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Item#: 5652
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5652 is to be contained in a petri dish filled with water at Site-228's aquatic wing. For feeding purposes, an archaeon (provided by the biological research facility) is to be placed into SCP-5652's petri dish daily.

Description: SCP-5652 is a microscopic entity resembling an adult female hammerhead shark1 with an approximate 4 μm body length. Its intelligence appears to be higher than an average non-anomalous member of its species. SCP-5652's primary diet is composed of various microorganisms but it notably prefers bacteria and archaea.

SCP-5652 was discovered in Budapest within the bloodstream of Joseph Hemér, a local architect. Hemér recently arrived in Budapest from a Caribbean business trip2 when he reportedly started to feel mild pain/discomfort in his cardiovascular system. Later during a medical examination, SCP-5652 was discovered and retrieved by the embedded Foundation agents, but the pain was still present.

Two days after SCP-5652's discovery, the source of the pain was found. 10 heavily damaged humanoid automatons of similar sizes to SCP-5652 were discovered embedded in the walls of Hemér's blood vessels. The automatons are noted to have disproportionally large hands.

Further research revealed that the automatons were remote-controlled and a small symbol depicting a modified version of the Foundation's sigil was found printed on the chest of each automaton.

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