what I have to say about that?

[Fen removes a small cooler from a shelf of the submersible. He removes two cubes of ice, and places them into his thermos of water. He then takes multiple long sips.]

Fen: There. Suck it. I guess. I don't know. At least the thing was recording.

[Fen continues to sip, slower and slower. All of a sudden, he puts down the book quickly, bookmarking his page.]

Fen: Urgh. Why do I do this to myself? It's that book. It's not like— Like I have a problem with it. It's just the character. I guess. I don't quite know myself. I don't like how prying it all is though. Even under here, you're, or I am, at least, reminded of it.

[Fen sits silently for a few minutes, rubbing his temple.]

Fen: Everywhere, you know what I mean? You just see it everywhere. And it's not fun and you spend literal hours of your time worrying about this sort of thing. Absolutely fucking pain, camera. It sucks so fucking bad.

[Fen briefly clenches his stomach, weakly chuckling.]

Fen: Haha, it's funny. It's like— I dunno, like I'm some masochist or something. I don't like the pain, but thinking about h- it, well it causes it to come on, and then I end up getting used to it some, I guess. And it's all I can think about.

[Fen tosses his book at the opposite wall. The Dinn briefly tilts, before returning to equilibrium.]

Fen: Jesus. You end up, like. Rationalizing it? I don't know. It's hard to explain, and I guess I'm waxing poetic, s—

[Another event begins as Fen speaks. Fen quiets, and flips camera view to outside.]

PoI-5662: I hope you'll come talk to me again, my dear friend, where the waves crash against the shore. Until next time, au revoir.

[A loud "Cut!" can be heard, and PoI-5662 rubs the bridge of his nose. A man with a thick beard, wire-frame glasses, and a bald head comes to talk with PoI-5662.]

Unidentified: Pierre, you— You gotta understand, no one's into the ocean anymore. It's all space now. Space and dinosaurs.

PoI-5662: No, no. That cannot be. I will not allow it to be. There's got to be viewers for us, somewhere.

Unidentified: Thankfully, it's not enough for the network to put us on the chopping block, but it's just barely enough to keep us afloat. You're— I don't know how to put it gently.

PoI-5662: Then put it sharply. I will take it. You know me, Jakob.

[Jakob sighs, removes his glasses, and wipes them. Putting them back on, he taps his clipboard, before nodding.]

Jakob: You see this, Pierre? Your bottom line is… not enough to fulfill your promise. You know, to—

PoI-5662: Make it. I don't care how. Slice my salary, cut down on the amount of food present on deck. You know Kristen ends up sick anyways. You will ensure that promise is kept, Jakob.

Jakob: A-alright. Sure. We'll do it.

[PoI-5662 claps Jakob's back, grinning.]

PoI-5662: Good man.

[Jakob walks away. PoI-5662 ensures Jakob is out of sight, then sits back down, breathing deeply.]

PoI-5662: Alright Pierre. Recall, out of the spiral. Out of the whirlpool. Do not fret. Do not worry.

[The event ends.]

<80 minutes of extraneous recording removed.>

Fen: -know I'm rambling, but it's. I don't know. What even is the point of me talking here? It's not like anyone listens, here or otherwise. For all they know, I'm just Lee Fen, Junior Researcher, guy-we-only-tapped-because-you're-good-at-water-stuff-and-we-know-jack-about-you. Yeah, that's who I am. It… makes sense, I guess.

[Fen takes another card from a stack, and adds it to a tower to his right, grinning.]

Fen: Aaaand… There. Got it. Surprisingly, I have to commend the tech folks for making something this impressive. It's stable enough for this shit. But, fuck, I'm bored. I'm so fucking bored.

[Fen crouches, looking through the small bookshelf under his bed.]

Fen: Read, read, read, read, read. Couldn't give me any new material, could you? All basic college textbooks. Hell, I could recite this one from heart.

[Fen takes another drink from his thermos, then wipes his lips.]

Fen: I'm parched. Heh, "parched." Good word. Reminds me of what they- sh- it. It used to say. God, I miss that. A lot.

[Fen sighs.]

Fen: You know, Fen, it's. It's ok. You'll be ok, no matter what answer you get. You'll be ok. Don't worry.

[Fen grins, holding a thumbs up for approximately 10 seconds, before shaking his head repeatedly, putting the thumb back down.]

Fen: Oh, I'm fucking joking. It's been three fucking months. Goddamnit, Fen. If your supervisor saw you have a nervous breakdown on camera, hoo boy, would that suck.

[He laughs, hyperventilating and having minor spasms in his hand.]

Fen: It's not the same. It's late. I mean, it always looks late out now, but like- You get what I mean, camera. You get it.

[Fen retrieves a small blanket from the other side of the Dinn. The Dinn hums as Fen wraps the blanket around himself, and goes to sleep.]

<45 minutes of extraneous recording removed.>

[Fen is still asleep. Another event begins, with the outer camera automatically switching upon detecting audio from SCP-5662-1. The size of this projection is considerably larger than previous manifestations. PoI-5662, considerably younger, is in a tuxedo, speaking into a microphone.]

