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Item#: 5649
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Photo of SCP-5649, taken by a Foundation image-capture probe on 10/22/15.

Item-#: SCP-5649

Object Class: Khonsu1

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web-crawlers are to monitor the internet for mention(s) of an object matching the description of SCP-5649. Any evidence of SCP-5649's existence is to be erased, and amnestics given to astronomers attempting to research it.

Description: SCP-5649 is a comet that appears in the solar system in approximately the same orbital path as Jupiter. SCP-5649 maintains a stable orbit around Jupiter, outside of demanifestation events.2 Recent scans by Foundation probes have shown that SCP-5649 is in fact a single object and that its mass does not reset with each reappearance. This means that SCP-5649 will melt completely sometime during its 2020-2023 rotation. During each reset, SCP-5649 will spontaneously vanish from its current position, and reappear opposite from Jupiter. The exact age of SCP-5649 is unknown, but chemical analysis of the recovered sample shows that it is at least 14,000 years old. Scans have also shown that SCP-5649 emits hyper-strands of Alpha radiation that reach 885139200 Kilometers long on average. As SCP-5649 gets older, the rate at which these are emitted increases exponentially.3 It is theorized that upon fully melting, SCP-5649 will let out a massive amount of these hyper-strands. If even one impacts earth, an area of at least 22.5km2will see a surge in radiation-related diseases comparable to a nuclear bombing unless safety measures are taken quickly.

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