Scp 5652

Item number SCP-5652
Object class: Euclid
Height: 2.5m
Special containment procedures:
VR chamber and glasses in SCP-3008 (Infinite Ikea)
Using a simulation of the universe SCP-5652 can be entertained forever.

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Composition sketch one of the scp personnel made


SCP-5652 Is a highly intelligent growing fungus that has the capability to destroy entire planets for its urge for sexual pleasure, a pleasure that this creature never can feel.
SCP-5652 or better referred to as Hugifloob is a creature that can be found in outer space.
It has developed tentacles and consciousness for a higher dimension than we (humans) have. (We can perceive up to 3 dimensions, mentally process four dimensions and speculate about up to 5 dimensions). SCP-5652 can perceive up to at least 5 dimensions (but its limits are quite unknown)

SCP-5652 can create life however its power is limited, it only is capable of creating cephalopod-like creatures. Those cephalopod-like creatures are referred to as Pebbles or as SCP-5652_1.
In contrast to SCP-5652, those creatures lack intelligence and its primary mean of survival is using SCP-5652 intelligence by wearing a hat-shaped object that makes the wearer a mindless slave of SCP-5652(Hugifloob).
The hat is referred to as SCP-5652_2.

SCP-5652 Is intelligent enough to have created a whole civilization on its own that can use the power of a supercluster to provide energy for its people. The civilization is a Type IV civilization on the Kardashev scale. Humans aren’t able to achieve a type I Civilization yet, projections are that humans will be able to achieve this in 100-200 years.
SCP-5652 itself is enslaved, despite its own power for every civilization it destroys it feels absolutely miserable, it has tried many times before to commit suicide.
This only caused SCP-5652 to grow bigger and make the problem only worse.
The whole driving force of SCP-5652 is its biggest curse.

SCP-5652_1 (pebbles) can take control of humanoid creatures by sitting on the head of the unfortunate victim. This victim will be subject to an extremely painful procedure. A lot is unknown about why this process happens but the hypothesis of many of the SCP personnel is that as SCP-5652, Pebbles also have 1 driving force in their life.
SCP-5652_1s (Pebbles) victims have been abandoned by pebbles after they have been infected by the fungus. They will however survive this procedure, some are powerful enough to survive the infection and not become another victim of Hugifloob but most, unfortunately, will not.
They will lose their willpower and soul and become the same as Hugifloob.
Known stages of fungi infection are:

  • Stage 1 In this stage the infected creature will feel dizzy and have an increased libido
  • Stage 2 Oxygen levels in the blood will inflate and the presence of the fungi in the blood will appear at blood tests. This advanced type of fungi will mutate to a Hans-Fungi the medical condition for the fungi in the blood is called Hansemia. Hans referring to the fungi and -Emia presence in blood.
  • Stage 3 Known is that Hans will manifest itself in the lungs. In this higher form of fungi infection the fungi will be able to communicate with Hugifloob (the main fungus) oxygen levels will fall further and the main functions of the organs will slowly shut down, however, the brain will be left intact. This parasitic behavior sometimes won't happen in rare cases and those creatures will be immune against any new attacks however it's not clear how and why this happens. Scientific research is taking place but the outcome is unpredictable.
  • Stage 4 Mentally the infected creature will change, it has become one with the fungus all memories from the past have vanished and the brain is damaged to the extent where its only a part of its past self. Moral values will still be seen in those infected creatures however they have no free will, they essentially have become the same as Hugifloob.

The SCP foundation obviously knew that something had to be done against a threat of this proportion. Knowing Hugifloobs nature it has tried to exterminate it but hasn’t be able to do this successfully. It, therefore, has made a deal with SCP-5652 thousands of years ago.
Mankind should obey Hugifloobs rule and sacrifice a certain amount of virgins to SCP-5652, to them he was known as Zeus. Hundreds of years went well until humanity didn’t believe in him.
The elite of the world still did and to please him they made an association where they would capture virgins in secrecy. The perpetrators would never be found and many people started believing that the elite was made out of perverts, little did they know that the real truth wasn’t far from that.
The only thing left to hide the truth was to demonize people who thought differently, words like conspiracy theorists were made to make this group of people shut their mouths.
The SCP Foundation has tried different things to contain this creature but failed until one of the researchers came up with the idea to use VR to simulate a universe that he controls.
There were only 2 problems, the first one was finding a place that would be infinite and getting it there and the second one was dealing with the pebbles.
By removing the hats pebbles became normal cephalopods and could be dealt with.
Destroying the hats is impossible but putting them in a locked-up place would be enough to don’t cause any harm.
Getting SCP-5652 in the infinite Ikea would be the hardest part because personnel would be sacrificed to get it there.
Luckily 2 SCP guards chose to volunteer to escort SCP-5652 to the infinite Ikea.
SCP-5652 is an extremely intelligent creature but when it's about the sexual pleasure it loses all sense and it will act on instinct alone.
SCP-5652 was promised to feel pleasure for the first time in his life and he was escorted to the infinite Ikea. While there a room was reserved for Hugifloob and VR glasses and a VR room where made. The simulation would never end and while doing this SCP-5652 wouldn’t hurt anybody anymore. Not a lot is known since communication is lost long ago
The personnel that sacrificed themselves is never seen again but will be remembered as heroes.
All people suffering from Hansemia have tragically passed away.
SCP-5652 has been neutralized for now but there is still the possibility of SCP-5652 returning to its old habits.

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