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Item #: SCP-5661

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the location of SCP-5661, it is currently impossible that civilians will reach it. However, the possibility remains for civilian detection. As such, any attempts to seismically analyze the Earth must have a Foundation embed. Should evidence of SCP-5661 be discovered, this embed is to remove any and all such evidence, contacting MTF Eta-8 for amnestic treatment if necessary.

Description: SCP-5661 is a spherical chamber, approximately 1200 meters in diameter located at the exact center of the Earth's core. Although SCP-5661 can be detected through nonanomalous methods, it can only currently be reached through anomalous means.

The interior of SCP-5661 is anomalously capable of supporting life. The extreme heat, pressure and gravity that would be expected from the location of SCP-5661 are not present within SCP-5661: rather, it possesses a constant temperature of approximately 290 degrees Kelvin. Despite SCP-5661 being a near-perfect vacuum, living organisms are able to respirate without ill-effect, and sound travels regardless of the lack of atmosphere. Gravity is oriented to the surface of the Earth.

At the center of SCP-5661 is a spherical spatial distortion (designated SCP-5661-1) with a diameter of approximately 600 meters containing two anomalous entities (designated SCP-5661-KORE and SCP-5661-SATURN). SCP-5661-1 is subject to massive fluctuations in temperature, pressure, gravity, time, pH, light and other factors at random. It generally produces 100 lux of light at any given time.

SCP-5661-KORE is a humanoid entity physically resembling an adult Homo sapiens idaltu, with immediately obvious anomalies. SCP-5661-KORE is able to heal injuries by emitting flashes of light exceeding 50,000 lux, after which all physical trauma will be removed. SCP-5661-KORE is constantly holding a sword made of an unknown white metal, which is repaired during the aforementioned healing process.

SCP-5661-SATURN is a large vaguely humanoid entity, resembling a highly emaciated human male. SCP-5661-SATURN possesses a number of nonhuman features, including greatly distended limbs, an additional ten arms, large horns, and dark grey skin. SCP-5661-SATURN possesses the ability to rapidly regenerate lost mass and/or injuries; separated body parts disintegrate when separated.


On July 15th, 1965, a lone member of the Serpent's Hand opened a Way into SCP-5661, set up art supplies and began to paint SCP-5661-1. Foundation agents were within SCP-5661 at the time, but located at a significant distance from the member of the Serpent's Hand. Although the agents immediately attempted to apprehend to the member of the Hand, the Hand member had ample time to escape. However, a large collection of objects was left behind at the time, including the following:

I Love You, Mama

Ages and ages and ages ago,
Just as man began to know fear,
A devil came to earth.
Rising from the black dirt,
It made a demand of the world.

A wish to feast, a wish to eat:
The hearts of a hundred infants,
The teeth of a thousand more.
All of this and much else.

The people bowed down in fear
and offered up bountiful harvest.
And so it slunk under the world.
But it would return again,
And so on and so on, for centuries.

Until a girl, of but few years,
Grabbed her father's white sword,
Recieved her mother's kiss,
And stood before her demon.

The beast laughed and laughed,
And filled the canyons with mirth.
But his opponent was undaunted:
She merely took her gleaming sword,
And spat in his face.

He tore her to shreads on the spot.
The corpse lay broken on the ground.
But then she picked herself up,
And stood immortal forever.

The champion took her brilliant blade
And split the ground itself.
A chasm opened in the world,
Down to the very crux of the world,
Eating her wretched enemy.

She followed, blade in hand
Never to return again, nor to rest
Nor to see the light of day,
And to never know defeat or cowardice.


SCP-5661-KORE and SCP-5661-SATURN have been engaged in physical combat for the entirety of the time in which they have been observed by the Foundation. Each is able to navigate and move freely within SCP-5661-1 without issue, and both frequently use this ability to navigate during the fight. The pair frequently converse in what has been tentatively identified as Proto-Afroasiatic. As Proto-Afroasiatic remains undeciphered, the content of this speech is unknown.

Since the beginning of observation, the fight has been markedly one-sided. SCP-5661-KORE is rarely injured by SCP-5661-SATURN, and quickly heals from any injuries. SCP-5661-SATURN spends the overwhelming majority of its time either attempting to flee from SCP-5661-KORE or failing to negotiate with it.

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