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GPS IIA satellite platform being prepared for future SCP-5656 habitation by Foundation personnel.

Item #: SCP-5656

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Replacement satellites for all global navigation systems are to be primed for SCP-5656 cultivation prior to launch through the installation of beacon equipment and additional gas dispersion canisters. Satellite trajectories are to be altered through suborned control stations to account for additional mass in order to suppress inquiries and maintain constellation integrity. Ongoing engagement with SCP-5656 as a whole shall proceed according to updated charter stipulations (see Addendum 5656-E).

Access to information obtained through the OKMGLOS surveillance network may be obtained through authorized RAISA liaisons.

Description: SCP-5656 is a species of extraterrestrial organism that exhibits extreme thaumatic sensitivity. 213 discrete instances have been observed since their initial discovery in 1995, when the additional mass of an attached instance significantly distorted the trajectory of a GPS-IIR satellite. Mature SCP-5656 instances measure approximately 10 meters long and are morphologically similar to medusa-phase Medusozoans, consisting of one central bell that trails an assortment of tentacles and fringes. These appendages are specialized for a number of functions, including delicate manipulation of physical objects, secretion of exotic substances, and interface with electrical equipment.

SCP-5656 instances attach to artificial satellites in geostationary and high-earth orbits following periods of intermittent drifting on solar winds. Once attached, they absorb orbital debris and collect gasses vented for satellite altitude adjustments to replenish internal mineral reserves. SCP-5656 instances disconnect from host satellites after approximately 2.4 years of sustained habitation, leaving behind genetic material that is employed in future reproductive cycles.

All known SCP-5656 instances are currently incorporated into the OKMGLOS full-spectrum surveillance network. This was accomplished following the implementation of technologies derived from Project DEEPWATER DOWNWELL, as well as direct communication conducted under the auspices of the Overseer Council. Current OKMGLOS capabilities enable triangulation of any terrestrial entity emitting a thaumatic signature, encompassing 100% of the baseline human population and large portions of active anomalous entities.1

Addendum 5656-A (Overview of Applied Technology):

Addendum 5656-B (Communication Records (Original Files)):

Addendum 5656-C (Communication Records (Post-Interpretation)):

Addendum 5656-D (Original Charter Text):

Addendum 5656-E (Comprehensive Updated Charter Text):

Addendum 5656-F (Incident 566-007013 Review):

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Report on current OKMGLOS operation status and expected reporting delays. PENDING
Report on available information regarding thaumaturgic rituals involving human teeth. PENDING
Report on declassification of POI-95172 operational history. PENDING
Report on emerging GOI threat streams across Eurasian continent. PENDING

SYSTEM NOTICE: An alert has been issued to all Foundation personnel.

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