PoI-5662: All I can say today, is how blessed I am to be with you all. Especially you. So, so blessed. But come, come, let's toast, my dear friends. Let's toast.

Unidentified Female: To somewhere deep, deep down.

Many Voices: To somewhere deep, deep down!

[The event ends.]

<329 minutes of extraneous recording removed.>


The view from the outside of the Obra Dinn.

[Fen awakens. The submersible is shaken by a passing jellyfish.]

Fen: Thank god I can't see out there. Those things are fucking terrifying. Wouldn't even imagine them in my worst dreams.

[Fen shudders, before lifting up the wrapper from earlier.]

Fen: Well, the one form of comfort I have. Don't fail me now.

[Fen picks at crumbs in the wrapper, licking it clean. He then turns to the camera.]

Fen: Oi. Don't fucking look at me, Cam.

[Fen coughs, choking briefly.]

Fen: God, I hate this. I came here to get away, not be in mortal terror. If I wanted that all I needed to do was think. Wish my fucking brain'd turn off with this shit too.

[The Dinn hums, its lights flickering.]

Fen: Yeah, thanks Dinn. Great help.

[He sighs, humming a small, slow song.]

Fen: This was her favorite, know that? I got into it cause of her.

[He chuckles, taking out a book to read as the event starts. Fen then puts the book down, looking out the window, switching the camera to the outer view. PoI-5662 is talking to an unidentified female, off camera, as he sits on a lawnchair, sipping from a mug.]

PoI-5662: Have I ever told you of the real reason I loved the ocean?

Unidentified Female: No, no you haven't.

PoI-5662: I really… I loved what laid within. It was a mystery. It still is. I can't tell you what is under there. I don't know that anyone could. But it's… it's not like anyone quite understands. It's all money, money, money. A speech barely pays now. I can hardly keep the donations going. My promise, and all that—

Unidentified Female: I know, I know you worry, Pierre. I've known you long enough, since you were in diapers.

PoI-5662: I thank you for that. For all of it, even you cleaning up my… droppings. [PoI-5662 sighs.] Sadly, optimism and hope doesn't pay the bills, nor… dissuade anything.

Unidentified Female: It's not one of your famous quotes, but let me try to put it in a way you'll understand. Do you remember when we used to travel around for your show? Before, you know, the thing.

PoI-5662: How could I forget?

Unidentified Female: The spark that was in your eyes was a wild one. So full of light. Even when you talked about wanting to go far down as you possibly could with her, and the studio quickly saying that it wouldn't cover insurance, you still… were happy. You had that spark. It's not gone yet, but it's fading.

PoI-5662: That is something I hope. I miss her greatly.

Unidentified Female: I know you do. I know.

PoI-5662: I'm sorry for sounding like a broken record.

[The event fades. Fen wipes his eyes.]

Fen: See— that's. That's it. Like, that's it. You know what I mean? I don't know if you do, but that's it. That's what I feel like. That's what I think of and that's what that… song makes me feel like. I think like that every day about it, you see. And I wish I could distill it somewhere, and just…use it for something, man. But I don't know. I'm rambling. I just miss… that feeling of just floating in space, in orbit, but still being firmly rooted on the ground. It's an amazing one. I wish I could tell her.

[Fen looks out the window.]

Fen: I guess… I don't know. I haven't done much. It's not as if anyone'd miss me. But at least this thing… speaks to me. Whatever it is. The ocean knows. And the currents can take me wherever they want.

[Fen rubs the wrapper in his pocket.]

Fen: I miss feeling right. But the water feels… better, in a way. Familiar. I don't need to think of her. Or worry about her answer. This… feeling is strange. But it. It won't change. I don't think it will. Might be thoughts, might be anxiety, might be worries.

<32 minutes of extraneous recording removed.>

[A soft clunk is heard as an event begins. As the Dinn sinks, lights can be seen off in the distance, organized in a grid. Small amounts of smoke can be seen exiting the tops of a row of cubic shapes nearby. PoI-5662 is speaking directly into the camera.]


The view from the outside of the Obra Dinn.

PoI-5662: I believe the show will do just fine without me. I have entrusted it to someone, or something, I know I can trust. Technology is wonderful.

[PoI-5662 continues to speak as Fen exits the submersible in proper diving equipment. Fen can be seen walking away, out of sight, despite immense water pressure.]

PoI-5662: In truth, life is difficult. But it will come to pass. You will understand your feelings. And they will not let you go. You may believe they do, but they will not. Love never fades. The currents only whisk it away. Sometimes the currents are strong. Sometimes they are weaker than your love. But it never truly fades.

[PoI-5662 smiles. His face disappears, replaced with a large white blob that takes up the entirety of the visible portion of the SCP-5662-1 instance.]

PoI-5662: So, come my dear friends. Let's worry about you. Meet me where it's down, down deep. I'll be there, waiting. Let's just talk about it. Maybe we can make a difference then.

[As the event ends, the camera zooms out, revealing the large white moving entity in the video to be a phytoplankton, which is eaten by a krill. The Obra Dinn was recovered a day after, upon the expedition's completion. No remains of Junior Researcher Fen were found, except for a chocolate bar wrapper.]


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