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To facilitate keeping an unified knowledge base of SCP-566 contents, all entries considered anomalous (as per Table 1 in SCP-566) are to be logged with the following format to facilitate computer processing:

SCP-566 Instance Number
Calendar Date:
Word or Idiom:

Researcher Eisenberg

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 13/1/2009
Word or Idiom: hellenious (adj)
Definition: Portmanteau of "hellenic" and "odious". In a remarkably bad economic situation, coined by Nikos ███████, after Greek economic collapse caused by the 20██ olive plague.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 15/1/2009
Word or Idiom: scabbard, Able's (n)
Definition: An arse. After Able, a [REDACTED] said to have been bound by the ███████, who could materialize swords out of nowhere.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 11/2/2009
Word or Idiom: to boscovise (v)
Definition: To split oneself into multiple bodies of shared mind, most commonly done by [REDACTED] and forcing the ██████ into the newly grown mouth, upon which the body splits seamlessly. Popularized by Don Giovanni Bosco, an 19th century Italian catholic priest. In a broader sense "boscovist" is used to describe a nosy, overbearing person, as in the children's rhyme "Boscovist, boscovist, where you look, there he is."

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 19/2/2009
Word or Idiom: smooch, oldmans' (n)
Definition: Gangrene. After [DATA EXPUNGED], whose secretions have a corrosive effect on human tissues.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 21/2/2009
Word or Idiom: earblind (adj)
Definition: Unable to navigate using sound.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 26/2/2009
Word or Idiom: airline, promethean (n)
Definition: An explosion. Next thing John knew, he was riding the promethean airline; he was thrown away by an explosion. promethean airline ticket - explosive device. After Prometheus Labs, an organization notorious for poor workplace safety.

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 03/3/2009
Word or Idiom: keter sweater (n)
Definition: From keter, a designation for highly hazardous objects requiring active containment measures, used by the SCP Foundation. 1. Advanced means of personal protection, such as those issued to Mobile Task Forces. Put on your keter sweaters, guys, we're going skip hunting.. 2. naysayer, coward, excessively scared person. I heard Jim hasn't eaten properly ever since he's been posted at [REDACTED] Yeah, he's such a keter sweater

Researcher Westrin

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 20/3/2017
Word or Idiom: to chilledattach (v)
Definition: To apply any sort of media on any platform to be judged by other people without seeking prior feedback on that media. Author, this article has been clearly chilledattached, with numerous grammar and spelling errors scattered throughout. Please seek feedback on your article before posting.

Researcher Picaro

SCP-566 Instance Number 566-1
Calendar Date: 21/8/2017
Word or Idiom: to denasate (v)
Definition: To cut off one's nose. Following their sentencing, the prisoners were denasated.

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